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  1. CaptainKyle

    85-92 fork brace

    Brand new voodoo fork brace for 85-92 Yamaha vmax $ 55 plus paypal fees shipped in the lower 48.
  2. Conman

    WTB: Foot Shifter & Post-1996 Crossover Brace

    I’m looking for a clean, straight foot shifter to replace my bent one. I’m also looking for a bent frame brace so that I can update oil changes in my ‘95. Lastly, can anyone comment on how well these work? They’re half the cycle one off price...
  3. S

    front crossovr brace 1996 up

    Hi, I had to put in a 96 motor in my 89 max. The front crossover brace/ horn mount I have will not fit the flat style oil filters. Does someone have this brace they will part with? I will also have early style brace for spin on filter available. Thanks Tom
  4. Osiris

    Frame brace vibration.

    I installed some frame braces yesterday. It did tighten up the bike and made the handling a bit better. I do have a bit more vibration now. Is this normal? Is there anything that I can do to cut down on the vibration? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  5. 88vmx12

    Fork brace for real! -SOLD-

    Heavy duty fork brace must be around 3/4" thick. I had it chromed, and has tuning fork logo on it. I do not need it anymore due to inverted fork mod. $70 with shipping OBO excellent condition G
  6. 88vmx12

    Front fender

  7. D

    WTS VMax Billet Fork Brace

    I believe it an Exactrep mega brace. After a quick trip to the bead blaster to tone down the scuffed polished aluminum, it is now nicely uniform. The problem is it doesn't fit my 1993. I'm assuming it is for 85 to 92. $70 shipped.
  8. blaxmax

    Frame Brace

    Anyone ever seen this one and know where to get one?
  9. Barry barker

    used Billet fork brace

    needs a little more polish but it still looks good. $60.00 [email protected] 501-520-8211 SOLD
  10. 5

    fork brace

    looking for a fork brace to if 89
  11. S

    Weld on mounts for brace bars.

    I'm about to make a start on my frame brace bars. Concern is my weld on mounts may interfere with motor removal. Any recommendations ?
  12. N

    Frame brace questions

    What are the benefits to a stock bike? Is it needed only with high horsepower set ups? I'm talking about the one that goes across the side of the motor
  13. vmax2extreme

    NEW - UFO Fork Brace -SOLD-

    I have a new, unused polished UFO Fork Brace that fits '93-07 vmax.!/~/product/category=3613429&id=15357955 $66 shipped CONUS
  14. Bill Seward

    Curved frame brace.

    I have been thinking about doing the spin-on oil filter mod on my '85. I'm aware that the small cross brace on the frame at the oil filter area needs to be modified or changed to a newer one. I'm lookimng real hard at that area of the frame, and cannot for the life of me imagine any flex or...
  15. snakecharmr

    Voodoo fork brace?

    Just wondering how much of an improvment the Voodoo Fork brace will be over stock? Found a good deal on one and before I attempt a USD full setup I want to see if I can improve stock with bracing and progressive springs etc...
  16. C

    Neck brace anyone?

    Hey guys. I have come across a problem riding my Vmax and I thought I would ask you guys if you could help me out. 4 months ago took a 100 mile ride (going about 70 miles per hour average speed). It was the first trip on my Vmax out of town. As I was used to motorcycles with a more aggressive...
  17. C

    Is a UFO fork brace worth it?

    Anybody have a UFO fork brace on their 'Max? I'm wondering if it has any impact on the handling characteristics. Also, do you need to remove the front wheel to install one since it appears to be significantly wider than the stock brace?
  18. donnelly317

    fork brace really worth it??

    Before I spend the 60 bucks I was wondering if the fork brace is REALLY actually worth the money and does what it says... I figured if im spending the money to get a bunch of stuff anodized including stock fork brace I might as well buy the COO one and get it anodized instead
  19. O

    UFO fork brace

    Anyone ever have a problem with the fork brace pushing the forks apart to much. I feel like my fork brace is spreading the forks and therfor not allowing the proper movement. When I get on the bike there is zero sag or movement in the front forks. Not sure if there is a front or back to the...
  20. S

    aftermarket engine brace best bang for the buck?

    I've done the progressive springs and upgraded tires. i'm guessing the next thing would be the engine brace. Which one do you all recommend would be the best bang for the buck. I guess welding won't be too bad since i can probably get that done. Thanks, sid