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  1. Mod Monkey

    March/April Mod Monkey contest

    Ok you crazy assed Max owners here you go with my next contest!! Notice that I have made this one a two month contest, that's because I am going to step out on a limb and make this the best contest to date!!! The winner will get, direct from the Mod Monkey Review Board, a brand new, much...
  2. Mod Monkey

    End the Mod Monkey of the Month contest?

    All, This is a really simple poll, yes or no. I will even make the votes private so no one feels any pressure to vote one way or another. Do you want the Mod Monkey of the Month contest to end?
  3. Mod Monkey

    January Mod Monkey of the Month contest

    It's a new year and a new month so let's start out 2011 with a bang! This month's contest is a "free form" month, in other words you take what you feel is the best pic of your Max and post it here. Also, we are not requiring you to have put new mods on the bike this month to enter. The MMRB...
  4. Mod Monkey

    December Mod Monkey of the Month contest

    Merry Christmas to all you crazy Vmax guys!! As I am sure you can guess the theme this month is a Christmas one. Use your imagination and send in your pics. The prize this month is a secret one, but trust me you will like it!! So get your cameras out and get them pictures posted!!
  5. Mod Monkey

    November Mod Monkey of the Month Contest

    After the good turnout in October lets see what you guys can come up with for November. This month it is a "freestyle" contest, which means you set up your own "theme" for your photo and tell us what it is. The prize this month is a Cycle One Off oil pressure gauge kit (waterpump mounted)...
  6. Mod Monkey

    October Mod Monkey of the Month contest

    Ok fellas the next contest starts today! The MMRB have decided to shake things up a bit here. Instead of just the normal "Show us your mods" contest we wanted to have a "Fall Colors" picture contest. Get a pic of your Max showing nature in all its glory and post it here. Bonus points if your...
  7. Mod Monkey

    September Mod Monkey of the Month contest

    Alright all you crazy ass gents and ladies, it is the middle of the month and I have YET to see 1 entry into the contest. I guess no one is interested in winning kick ass prizes provided directly to you by the MMRB:confused2:. If you are up to the challenge post pics of your Max here so we at...
  8. Mod Monkey

    Contest: Mod Monkey of the Month

    All, After discussing things with your Mod Monkeys, we have reached a decision to hold a monthly contest here. The contest will be for the Mod Monkey of the Month, with the prize TBD. The judging criteria are: 1) Ingenuity 2) Originality 3) Personalization (did you contribute to making...
  9. B

    Deals Gap Photo Contest

    I just got back from the Dragon and was looking up my photos on all the photo sites and found my bike on US 129 photo's web site scrool down till you see Highlights of the Week - November 9th, 2009 keep going down The bike is a little more than half way down on the left side Would really like...
  10. Thevmaxrider

    Paint scheme contest

    Gents, It was brought to my attention by the God of the website Buster today that I should look at doing a paint scheme contest for my bike. Now as this does sound quite interesting let me lay it out for you all. Here are the rules: 1) Must include satin black as a primary colour (bike looks...
  11. Thevmaxrider

    Top 10 from the Rename my Max contest!!

    Here is the top 10 choices for the contest. This poll will close Sunday June 21st with the winner announced that evening. There was a tie for spots in Poll #2 so Jodi broke the tie. Also, she made a suggestion for a name that was added because there is some history behind it. The name is...
  12. Thevmaxrider

    Re-name my bike contest

    All, As it appears that my bike needs a new moniker I am officially starting the "Re-name my bike" contest! This contest will run from today until Sunday June 14th. Please look at the photos of my Max in my gallery, will post up a couple more tonight, and post your name here. Names submitted...
  13. Santa

    Santa's photo contest giveaway 2008!

    :newyear0:YAWN!!!! Well my alarm just went off. I just checked my list and it looks like we have quite a few naughty memebers here on the ol' forum. Now remember Santa only posts here cause I love the Vmax just as much as you mortals. So in celebration of the Christmas season. It is time...
  14. D

    tattoo design contest

    ok.....not a REAL contest, but the winner gets bragging rights that his/her design is a tattoo on my upper arm. I'm doing a coverup tattoo and want the vmax logo... looking for something square in size (covering up a heart with initials in it) maybe something with the 2 scoops and "vmax"...
  15. vmaxinID


    500th POST CONTEST, ENTER AND WIN MY BROTHERZ! Ok, Ok, here it goes. So here's what's up for grabs. Your choice: A. A Yamaha Mini III shield, AKA ABA-42H05-01-30 with mounting hardware bolts. B. Two perfectly good Carb diaphrams. C. A set of 1999 front rotors one straight, one with...