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  1. Bill Seward

    A better look at the Roadie gear failure

    I took the bad parts off the transmission shaft to get a better picture. Only 2 of the 3 dogs are pictured, but rest assured, the other one is NOT still in the motor. All busted off parts were accounted for. Thinking about it, and talking to a few folks led me to the conclusion that the...
  2. redneksoldier

    K&N oil filter failure

    Just rebuilt the engine on my 94 a couple of weeks ago and opted to install a K&N oil filter cartridge. This morning was finally time for the break-in oil change. When I removed the filter cover, one of the metal ends was separated from the filter media. The glue seems to have split in 2 places...
  3. tinman22

    Tic box failure?

    I'm assuming if someone let the smoke out of a tci box it's time for an aftermarket ignition. Question is wich one? The turbo Gpz uses all dyna parts but is there something better for the vmax? Ignitech is one I keep hearing about. Any thoughts
  4. H

    Head gasket failure?

    Finally got the bike running (85) just to find antifreeze coming out the overflow after warming up. Does this sound like head gasket failure, as my mechanic says?
  5. D

    98 engine failure

    I just got a 98 vmax in a trade Sunday with a unknown engine noise. I was told the bike lost some power when the owner heard the noise and immediately cut it off and trailered it home. When I got it running, all I could hear was a very faint noise coming from the valve train. I took it down the...
  6. D

    Rear brake failure

    Yesterday riding down a canyon road I felt the rear brake fade, then gone. Peddle would just bottom out, like no hydraulic pressure, and no rear brake at all. After coming out of that canyon, about 15 miles of fairly straight riding, 65 MPH, no use of the brakes. Down into the next...
  7. Fire-medic

    Ballistic battery failure

    I had a couple of problems crop-up suddenly on my bike, the headlight began working erratically, the horn wouldn't shout (I have a WOLO 'Bad Boy' airhorn) & that tells me, 'a bad ground or a bad +':ummm: This is what I found on my Ballistic battery. Trying for a warranty thru the shop where I...
  8. 8

    Low voltage causing V-boost failure?

    Since I got my bike back from the shop where it spent a month or so being overhauled, the V-boost kick at 6k rpm is gone. Everything is hooked proprely and seams to be working OK appart from one thing. Checking the voltage at the battery, I get a good reading. I start the engine and the...
  9. Miles Long

    Question for the car mechanics -ABS failure

    Brothers and sisters The ABS braking feature recently failed on my '03 Protege 5. I don't miss it at all - in fact, I've disliked it since the day I bought the car. I know how to drive without locking up the brakes - I don't need this feature! My question- will the disabled ABS affect the...
  10. Fire-medic

    catastrophic part failure

    I was at my local high performance shop (Under Pressure, Dania Beach FL) this evening & saw this pulled-out by a bike owner who told me the story of his rider who was drag-racing the owner's turbo Hyabusa. The countershaft sheared-off between the sprocket and the case, causing serious damage to...
  11. 3

    Clutch support bearing failure

    Hey guys. New here and looking for some info from a 1989. The bearing right behind clutch(in the cases) broke its cage and dumped out 5 of the ball bearings. I have not seen this at all on this site. Found a pic where it looks like this bearing is "keyed" into the cases. That means splitting...
  12. HDKILA

    Epic Failure...

    For those who have been following my situation I installed the new carb boots today to no avail. I feel like I have done everything possible to fix this high rpm miss. Here is a short list of the things I already have done to resolve the situation. 1. Drained tank and had it cleaned and...
  13. naughtyG

    rear brake temporary (!?) failure

    well it's happened a couple of times now, so I'm wondering if this is a common failure: after 20-25 miles of highway riding, I hit my rear brake and nothing happened. Pedal went all the way down as if there was no fluid left. When I got home I checked it, and it was working again ?!? So I...
  14. Rusty McNeil

    Sparkplug failure

    Nothing to do with the Vmax... My Yamaha Pro-hauler which is less than a year old and has maybe 20 hours on it suddenly quit running when I was out taking my dog for a ride around the nieghborhood today...... The Pro-hauler is basically a glorified Yamaha golfcart /utility vehicle with a...