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  1. jdeitz1979

    Progressive 412 -SOLD-

    Getting rid of the shocks that were on my bike. Looking for $100. Progressive / Drag Specialties Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. retrostude

    12" Progressive 412 shocks

    Perfect condition in chrome. 412-4228c . $269 on amazon, will sell $169 shipped in lower 48 plus any applicable fees. 1 inch shorter than stock.
  3. M

    Progressive 412 rear shocks

    Progressive Suspension 412 13" Standard shocks. Received in partial trade, used by PO for only a few months, never put on my max. Only 'flaw' is corner of sticker coming off $185 shipped CONUS Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  4. chillcool68

    412,s good deal!!!!

    I am stoked, just picked up a brand new pair of progressive 12.5 412,s on ebay, 130+16.00 shipping, time for suspension upgrades!!!!!!:biglaugh:
  5. dannymax

    Progressive 412 shock mounting bushings

    Does anyone have any Progressive 412 shock adapter bushings? Or maybe a source for thin walled pipe to fab some? I need all four (4).
  6. O

    Progressive 412 Adjustment

    So this may be a newbie question, but thought I would throw it out here before I dub too deep. I cannot seem to determine how to adjust these shocks. Some of the 412 it seems dont have the chrome covers that come all the way to the bottom of the shock and it would be pretty straight forward to...
  7. H

    Progressive 412

    Hi, anyone know anything about Progressive 412-4223c Rear shocks? I currently have them: http://motorcycle-accessories.cruisercustomizing.com/accessories/412-4233c?utm_campaign=sitechampion&utm_medium=sli&utm_source=google on my bike, the 11" one. Is... it bad? is it good? I have not the...
  8. T

    Progressive 412's better than stock shocks?

    My 96vmax has 30k on it with the stock shocks. Would a pair of used progressive 412's with less than 4k on them be better if that's all I can afford at this time?
  9. ghostntheshell

    Has anyone used both 412 / 440's? Progressive suspension

    Has anyone used both Progressive suspension 412 and then 440's? I am looking for a comparison from someone who has used both and actually compare the two with their own experience. I am wondering if the 440's are worth the extra dollars.
  10. naughtyG

    decent deal on Progressive 412 shocks

    I know they're only 412's, but still a pretty good price (about 1/2)...
  11. Birdoprey

    Anyone need some 13" Progressive 412's?

    I picked up a used set to check the length. Puts my bike a little higher than i want(i have a USD which lowered the front and a 17" rear tire which already lowered the rear). I guess 12.5" would be best for me. Anyway, i don't need them. They are in good condition, but the painted parts could...
  12. Birdoprey

    11" Progressive 412 shocks

    Anyone interested in a mint set of Progressive 412 rear shocks? They are 11" long. I picked up a set of 12" 440s and they suit me better.
  13. Maxedout

    12.5 inch progessive 412 and now the side stand is too tall

    Has anyone had this problem with this kind of mod and if so how did you remedy it? I tried cutting the stand off in 1 inch increments and due to the angle between the stand in full extention and closed it wound up too short on that final inch. Now I have to order a new sidestand. Thx again...
  14. V

    Progressive 412 Series. Opinions and Help buying

    Thanks in advance! Asking too many questions below! I am thinking about upgrading my shocks but a low budget so the 412 series are in my price range. What are your opinions on these shock compared to the OEM's? Any suggesstions on whether I should stick with stock 13" size or go lower...