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  1. Greg Lanz

    Oil Leak - oil filter bottoming out?

    I have had my 2003 Vmax since 2009 with nary an issue. Last fall I was in the midst of moving and drove the motorbike to the new house/garage. I think I went over a speed bump a bit fast and it felt like it bottomed out. A few days later I checked on the bike and for the first time ever...
  2. C

    K&n filter

    I received a K&N filter YA-1709 with an exhaust system I purchased. Can someone point me in the right direction for installation instructions for this? I have a 2012 Vmax
  3. R

    best air filter system

    I have a 1985 Yamaha Vmax 1200 and wonder what others use for their air filter system. Is stock the best? Thank you
  4. Fire-medic

    replacement gas filter

    This one fits into the OEM space, w/a bit of diameter to spare. If you want to have it snug, use a bit of foam or cardboard to shim it. I was speaking w/my mechanic, and he said that even w/his shop discount, a OEM Yamaha filter for a VMax was $23. I figured I could find something comparable...
  5. redneksoldier

    K&N oil filter failure

    Just rebuilt the engine on my 94 a couple of weeks ago and opted to install a K&N oil filter cartridge. This morning was finally time for the break-in oil change. When I removed the filter cover, one of the metal ends was separated from the filter media. The glue seems to have split in 2 places...
  6. P

    K&N Drop in filter

    Used but in good condition. $45 delivered mainland USA
  7. Z

    Vmax oil filter cap/ case fabrication problem

    Hey guys! A year or so ago I decided to get my first road bike. 1993 Vmax. The seller told me to check this site out if I ever needed anything. I'm new here, I may be looking in the wrong place. Nevertheless, I was wondering if any of you guys have the same problem I have. An object clipped the...
  8. P

    FS - Stock seat, tool kit, K&N filter, leather pouch

    Cleaning out the garage! Stock seat, looks great - $100 plus ship K&N filter for factory air box, brand new - $50 plus ship Factory tool kit - $20 plus ship Yamaha factory option leather tank pouch, $75 plus ship
  9. Bill Seward

    Spin on filter adapter and crossbar.

    Anyone got these parts kicking around? I'd be happy to send you the original frame crossbar if you need it to replace the modified one. PM me with price, shipping, etc. Thanks.
  10. Foxviewnet

    06 Vmax Delkevic exhaust, K&N Airbox and Filter, Stage 7 jets???

    First Dyno on this bike. I was curious as to why the HP was actually a bit less with the Tboost set at 3000 rpm than it was with it set at 6000 rpm across the board? Someone has the logical answer but fill me in if you could enlighten me. Also I was told that the main jets may be a little large...
  11. radley

    Need new air filter

    Hi guys, I have a running post started called clutch bleed or something like that... I have been updating it as I have been working on the bike, but people are ignoring me. It's ok. so here's ONE question I have.. -cleaned air filter, should be replaced. I'll look for one right now, hold...
  12. Kenreesesr

    Oil And Filter change

    Sadly, I only put 80 miles on my Vmax last summer. Hopefully that will change. The season is upon us. Do I change the oil and filter?
  13. tinman22

    Oil filter

    So I've got a spin on oil filter adapter plate that came with some other stuff. So I went down too my local $1000 dollar a month Napa to buy a spinnee on filter for my bike thinking how wonderful this would be for my aforementioned bikes innerds. Anyway after being handed The box I opened it and...

    Cartridge style oil filter change

    A while back I saw a video Sean made about how the cartridge style filter set up should be. I cannot find it and it's time for me to do my first gen 1 oil change. Would someone please direct me to that link. Thank You
  15. Zeus36

    Y cover on airbox

    Per Sean, I dug out the Y section for the airbox and put in 1/4" spacers. Guess what? It runs BETTER! Before I converted to COPs, the bike would want to die at idle when it got hot, so I bumped the idle to 1250. (figured it was the carbs not being synced - hadn't gotten the sync tool...
  16. M

    Crash Bars and K&N Filter for stock airbox

    filter $20 plus shipping Crash Bars, decent chrome with a scuff or two. $60 plus shipping I live in Stafford Virginia
  17. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 K & N Filter

    VMAX GEN1 K & N Filter $45 SHIPPED CONUS
  18. ImCannibal

    pod filter parts list?

    Anybody have a parts list for what I'll need to ditch my air box and go to pods?
  19. E

    KN Air Filter Upgrade

    Got a good deal on a air filter today. Has anyone replaced their filter can give me some info on how to do it. I had the seat off, took off the front and back screws from one scoop and the screws at the back of the dummy tank. Felt like something was still holding the tank at the front? I...
  20. G

    For Sale: Kerker 2.5" Comp baffle, K&N air filter and Mikuni 147.5 main jet (4)

    Hello, I bought a kerker 2.5' competition baffle, part #100-6400 2 weeks ago. Really perks up the performance but next door neighboor is now babysitting her grandchild ( a few months old) so the pipe has to go. $140 incl shipping in US. I have a K&N airfilter, single that replaces stock...