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  1. redneksoldier

    Cam timing

    So, first, a little back story... Beginning of summer I rebuilt the motor on my '94. I had pulled the motor for second gear fix and found the oil pump o-ring issue and some main bearing damage. I also discovered that somebody had been in the motor before. Both cam chain tensioner guides were...
  2. 1

    Cam Chain Tensioner Adjustment

    Hi all, Picked up a 1997 V-Max Canadian import a few months ago. Since I had it it's been making a ticking noise, happening at pretty much all revs and on the overrun. After thinking it was the valves out of adjustment I had this done and the noise was still there. It's coming from the rear...
  3. J

    Dash Cam

    I can use it on my Bike, Bus, and car. No more " he sais, she said". Video speaks the truth. Might even catch something interesting. Its on an 8 hour loop.
  4. dannymax

    Eagle cam in DC

    This is pretty cool!
  5. Rick52

    Gen 2 Vmax Billet Cam Cap Covers

    $185 Jeff Pahlegy Customs Rick
  6. rebeltaz83

    Cam tapping sound at idle

    Yeah, another thread on engine sound:bang head: noticed a very noticeable tapping sound from the right front cylinder can't tell if it's the the intake cam or the exhaust cam making it. Sounds like a lifter tap. If any expiernced mechanics know what I'm talking about. It's a 97 max with 18,000...
  7. Fire-medic

    Officer shot and dies, AZ body cam

    A 24 y.o. rookie Flagstaff AZ LEO fatally shot by felon: The...
  8. S

    Cam chain replacement I'm thinking whilst the motor is out and headless I will replace the camchains...when I bought the bike I got 2 new, in packet Yamaha ones. I'm thinkin I could leave the motor upside down (on engine stand). Pop out rivet, add new chain forming one double length chain, flip motor...
  9. K

    Sony action cam!! Get one!!

    I always wanted a gopro and am a huge online shopaholic. I will search for weeks before buying something. I was looking at the gopro hero 3+black edition. Well, I came across Sonys version, HDR as 100v. Thing is awesome!!! Found mine on Amazon as a daily deal for 150 bucks! It tracks your route...
  10. H

    Rear Cam Chain Tensioner Leaking

    Quick question, Is it possible to remove the rear camchain tensioner to install a new gasket without having to go through the timing procedure and subsequently removing the front camchain tensioner/setting the timing? The reason for doing this is I am experiencing a leak from the tensioner...
  11. speedcostsmoney

    Cam Heel Grinding?

    something from the 50's also called BELLY GRIND, consists of grinding the heel of the camshaft , which gives you more lift of course you have to put a thicker shim in the bucket , polish after grinding but of course , duration will stay the same, just putting this post up to get some feed...
  12. you2low

    Gen 2 Clear covers and cam covers for sale

    The clear covers are all new the cam covers just a few months old with all the hardware you need to install I got 2 sets of them didnt know which way I wanted to go till I had them in my hand You can get the matching Clear Clutch cover for around $350-$400 from the same person making...
  13. jims94vmx

    Lehigh Valley person to work on Cam chain?

    I was wondering if any of you guys know of a good place to have someone look at this and diagnose for sure? I had a guy do work on the side named Chris Kunkle many years ago and lost touch. There are not to many people I trust to get this done right. Thoughts, and rough idea on price? The...
  14. D

    Damper cam?

    I just saw this on Youtube and am confused. Is this in place on GenI as well?
  15. texmax

    Oil leak at rear cam chain tensioner

    I have a leak at the cap bolt washer on the tensioner. Is this just a plain ole crush washer I can pick up at a parts store? The Ron Ayers parts fiche only shows the entire tensioner assy. for $91. I don't think so. Anyone replaced this before? Thanks, Randall
  16. M

    timing marks and cam position

    I'm in the process of cheking my valvle clearance. Found timing mark for T1 , as shown in pic below ( sorry for the size don't know how to resize). When I check my #1 Cylinder I expected the lobe to be pointing face up but they are as shown on the second picture. Am I doing something wrong ...
  17. NHVmaxpower

    HD Action cam

    My wife was out shopping today & came home w/ a Emerson HD action cam for the bike. I was like wtf you buy that for must have cost n arm n a leg well she paid $39.99 for it. I'm thinking damn cheap so I do some research & reviews & to my suprize it's well worth the money. The reviews compared it...
  18. C

    86 yamaha vmax cam timing ???need help

    OK heres whats going on ive had my vmax for about 6 years and i though it might be time to give it a good once over so i rebuilt the carbs changed the plugs plug wires flushed out the radiator all the basic stuff and put ut back together but still didnt run like i thought it should so i did a...
  19. NHVmaxpower

    Front cam chain

    Ok so I think my engine seemed noisey last summer & I am going to adjust the valves before riding season but as I was looking around checking chain etc I notice at a point of engine rotation my front chain is loose n sloppy if I rotate it a full circle it gets tight again then rotate again &...
  20. H

    Cam chain tensioner

    I was checking the valve clearances and cam chains, when I noticed the front cam chain had some free play. I took a video to see if the free play is normal or if I should replace the cam chain tensioner. What do you guys think?