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  1. racerboy

    Charging System

    Good morning everybody, My bike is 11 yrs old now, so Im going to replace all the electrical components to prevent any future issues. Starter / relay, voltage Reg/rect., generator, already relocated the R/R to the tail piece of the grab handle, in fact, looks good there. My thoughts are...
  2. Trondyne


    Haven't had this bike too long so forgive the noob question please.... Where is the easiest, fastest place to: A. Get a quick jump start connection... B. Get easy access for charging... On my other bikes I could get cables on the bike in seconds... With this bike it doesn't look so easy...
  3. I

    battery charging

    Hello all. Chuck here. I was wondering if anyone here had ever measured the amperage of the 3 wires coming from the stator. My bike is a 1989. I just replaced the r/r. I clamped an amprobe around each wire I got a reading of 17 amps at idle. Thanks----:bang head:
  4. A

    Updating my 2005

    Hi I'm recently new to maxdom, however been riding for 50 years. A guy dropped off a 85 with Supertrapps at my shop for charging issues and I fell in love, 2 weeks later there is a lovely 2005 anniversary edition with 10k miles in my garage. Yes it had the same problems/issues that all the rest...
  5. carrizog60

    yes,another charging topic...

    hi my max has been acting up since i bought her. only charges above 2500 rpm,at idle or low rpm woudnt charge. thought i had a bad stator and sent to repair,but they tested it ok.looks new also.(bike has 8900 km 2001 model) yesterday i reinstalled the stator and went to check and here is...
  6. Hellboy

    Not charging

    Well I rode to town today and the bike would barely start to get me home. When I did get home and shut it off, it wouldn't start at all. It's been running so well lately I can hardly believe that this just showed up overnight. I've checked the 3 black stator wires while running and there are...
  7. M

    charging problem

    I wrote about the problem before.i had my 91 vmax fall over on the left side then developed a no charge problem.i replaced regulator and did run red wire from reg like the tech article said to the battery with 30 amp fuse.fixed the crimp problem.cleaned grounds and ran grd.from reg. to...
  8. carrizog60

    charging wires "upgrade"

    hello new vmax owner,a 2002 model that had 8000km on clock but was sitting for a year due to a crash. after cleaning the bike i rode her the first time to see that when hot it would miss at idle up to 2000rpm. carbs shotgunned and same. went to see the voltage and it was only...
  9. A

    new regulator seems to be over charging

    I just put a new Ricks regulator on my 85 and now the battery is reading 16 volts which is really high and probably is dangerous does anybody know what could be causing it, I checked the stator and it was reading .8 ohms
  10. Falaholic

    How many Amps/Watts does the charging system put out

    Wanted to ask how many amps or watts the charging system is putting out. Also can it be upgraded to something that puts out more?
  11. S

    1997 V Max not charging

    Hi guys, need help got 97 vmax which is not charging, new stator, new r/r, new battery, still not charging. Checked all readings on new parts (all good), getting 16 volts at stator plug as soon as I connect the r/r plug the readings at the plug drop to 10 volts at idle speed, and stays at that...
  12. C

    Question about battery charging

    Hey guys! I came across this problem only yesterday. I have a new battery that was fully charged 2 weeks ago. I was using the bike to commute to work on a daily basis (a couple of miles really). Lights and all electronics work as they should. Lights do not dim when rpms are low. DUring the...
  13. S

    not charging

    Working on 1993.New rectifier two months ago.Battery has 12.85 volts.Start it up and it immediately goes to 7 volts.Bike dies 15 minutes later. tested stator. 16 volts each pole, rev it up it goes to 50 .Output at rectifier positive wire is 3volts.So which is junk? the stator or...
  14. Vmaxnewfie

    Oil leak on stator cover, and not charging good.

    I went for an overnight ride about 300 miles each way over the weekend. On the way out I noticed oil all over the side stand when I arrived. Turns out the gasket is leaking on the top of stator cover and running down the side of the bike. When I got home, the leak worse by now, I plugged in the...
  15. J

    Not Charging???

    Ok guys, please forgive me if this question has been asked many times before :ummm:. But I've noticed that after riding for a while, my bike will act as if the battery is not being charged. It has a new battery and the terminals are tight. Could it possibly be the rectifier going bad? I've seen...
  16. 95spfldmax

    Charging Question (NOT Vmax Related)

    So my buddy is mostly finished building this Kawasuki, a '74 750cc Kawasaki triple 2-stroke motor in a '94 Suzuki GXR750 frame. Looks (& sounds!!) pretty sharp as you can see. Still working out some jetting issues but this question is about the charging system problem he is having. The bike is...
  17. A

    Low voltage/ not charging

    I've gone through RaWarrior's how-to on taking care of low voltage. I fixed the crimp in the harness, replaced the r/r with a mosfet version from a zx14, replaced the battery, added connections directly from the r/r to the battery, and I finally replaced the stator yesterday. It's still not...
  18. B

    Battery charging ASAP please

    Guys, i went for a ride today and after setting the kickstand down while in neutral the engine shut off. Need to fix the switch... (any ideas?) I left the battery on. So the battery is dead now, i don't want to break anything, can someone tell me how to get to it? Jay 281-221-6830...
  19. HyperPete

    Is 13.6 V charging enough? + more.

    I was under the impression that the 1999 I just purchased had a bad battery, so I replaced it last Friday. The new battery did not have enough juice to kick the bike over, so I jumped it and rode home, about 40 minutes on the highway. I assumed I would have enough surface charge from the ride...
  20. jagco1

    Charging system / Battery ?

    I went out for long ride a few days ago I had stop 2 times to get gas no problems. The 3rd stop I got gas about 2 gallons when I try to start the bike man it turn over about 20 to 25 times before it started back up. I almost thought it was not going to start. When I got back home I let the bike...