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  1. IMG_4265.jpg


    1985 1200 Vmax, project in the works.
  2. J

    #1 carb-no gas

    The other 3 have gas when i empty the bowls but nothing in #1. Float is set a 16mm.
  3. Fire-medic

    Shelby AC Cobra #1 for sale

    Carroll Shelby's prototype Shelby AC Cobra is going to be sold, it's never been out of Shelby's ownership. The first cars were built w/the larger Ford thinwall-casting V8 which began in the early 1960's as a 221 cu.in. V8. By the time Shelby convinced Ford to sell him engines, he got access to...
  4. G

    sputter #1 plug wet

    Im not sure where to post this I have a dillema. 1998 vmax 15000 miles was sputtering under load about 2500 to 3000 rpm then seem to clear when opened up so I pulled apart carbs yesterday everything looked good but I still blew through everything. Put It back together and it was running great...
  5. naughtyG

    No spark on #1 at low revs

    I'm experiencing no spark on cylinder #1 at low revs on my '86 - on idle that cylinder stays cold, when riding I can hear and feel it kick in at around 4500-5000rpm. :ummm: I have thrown new plugs in, and I have replaced the coil. I've measured tension on the coil connector and both wires show...
  6. marsmax85

    carb slide moves at idle #1 only

    only #1 carb slide moves when at idle ? are the other diaphrams just stiff ? also cleaning diaphrams it was suggested using wd 40 . Do you re install wet or wipe off or let dry . thanks
  7. M

    Carb bodies #1 and #2

    Looking for carb bodies #1 and #2. I over drilled the pilot screw hole trying to remove a frozen pilot screw. :bang head::bang head::bang head:
  8. M

    low vac on #1 carb

    i have low vac on #1 carb snyc the left side got to the right side and #1 carb has low vac i have turned both adjustment screws on the right side and the back carb on the right side vac moves i need help[ its a2003 i got in feb 2012 so im new
  9. redneksoldier

    #1 Cyl. Rattle/knock

    Well, looks like I may be having to tear into the motor sooner than I wanted. On my way home a couple of days ago, and noticed a loss of power. I thought it was probably carb related, so I rolled on the throttle in fifth just to see if it got better or worse. At about 3/4 throttle I could hear a...
  10. D

    Carb #1 Butterfly gap

    So I understand that the butterflies should be "barely not closed" when at rest. I'm guessing this is so the bike will idle. I'm wondering if there's a prescribed amount that I might be able to check with a feeler gauge so that I know that carb #1 has its fly open the right...
  11. M

    #1 and #2 cylinders dead HELP!

    Last week I decided to clean my carbs due to finding rust in the fuel filter and lack of power at WOT, bike sounded like a helicopter.. Yanked the carbs, cleaned, and reset the float levels. Put it all back together. Resynced the carbs and Pulled #1 spark plug wire, no difference in idle...
  12. W

    1997 fouling #1 and #2 Plugs

    I have a 1997 VMax that is fouling the #1 LH FWD and #2 LH Rear spark plugs. The bike is new to me so I do not know the history of the maintenance. Is the coil the same for both the LH cylinders?
  13. dekberg

    "Summer" SoCal VMAX Ride #1

    Figured I go ahead and get this one started....I think everyone had a great time on the May 1st ride, I know I did. Looking at July 23 or 24, 30 or 31. Please drop a line and let me know what works the best for you guys...
  14. tfisher65

    VMOA Poll #1

    There is a new poll set-up on the VMOA web site for all members regarding the VBoost magazine. Please submit your vote, it does count!
  15. 2stangs69-91

    If there is a award for the most hyped, BS'ed ,Rumoured about bike the 09 Vmax is #1

    LOL Just read through this section. We have this bike worn out already...and as far as I know none have been delivered. There are no verified Dyno or Drag strip reports . We have been bitching at each other for a year or so now about a ghost. Who ever the hype guy at Yamaha is , is a...
  16. Robbarrie

    Mikemax #1 poster of User Mods.

    Mikemax; I don't mean to center you out. But I just can't help but say that your kicking butt in the User Mods section. Congrats! To the others who have posted - Thank you. I hope to post a few myself, I know there is lots of guys out there who have done allot to their bikes. No two...
  17. Angel of Death

    Realistic Paper Craft #1

    Print, cut and assemble! http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/realistic/vmax/download/index.html ________ TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND FORUM