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  1. northjax

    09 Gen2 w/26,000 miles in NORTH Ca

    Selling my 09 to thin out the collection and put towards property. Well maintained and can deliver w/in 300 miles @ .50 per mile or help arrange shipping at buyers experience . Call with questions. 904-476-5472 Jason
  2. Fire-medic

    Dirt biker jumps CA freeway

    Dirt biker jumps CA freeway in Riverside.
  3. dannymax

    10,000 CA Nat'l Guardsmen ordered to pay back $15K+ enlistment bonus
  4. Fire-medic

    CA Vietnam veterans' memorial defaced by graffiti

    These people need to be thrown in jail for awhile, and conscripted to 1000 hours of community service, the first part of which is repairing the damage to the veterans' memorial. Since they 'tag' using their name as a graffiti 'artist' it should be a simple arrest...
  5. N

    So Cal Riders

    Just picked up my First Max, rode 145 miles to get her home, 06 and love it. Looking for other riders in the area for rides, maybe some tech advice, know I could use it. Let me know.
  6. vmax1968

    Caught on helmet camera: CA motorcyclist crashes with truck

    Scary stuff, it looks like a narrow 2 way road. Reminds me of the second most common crash that is failure to negotiate a curve. Good for him he was wearing helmet and gear. Ride safe
  7. B

    Looking for a shop to tune my bike (Northern CA)

    I'm not sure where to post this, I figured more eyes would see it here. I'm looking for a shop/ mechanic that can install a stage 7 kit and tune it for me on a dyno preferably. Anyone have any suggestions? Someone with experience on Vmax's would be nice. I live in Sacramento, CA (Citrus...
  8. J

    CA gun control NUTCASE OMG Can't believe enough people got together and elected someone this absolutely STOOOPID. Is this indicative of the avg person living in CA now-a-days? :ummm: I thought it was a gag video, until I googled for more...
  9. Fire-medic

    Biker dance becomes shootout in CA Gun battle at Fresno biker club kills 1, wounds 12 FRESNO, Calif. -- A "running gun battle" at a Central California motorcycle club's annual dance that left one man dead, a dozen others wounded, hundreds of...
  10. F

    CA. Route One

    Riding to L.A. tomorrow from Baja. Friday morning riding North up route one, hope to make Sonoma County before dark. If interested in riding along send me a PM with a phone# I'll check messages on Thursday night and call back. David
  11. F

    CA. Route One

    The time has come for me to plan a trip north from Baja to Mendocino, CA. I will be taking route one as much as possible. Looking for company for at least part of the way or all the way. Who is interested? I'll sit down tonight with a map and plan gas stops. Big Sur is definitely on the path...
  12. F

    American Heat, Palm Springs, CA. 2011

    3 VMAXes burning up the desert asphalt. Dave
  13. dannymax

    What's the difference between CA & Non-CA carbs?

    I really don't see any difference except the brass spigot (similar to a sync spigot) that comes out of the throat of #2 carb and goes, I believe, to some sort of canister. I think there is a difference in main jet sizes on CA Ventures, but I'm not sure if this is true with the V Max. Are...
  14. Blurr

    Bakersfield, CA

    Anyone IN Bakersfield, CA? Would be nice to meet a fellow rider for dinner or beer at the local pub.

    "Pops" Dies in Telegraph Canyon, San Diego CA

    On Sunday March 15 at 10:15 am my Dad and fellow canyon carver Tom "Pops" O. died after, shit I don't know if I should tell the whole story. Ya I should. My Dad was a life long Motorcyclist. Charter Life Member of the AMA. He raced motorcross in the 60's and 70's on the old CZs and Suzuki's...
  16. M

    CA or 49-state?

    I just bought my first VMax. I have been a V4 fan for years, owned a couple of Honda Magnas, always lusted for a VMax. A collector friend of mine, fellow riding club member, has a condition which will no longer allow him to ride 2-wheelers, so he is selling off most of his collection, except for...
  17. dannymax

    (5) '09's sighted in CA

    Wed. noon Pacific time, Rusty from the VMOA site saw 5 new gen max's going down the coast highway. They all had dealer plates. Unfortunately, no camera, but he talked to them, asked them where they were going, they said 'cruisin' :ummm: So, they're out there, keep a sharp eye, maybe get some...
  18. R

    Northern CA

    If it ever stops raining there is a small contingent of Vmax owners here in East Contra Costa County who are looking to pool resourses for rides and maintenance meetings. No obligations are required. :ohyeah00: Rick Cendejas [email protected] 925-427-3013