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  1. Fire-medic

    time to get dirty

    An appointment in the ultrasonic tank tomorrow, awaits. Which carb bowls are on the kickstand side?
  2. G

    Debt, and How Dirty It Is.

    I figure I haven't been very active on these forums recently.. but I goofed up awhile ago. For starters, I'm 21 .. so not very old. When I turned 18, I was the person who applied for a credit card, and started using it wildly. Paid off the balances here and there but always had a high...
  3. tothemax93

    Dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

    Mike Rowe, from the show "dirty Jobs" has been out in the media, talking about The United States, and jobs. He's not at all political, just talking about what he sees. It's a good listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls1YhhMHdNY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC0JPs-rcF0 This...
  4. M

    Dirty carbs or needing a jet kit?

    Pulled the carbs on an 01 Vmax project ive been working on (previous owner let it sit for 5-6 years), cleaned em out and replaced parts with fresh carb kits. Everything is back together and running, she pulls great right up until about 4k. It doesnt die, but the power band drops off...
  5. C

    Take that you dirty thief.....

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/12/15/surveillance-footage-shows-why-its-a-bad-idea-to-attempt-armed-robbery-on-a-cage-fighter/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GjJoEfBTCg#t=146
  6. srk468

    Damn dirty unions...

    It's obviously all their fault.... http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/11/16/1203151/why-unions-dont-shoulder-the-blame-for-hostesss-downfall/?mobile=wt Sent from my HTC Rezound using Tapatalk 2
  7. Fire-medic

    Dirty Harry rides a 'Max

  8. Thevmaxrider

    Dirty unreliable p.o.s.!!

    How many of you have been bitten by the "You FINALLY fix one problem only to have another one pop up!" bug? I FINALLY got my oil leak problem fixed on Toxic:eusa_dance:, but now I have a charging issue:bang head: Rode into work today and Toxic DIED right at the Security gate and of course the...
  9. 5thhorseman

    Dirty Rotten Thieving Adam Henry's!!!

    I was at The Iron Pony here in Columbus today getting a new pair of gloves. When I got outside, my spider sense went off. I saw a guy slowly putting on his jacket. Then slowly putting on gloves. He was standing at the bike next to mine. I didn't pay any attention to him after that because I...
  10. vmaxride06

    Your computer screen is dirty

  11. vmax-jeff

    Why is my oil still dirty after changing?

    Hi everybody, I have a stock '97 max with 49,000 kms on it. I've changed the oil three times since I bought it (had 36k on it) and each time after changing the oil and the filter within minutes of starting up the oil is dirty again. Can someone shed some light on this for me? Why does this...
  12. carbonvmax

    Dirty hydraulic fluid

    My clutch wasn't disengaging so I went to add fluid. It was rusty or muddy looking. Would a drain and fluid replacement be appropriate? Is dot 3 brake fluid what I want to use or is there something better? Is a chiltons manual decent? Anybody have a link to a better manual? thanks!
  13. Calimus

    Quick & dirty carb balance

    Ok, so my max has been running richer then hell since I got it and I finally got the old man (my father) to come over with his merc guages. Turns out there wasn't much merc left (they have been sitting in his shed for 12 years) so we did what we could with what we had. Holy shit what a...