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  1. W

    Vboost PC board sealer?

    OK, I peeled off most of the resin and re-soldered some places and cleaned corrosion other places, even solder bridged a place, and now boost works great! Wasn't sure what to do about corrosion control, and I HAD to test ride it right away, so I gave the PC side of the controller a light shot...
  2. W

    This Vboost PC board repairable?

    Hi all, My vboost hasn't been cycling upon turning the key lately, among other electrical problems, and I read a thread recently about them being prone to loose connections that may be fixable, so I decided to investigate. I noticed today that flexing the vboost box made the servo and fuel...
  3. CustomMax

    Back to the drawing board

    Well, took apart my rear end on my bike and the final drive is fine. The shaft is fine going to the case but when I took apart the case, Holy Shit!! The chain that connected the gears blew into a thousand pieces! And even considering that the gears and shafts that Steve (Jedi) were still...
  4. Bill Seward

    Americade Message Board Asshole.

    I've been a poster on the Americade board for about 8 years now. For the most part, it's been a pretty cool group of people. However, one dickhead has taken it upon himself to completely harass and belittle another member of the boards. He's got a group of people "The Gang @ Fran Cove", to...
  5. EvilD

    Bullet board, take a guess

    Had this since about 1990 or so, haven't added to it in a long time, just pulled it out of the closet(moved to where i am now 4 years ago and forgot about it). Some regular stuff and some odd balls, take a guess and see how many you can identify.
  6. CaptainKyle

    VMOA board

    Is any one else haveing a problem getting on the VMOA board or did I miss something along the way. I cant seem to get on it.

    On Board Storage?

    Is there a storage compartment on the VMAX other than where the tool kit goes? It seems the passenger seat wants to lift up and could possibly have a storage area but I cannot figure out how to remove it (If there is storage under there).
  8. Bill Kratzenberg

    vmoa swap board

    Has Anyone else noticed how the vmoa swap board has slowed way down with activity since everything changed over to the new forum?
  9. outlaws justice

    Board Discussions

    I like this board, (Except for the dark colors used) it is a lot like the FZ1 Board except they actually use thiers. Always a bunch of folks hanging out there. It would be nice if the yahoo folks came over here.