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  1. 42Below

    V boost control question

    Gidday. I got my bike a few months ago. I havent had a chance to ride it much as the forks puked oil on the way home and and since repaired Ive been busy. I was told by the seller it had the vboost set to come in at 3000rpm. This feels right as it picks up a fair bit at 3k. I looked here on...
  2. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics

    I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I will be traveling to Colorado in June to teach both ARC Level I and ARC Level II. The Date is June 15th. The venue will be at the Pikes Peak International Raceway (No not on the track). The event is following the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association...
  3. sdt354

    V-boost control wanted

    All set, please delete. Steve
  4. tothemax93

    Constitution 101 gun control Why is the second amendment treated differently that the other amendments.
  5. J

    Sanders puts Clinton in her place on gun control..

    I found it entertaining.
  6. J

    Booster control problem ??

    I was cycling my ignition and this is what I noticed- Boost module cable goes up, then it comes down.....wait 2 seconds and it clicks and drops down another 1/2 inch a second time. On my old max- It would go up,..then come all the way down. Is this normal, or is it getting hung -up ?? I...
  7. a113ycat

    New gun control angle

    well folks there is a new gun control angle working against us from the potus and it aint good.
  8. rzwanink

    Vboost control unit problem

    Hi guys, I got a problem with my vboost control unit. It is not working properly. When turning the ignition key it wil not make the servo Motor work. So nu buzzing. When i press on the vboost unit it works every time. I guess it is broken, the circuit board. Any of u have any...
  9. W

    Manual lever Vboost control?

    Well, since my boost controler has crapped out, and I would rather not fork up the bucks to replace it, I tried jumpering the servo to leave the boost open and gave it a test run. Ran great above 5 grand as long as the throttle was cranked open. Ran terrible at lower rpms and low cruise speeds...
  10. C

    Launch Control....

    I might be doing this to mine. Not 100% sure, since its more of a street bike. This would be a cool option for a Gen 2 also. A cool 2 step for a gen 1 would be fun at the track also. Its a pain trying to hold 4200 rpm to launch.
  11. SpecOps13

    More Attempted Gun Control From The Left

    This puts a new twist on the subject. I don't agree with this method any more that I do the others. Read the words and watch the video. To me this is a desperation move. This is LAME..........................
  12. Fire-medic

    Stunting biker dies after losing control on interstate in south FL

    Bad publicity! And obviously a tragedy for the friends and family of the deceased. Cops say they are seeing more motorcyclists behave brazenly on South Florida highways than in the past. And they’re seeing an uptick in deaths. A rider popping wheelies on I-95 late Tuesday added to the...
  13. SpecOps13

    Shift In Liberal Gun Control Efforts

    Progressive efforts to take firearms from the hands of law-abiding citizens may be rounding a corner in the arms race of government overreach. A new report from ProPublica and The New York Times suggests gun control advocates may be turning their attention away from the failed narrative against...
  14. O

    vboost control

    anyone try a micro machine vboost control unit. Is it better than stock. new OEM control unit is salty
  15. frank5079

    Cruise control I bought one of these and can't wait to install it!!!
  16. X

    A Means To The End, Gun Control, DONE

    Buy All The Guns You Want,,,,,, BUT..... "We have looted the future to bribe the present, and at the bottom of the cliff the future is waiting for what we owe it." Mark Steyn Hillsdale College lecture 2013 Verified this, it is the truth. Obama is tearing our constitution apart, why isn't...
  17. Hellboy

    headlight control unit question

    Hi Everybody, I can't believe that I purchased my latest Max 6 months ago and only just realized that it has a "pass" switch/button next to the high beam switch. sure none of my others have had this but can't find anything out about it??? It seems like a European thing maybe. It simply flashes...
  18. SpecOps13

    Gun Control For Dummies
  19. outlaws justice

    Total Control Kentucky/Tennessee March/April

    The Folks over at Balanced Dynamics Motorcycle Training in Georgetown are bringing the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics Back for 2014 with the first classes being scheduled for the End of March! We have picked out dates for the Level I and Level II in Georgetown Kentucky and also for...
  20. D

    Idle speed control screw

    Hello all, So, new to my Vmax and with the cold she is running a bit rough. Any idea where the idle speed control screw(s) is so I can adjust it? Thanks, Nick