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  1. ga_max

    SS Bolts for case covers

    I'm replacing my starter clutch again (it only lasted a year so I must have done something wrong) and was thinking that it would be a good time to replace the hex head bolt with stainless steel. Does anybody have a listing of the sizes and quantities ? Also does SS interact with the aluminum at...
  2. R

    Corbin seat bolts

    Anybody know what size seat bolts are used for the Corbin Vmax-GL seat (94 vmax)? I can't seem to get a straight or correct answer from Corbin. They said M6X1.25 but that can't be right. I tried M6X1.00 and they were way too long. Anyone?

    Anyone have any method of removing bolts that have locktight

    I am about to replace the water pump cover that got scratched last spring, rather than stripping a bolt, I thought I would ask before I try if anyone has a method or trick to do before trying to removing the bolts that have been installed with Locktight? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    Retainer bolts

    Been reading about the soft, stock retainer bolts. Want to replace them when I do the DD mod. What size are the bolts & will the standard hardware store-bought bolts be up to the task?

    Rotor bolts = unicorn search

    97 vmax 24k seems like all the rotor bolts i find on ebay are used. jp cylcles seems to have new bolts but got to check tomorow for aplication. any long time vmax owners reuse their rotor bolts? or go by the book and replace with new bolts ? if so where did you find them ? Im replacing the...
  6. U

    Torque for Starter Clutch Bolts

    I'm in the process of replacing the "infamous" starter clutch with the heavy duty model on "fleabay". I checked my Clymer manual and cannot find the Torque for the three starter clutch to flywheel bolts. Can anyone provide this?
  7. U

    Gen 1 Suspension bits- Swingarm bolts, covers, axle

    Selling some bits from my 2006. These are on Ebay, you get half price if no bids, plus actual shipping.
  8. C

    Frame bolts breaking Need Help

    To date I have broke two left side forward crash bars. They are shearing on the upper mounting area and have sheared three 12 millimeter bolt nuts that bolt the lower part of crash guards. I also just notice the right side crash bar is ready to break at upper mounting area with cracks. I know...
  9. Y

    Ideas to remove stripped rotor bolts.

    I was removing my old rotors and one rotor came off easy, and the other one had 3 screws where the allen heads were stripped, and I tried everything I could think of to get them out. Used an impact driver, tried hammering a bigger allen and also a torx bit in there with no luck. Next I tried...
  10. greimers

    Seat M6 Shoulder bolts

    One of my seat slider bolts with a shoulder twisted off. Does any one have some spares or know where to get some?
  11. Poolio

    Rotor bolts

    Where can I get all new front and rear rotor bolts? I found a few places on line that were like $60 for just the 6 on the rear. Can I use a normal m8x25mm button head bolt or are they special bolts? Any help much appreciated
  12. D

    Swingarm bolts question

    If I swap the adjustable bolt from the right side to the left side will the one-piece bolt push the swingarm farther to the left? I need to get this rear wheel moved over towards the left so it's centered better. Right now if I let go of the bars I make a pretty decent left lane change. I'd like...
  13. P

    brake disc bolts snapped advise

    Hello guy i was on taking the cush drive and brake disc off my resent divvy wheel and all the bolts have snapped except one any ideas on how to get them out ?
  14. donnelly317

    Chrome bolts and colored lines best place to purchase?

    Has anyone ever purchased colored fuel/oil/vacuum lines anywhere?? Where would the best place to be to purchase these goodies??? I found a few websites but was wondering if anyone else had any info. Also chrome grade 8 bolts where is the best place to purchase these for kosman bolt together...
  15. 5

    flywheel bolts broke

    hi guys need some infor, my starter bolts broke and tried to get the stator off but, mangiled it up a bit. so my question is what yamaha motorcycle can i buy a used stator for my 93 1200cc vmax. so I can search on ebay of if anybody has 1 for sale here thx. :ummm:
  16. D

    Retainer ring bolts

    Are two of the clutch retainer ring bolts special shear bolts? I just snapped two of them off approaching 70 in./lb and I'm super frustrated. Then I looked at Lvlhead's page and his bolts look totally different. Mine look like factory bolts but were all 10mm. The two that snapped are obviously...
  17. D

    eBay bolts

    Is anybody using this guy's bolt kit
  18. A

    Need gas tank bolts and grommets

    The two main bolts that secure the gas tank to the frame are missing on my bike. The parts fich shows they take rubber isolaters and washers. These are the bolts that are directly to the left and right of the fill neck. Thanks!
  19. donnelly317

    anyone know where i can get these engine bolts?

    For this on a website here's the pic of blue engine bolts... He said there from MEK on his site but I went to MEK and cannot find them! Here's his sight
  20. Miles Long

    Starter clutch bolts - tack welding?

    I may have to replace my stator - I'm going thru all the fault finding processes currently - but for now I have no questions about that procedure. My question is about the starter clutch bolts, of which the peened ends will be exposed when I remove the stator cover. I'm not having any starter...