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  1. O

    Need fork top caps.

    I need fork top caps for 02 vmax. Not the plastic ones on top but the ones inside the fork tube itself. Thanks a lot!
  2. Traumahawk

    Bolt caps for painting

    Does anyone know where I can find caps that will fit over the cap screws on the engine (so when i paint the engine, paint wont get on the cap screws) or is it even needed? Thanks Eric
  3. steamer97

    pilot jet block caps

    I am quite amazed at the prices for the little rubber plugs in the pilot jet block (called "caps" on the parts breakdown). I'm not going to spend 60-70 bucks on one set up of them (8 ea.) What have owners here used to replace messed up rubber block caps? (pencil erasers, lol?).
  4. G

    Front Fork Caps

    Any idea where I can find those pesky front fork caps that screw onto a schrader valve? 1997 Vmax.
  5. effingidiot

    preload caps.

    They'r off,one side came off the other side stripped.The side that stripped,i banged a 21mm hex on with a lump hammer.It was a nice tight fit,that shifted it.
  6. F

    2001 Vmax exhaust end caps

    #1 Report Post Old Yesterday, 02:16 PM Fawad is Junior Member Join Date: Aug 2016 Location: Milton Posts: 3 My VMax: 2001 black My other bikes: None Default 2001 Vmax exhaust end caps I have a 01 Vmax with stock exhaust but previous owner put after market end caps on it. I...
  7. F

    2001 Vmax exhaust end caps

    I have a 01 Vmax with stock exhaust but previous owner put after market end caps on it. I lost one of the end caps and now looking to buy one or a set. Anyone have a clue where to look for. Attached is a picture of the end cap. Thx Fawad

    Shock caps

    Looking for 1 stock shock cap or a set of aftermarket in nice shape. I'm missing one, not sure where it went :ummm: Glad the shock didn't pop off while I was blasting down the road!
  9. CaptainKyle

    Shock caps

    Nice billet aluminum shock caps $ 15 per set shipped in the US us paypal fees. . Please email not PM [email protected].
  10. dannymax

    Stock muffler end caps

    Wanted to buy: OEM end caps off stock Gen I mufflers.....anybody got a pair of these left over from a stock muffler mod?
  11. hypermax

    Two UFO SBD end caps

    Two UFO SBD end caps F/S Slightly used $75 shipped
  12. P

    Chrome caps obsolete?

    Part number 90338-08163-00 that cover the handlebar holder bolts. Hard to believe since Yamaha uses it on probably 50 different bikes over the years........... I'm needing 10.
  13. rusty

    Gen2 Embroidered Caps

    Gen2 logo caps/100% cotton $30.00Bucks/ free shipping to USA:biglaugh:
  14. 82ndCowboy

    Spark plug caps! HELP HELP HELP! EMERGENCY!

    I took apart one my spark plug caps to check it for corosion. After unscrewing it the brass screw fell out along with an insulator and a spring and a tiny disc. And as usual they dumped out at the same time. So I have no idea where the disc goes. Any one know where the disc goes? Between the...
  15. T

    Anyone used the UFO 1.5" caps OR how to reduce ear bleeding from the StreetPro?

    My '03 has the UFO StreetPro 4-2 and it's loud. Like significantly louder than my Buell 1125R, which is the second loudest bike I've ever owned. Like when I'm riding with my buddies, I look in my mirrors and they've drifted back a hundred yards or more and they cry like babies about how loud my...
  16. Hijinx1812

    Aftermarket sparkplug caps??

    The next thing on my to do list for my max is to replace the sparkplug wires. What are some recommendations for aftermarket caps? I'd reuse the stock ones but they're in pretty bad shape. Also, does anyone know off hand what the NGK cap # is? Thanks in advance!
  17. D

    Weird caps on plugs

    So as I'm investigating and fixing things on the '86 I found a little cap screwed onto one of the spark plugs. I'm out and haven't checked others yet, but let's assume they're on all the plugs. What the heck are they? It made it basically impossible to push the plug wires onto the plugs. I'll...
  18. C

    Handle Riser Bolt Caps

    Just a dumb question. I am planning to buy a replacement riser for my '98 Vmax. My risers have what I think are the bolt caps. How do you pull out these caps? Just picking them out with something like a small screwdriver? I would assume the allen bolts would appear below like in the...
  19. C

    Rear Shock Bungee Caps At Thunder.

    I ll have about 10 sets with me at Thunder if anyone wants a set , let me know the color. Black or Silver $50 a set
  20. R

    Reservior caps

    Hi guys.I bought two new chrome reservoir caps for my max and I was wondering am I going to need new gasgets to replace the old ones or if I am carefull can I use the old ones?.