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  1. L

    Penske shocks/ Two Brothers mufflers

    Hello, I just bought a 92 V Max project bike and it has Penske adjustable rear shocks and two Brothers Mufflers which by looking at the mounting brackets sort of appear may have come as a package setup. I'll post some pictures later. Does anyone have any info or knowledge of a package like that?
  2. SpecOps13

    Where have all our Vmax Brothers gone

    Been watching for a while now and it seems at times there's almost no active new threads here on the board. How many are still active on here. Is there any way to tell? I may disagree with some of you at times (Which I'm a Pain to do) but I hate to think that were a dying bread and board. Give...
  3. rebeltaz83

    Two brothers racing full 4 to 1

    Just installed what I believe is a full two brothers 4 to 1 exhaust. Kept the center stand. Any pros or cons with this exhaust?
  4. TB99Max

    Two brothers carbon slip on

    It was on the bike when i bought it and I don't care for the looks. It should fit most 4-1 exhaust systems. It's 18.5" long can and 2.25" inlet. Kind of beat up. $30 plus shipping. **** NEW PRICE $20 PLUS SHIPPING *****

    Brothers in Arms

    One of my best friends really more of a brother carries a full size 9mm Glock. He is looking for a smaller more concealable everyday carry gun. He owns a small construction company just outside of Orlando and travels a lot for work. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. M

    Happy Brothers Day

    Received this from a friend, thought I'd pass it along. About 9% of the US population has served in the military. Just under one percent are serving on active duty today. These numbers are small but often it is the small things that nurture greatness. As our government is headed towards a...
  7. SpecOps13

    Band of Brothers and Sisters......

    I want to thank each of you for your service and to be considered a Brother / Sister to each of those who served. It is indeed an Honor to be one of you! I am proud to call you Brother or Sister. You may have served in Combat or in non-combat. You may have retired out or you may have served...
  8. woodsman30

    Big brothers watching

    Need to vent why does the government need everyones phone records? Everyday freedom is going out the window and people shrug their shoulders and say oh well.WTF and now they want to tax us for every mile we drive again wtf!:bang head: I just dont get it do any of you?
  9. sdt354

    Start a VMF list for Brothers stuck on the road

    I was talking to Gary and Garrett about starting a list of members in different areas that would be willing to help out a stranded member. Gary is checking on the site software to see what we can do with what he already has. Anyone familiar with the BWM owners list? It's a list of people with a...
  10. 4gasem

    Bill Warner (Wild Brothers) Record Setting Run

    I believe Bill Warner is one of the brothers behind Wild Brothers where a lot of Vmax guys get their parts. Check him out! This is STUPID FAST!!! Oh and a record! Way to go Bill!
  11. yukonerdave

    Forgive me, Brothers, for I have sinned...

    I've done the unthinkable. I have nothing to say for myself. Bought myself some new tires for Christmas (Metzler 880s :punk:). Today i removed the wheels and took off the old tires ... ... But I never did a final burn-out on them :wave bye: I have no excuse. I'll accept...
  12. Thevmaxrider

    Keep our brothers in your prayers

    Gents, I wanted to ask the entire group here to keep a couple of our brothers who are Police officers currently in Toronto in their prayers. These two gents are out there in riot gear facing potential violence right now while we sit comfortably in our homes. As I am very good...
  13. Floridamax

    My Brothers last Ride

    Hey guys, My brother "Bill" was an avid member of the forum and recently passed as a result of a motorcycle accident. He had planned a ride for 8/8 from Raleigh NC for him and his buds. Unfortunately we had his memorial on that date instead. So, his riding buds have rescheduled...
  14. Jayhawk

    Blood brothers

    Amazing story. Damn.
  15. 9

    Two brothers C Series Slip-ons for sale

    i have a polished Aluminum pair od Two brothers C-Series Slip-ons for sal to fit a V-max. like new only rode 500 miles with these exhaust and want to go to a Kerker full exhaust a bit louder:) im looking to trade them or sell for $350.00 there over $500.00 new