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  1. P

    1999 Gen 1 Vmax For Sale

    1999 Gen 1 Vmax 16,000 mi Dynojet kit & UFO Exhaust New Battery Carbon Fiber Look Need rear tire soon but other than that it is good to go $4,200 Charlotte, NC Metro Area
  2. T

    1999 Tail Light Lens

    Does anybody have a stock tail light lens they want to part with? My '99 lens lost one of those square reflectors that was glued into the left side. I guess those aren't a separate part normally... so if anyone upgraded to a clear tail lamp and doesn't need the stock red lens, please let me...
  3. N

    1999 VMAX for sale - Cocoa, Florida

    1999 VMAX Just fully stripped, cleaned and synced the carbs. Low miles. UPGRADES: -Front fork stiffener -Odyssey AGM battery -R1 front brakes and braided lines -UFO exhaust -Manual radiator fan switch -Lower temp fan control -VBOOST control switch -Clear clutch cover -High...
  4. blaxmax

    1999 vmax so cal $2500 22k

  5. SneakyPete

    VMax 1999 Carbon for sale UK

    Sadly, I need to part with my lovely VMax. It's a 1999 Full Power, Carbon Black in perfect condition. I need to finance a bike project and so it has to go. There is a FaceBook page dedicated to the Bike - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006864047581 check out the pics...
  6. SneakyPete

    1999 Carbon Full Power For Sale UK

    My beloved VMax is up for grabs. Need cash for new project - really DON'T wanna sell it but there is no other way! Bike is near Buckingham UK, is a real minter with fab Delkevic stainless exhaust, you can see (and hear) the bike on it's own FaceBook page...
  7. 1

    1999 Vmax for sale

    1999 V-Max 1200 with 33,000 miles clean title in hand. 4,000 or best offer. Im very motivated to sell. no issues whatsoever, very fast Seat has no rips or tears and is in great shape Has oem Sissy Bar and Windscreen Hayabusa rear wheel Conversion, uses a 190/50/r17 back tire Delkevic...
  8. CaptainKyle

    1999 zrx 1100

    99 ZRX 1100 bike shows 38,000 miles but had a rebuilt engine put in less that 2,000 miles ago. I still have the old engine here. It has a new battery new front tire, new fork seals, new seat . it had a small leak on right hand side bottom of tank it has been repaired & tank resealed barely...
  9. S

    1999 wide tire VmaxI

    1999 Vmax with wide tire and mods 1999 Yamaha Vmax in excellent condition and taken great care of. I have all maintenance documented on a folder since new. All receipts since new are also in the folder including the original purchase receipt! I am the third owner and purchased it from a...
  10. M

    1999 Yamaha VMAX - Clean with good Mods

    1999 Yamaha VMAX 1200. -3rd owner. Adult owned. -Clean Texas title in my name -28k miles -2 stock keys -Good tags and inspection (07/14) -UT parking pass through 8/14 -Located Austin,TX Maintenance: -Oil / Filter change - 27950 miles -All brake fluid - 27100 miles -Fork Seals - 25000 miles...
  11. HyperPete

    1999 Clutch issues?

    OK, it's starting to look as if the great deal I got on this 1999 wasn't such a great deal. :bang head: I guess it will depend on the extent of this issue. Clutch is slipping somewhat. I tried to jump it in 2nd gear and it slipped - had to drop into 3rd to get it to bump-start it. The bike...
  12. thundermax

    1999 Honda Magna?

    http://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/mcy/3201450171.html What ya think?
  13. W

    My first Vmax (1999 with random mods)

    So I picked up a Carbon Fiber edition 1999 Vmax with around ~23k miles this weekend. First impressions are it sounds awesome and is fairly comfy compared to the SS bikes I've owned in the past. I rode it from Tampa to West palm area (~200 miles) and I averaged 24.7 mph.... thats my only gripe...
  14. H

    1999 max south florida craigslist

    Nice looking bike, I have seen it and should have bought it but it slipped by me. long story............. Its back on the market two weeks after i bought my 92. I am thrilled with my purchase but I would have snatched it up. The owner of the 99 is Gregg.
  15. Maxine

    1999 w/ 9K Jumps out of 2nd gear...

    Under power now. Ive read most of the threads regarding this issue and think I know what needs to be done at this point. Happened a couple of times last year, but I thought it was my foot being lazy getting into second. Bike shifts fine into all gears, but now under power it jumps out of second...
  16. A

    1999 Vmax engine ticking

    Hi Guys, I start a new thread regarding my Engine ticking noise. This time I'm adding a video so you can easily tell what is the problem with the engine. Your opinion is very important for me. Here is the video posted on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZepNM9qcRA Few facts: 1. I...
  17. gamorg02

    1999 XR250R help please...

    having some problems with my newly aquired '99 xr250r. posted this on a local forum here too but u guys know your shit, so please if anyone has an idea lemme know! So i've been thru my carbs and started a discussion here on it. basically tried all of my jets and adjustments and still can't...
  18. N

    1999 Vmax - Dyno Results

    1999 Vmax - Dyno Results ..First time I dyno'd my machine.. Only 1 run. SPECS: >99 vmax stock internals & carbs >Aftermarket Nology Wires >Valvoline motorcycle oil >Supertrapp Slip ons >stock airbox >carbs synch'd pretty well, about 3mos ago. >..about 15k on motor 1. Well, when the guy hooked...
  19. N

    1999 Vmax/California Emmisions

    Can someone tell me what to look for and is there anything I can remove from my 99 Vmax I just got.... I havnt had a chance to look at the manual to see what they did to meet California emmis specs... Also - the front Calipers = can you tell by the picture if they are the "r1" 's that I have...
  20. Z

    1999 Model Overheating - Important pre buy question

    Hi there. Test rode a 1999 max yesterday and the bloody thing was heating up like crazy. i live in dubai and the temperature right now is around 90 and goes up to about 120 in the summer. How does a vmax do in the hot? z