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  1. Traumahawk

    Funny Article "How not to be a squid"

    You may have seen them in the wild, being passed by one at triple digit speeds on the highway, or almost hit by one crossing the double yellow line on a windy road. The squid is a dangerous species, but not to fear; it is generally most dangerous to itself. The good news? The squid generally...
  2. Fire-medic

    article on Kawasaki Z1R ATP kit factory turbo

    A 'blast from the past,' the Kawasaki Z1R with the ATP (American Turbo Pak) factory bolt-on kit, making the VMax RWHP if your VMax was done by someone who can tune the Stage 7/Kerker 4-1 setup to get 130 RWHP. A great read...
  3. DMAN999

    30 Years of the Vmax Magazine Article

    Motorcycle Sport & Leisure 30 Years of Vmax article: Mirror link:
  4. C

    Very Good article on tires.... I watched the videos, of course I picked the crappy tires..... LOL.
  5. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Article in Rider magazine

    So, I just read an article in rider magazine where they compare a 2014 vmax to a Ducati diavalle. The only bad thing they had to say about the Gen 2 is the terrible gas mileage it gets. I love my 2001 but if I can swing it, I will own a gen 2 after I return stateside. I mean 178 hp at the wheels...
  6. you2low

    Magazine Article comparing the Vmax,Busa,B-king,,etc

    took this from the starvmax site being trying to find the article online or the magazine .. So I recently bought an issue of RAPID magazine and found an article featuring the VMAX, BMW K1300, Honda VFR 1200, Suzuki B-King, Hayabusa, and FJR 1300. The idea was to go on a 666km journey and back...
  7. L

    Interesting old article

    A blast from the past.
  8. Fire-medic

    Bill Warner article Bill Warner, King of Land Speed Racing, Was the Fastest Motorcycle Rider on Earth Excerpt: He eventually turned up at his Wimauma farm with his own Yamaha V-Max. Online, he met a group of Florida riders; together...
  9. Fire-medic

    UK Ghost Rider article

    IN his latest film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, star Nicolas Cage gets to play both aspects of the character - renowned stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze and his flame-skulled alter-ego astride a bike engulfed by hellfire. In the original 2007 film, the Ghost Rider was played by a number of...
  10. M

    VMAX article

    Sorry if it is a repost. It is an older article, but I thought it was interesting and something you would enjoy. Glad to know that had I picked up the VMAX last year, I would have had the best cruiser.
  11. Fire-medic

    classic mcy magazine article

    Yesterday I decided to pull-out an old magazine I haven't read in probably close to 25 years. It is a 'special' publication to me because it has two of my current bukes in it. It's "bike," a U.K. publication from Feb. 1987. The feature article is about the recently-released 1987 FZR 1000...
  12. maxcruiser

    Article about Banning Motorcycles

    Let him have it boys!,0,4414821.story
  13. midmoraider

    Diavel article in new Cycle World

    I'm sure alot of members saw this, but if not...."In the default Sport mode, the Diavel goes like stink; it just doesn't do it quite as fast or as nasty as a VMax does." Made me smile when I read that. :biglaugh:
  14. maxcruiser

    Dragfest 2009 article

    Here's something for you drag racers! Mike
  15. Rusty McNeil

    Russian article on US slide to Socialism

    I think this deserved it's own post. Here it is.
  16. HuecoDoc

    New York Times Vmax article

    Maybe I missed this but it's new to me, a review of the 2009 dated April 16, 2009:
  17. maxcruiser

    Carburation 101 article

    Since there is so much discussion regarding carb tuning - I figured I would post this article taken from the site for those interested. Mike
  18. KRL0215

    my article made it into the VBoost

    I wrote a quick article a month or so ago because they were saying there wasnt enough info for the V Boost. I just saw the new edition and they put my article in there along with some of my pics. KEWL!:eusa_dance: