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  1. Specs95t

    Americade in Saratoga Springs June 8 to 11 - anyone planning on attending? I plan on going up and checking things out next Friday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 95spfldmax


    Anyone going to or are already there? I'm outta here at 3:00 heading there for last couple days.............. I know Garrett's going......... Load up the bike, Danny! Let's go...It's in your ya up on the Pike.........
  3. RaWarrior

    Americade '12

    So this starts in Lake George NY this tuesday-sunday. If you've been to other bike rallies there's nothing particularly unique, though there is usually an excellent turnout for demo rides(loads of OEMs and machines, last year there was Gen2 up for grabs at the Yamaha tent) and a pretty...
  4. VmaxRider85

    Americade Lake George Sunday 6/3 to Sunday 6/10

    Americade is going on in lake George business' came together and americade is happening this year at lake George ny anyone planning on going please feel free to get a hold of me via PM ill be more than glad to ride with anyone .. Safe riding guys !! Mike
  5. sdt354

    Americade 2012

    I was wondering if there is any interest in Americade this year? Anyone plan on going, or been before? Is it a good place for a group of Vmaxers to meet up? Steve-o
  6. Bill Seward

    Americade Message Board Asshole.

    I've been a poster on the Americade board for about 8 years now. For the most part, it's been a pretty cool group of people. However, one dickhead has taken it upon himself to completely harass and belittle another member of the boards. He's got a group of people "The Gang @ Fran Cove", to...
  7. Bill Seward

    Americade message boards (

    Nasty trojan horse has infected the site. Enter at your own risk. Avast totally blocked it on my computer.
  8. RaWarrior

    Anyone hitting Americade this year?

    I'll be there at some point, almost certainly on the 11th, but I'd like to get down once during the week also to do some demo rides and check out the vendor expo to find some new blinkers. Runs June 6-11 in Lake George....this year it's moved from the roaring brook ranch (which is a bit out of...
  9. Bill Seward

    Still not going to Americade!

    Looks like the NY State Police are running the infamous "lets pull every bike over and write a bunch of tickets" roadblocks on the highway to Lake George NY this June. Hated it last year, and it's one of the reasons I'm not going any more. Be warned - this is a revenue grab by New York State...
  10. Bill Seward

    Off to Americade!

    I'm heading out early this year - more time in the Mountains! Hopefully, some Maxxers can hook up there!
  11. Bill Seward

    Americade, Lake George NY

    Anyone (besides me) heading out to Americade this June? Info is at
  12. Bill Seward

    Americade 2007

    Americade has its 25th anniversary this year. Lake George, NY, first week of June. I've been there the past 20 years, and there is always a large VMax presence there on Canada Street (Like a 50,000 bike cruise night!) every evening. for more info.
  13. Buster Hymen


    Anyone get down to Americade? I was hoping to see some pictures of the event. Hopefully one of these years I'll be able to go to these events!!
  14. Buster Hymen


    Whoever goes down there, bring back some pictures for the Gallery ( so we can see what we missed! :ttiwwp:
  15. outlaws justice


    Any one have plans or arrangements for a meet in Lake George for the Americade yet? Hoping to meet up with some of the fellow Vmax nuts there again this year if possible! Who is setting up the place and time etc?
  16. outlaws justice


    Anyone plan to attend the Americade Rally in Lake George this year? Past Vmax get togethers have been pretty slim but there is always alot of Vmax's at Lake George. I go up Wednesday Evening and stay until Sunday, but this year I will not be there on Saturday as I will be over in Louden for a...