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  1. Lotsokids

    Ignition Fuse (Just a Comment)

    I did a complete COPs conversion on my bike. I used a wire harness and COPs from a 2003 R6 and wired it all in myself. Worked all day on that and replacing a rear valve cover gasket. The gasket sprung a leak, so had to remove it again and re-seal and re-install it (that sucked). Other minor...
  2. V

    Fuse for the headlight (15amp) blows

    Hi Please help me, I just bought this bike last week (1996 V-Max) and apparently the fuse for the headlight blows all the time. Initially there was a 10 amp fuse in the box, but I found out it should be 15 amp, anyways it still blows. The Bike has modified signal lights and headlights. I...
  3. A

    Ignition fuse blows with dyna 3000

    Anyone knows what I can do to stop this. Bigger fuse or any upgrades. I have the COPs kit and the dyna 3000 cdi..
  4. J

    melted headlight fuse

    Anyone know the fix here....headlight fuse doesn't blow...it just melts the fuse casing...
  5. effingidiot

    fuse blowing.

    The 10amp ignition fuse keeps blowing,i checked all my fuses and the 10amp ign fuse was blown.I put a new one in and turned on the ignition,there was some ticking from under the guages then the fuse blew again.Electrics aint my good point,what can it be.
  6. rex4x4

    fuse is good but no headlight or dash lights

    checked my fuse and its fine . my headlight (high n low) doesnt work and neither do my dash lights . turn signals still work . anybody have an idea ? thanks
  7. maximus speedicus

    Radiator fan motor short circuit

    Recently my max had been blowing fuses on the radiator fan circuit. I installed my own cheap hardware toggle switch to bypass the thermostat so I could kick on the fan whenever I felt like it. That was my first suspect. After going through the circuit, everything seemed to have solid...
  8. Bill Seward

    That damn fuse holder!!

    A few of the folks who attended Thunder may remember the minor problem I was having with my '85. Ian rode it in from Buffalo on Friday, and it ran perfectly. Saturday, he went to start it and it was dead. Seems the fuse holder that I recently installed to replace the original (corroded and...
  9. L

    Dead on the water - PLS HELP!

    Hello everyone! Quasi new member (have been a member since 09, but never posted a question), used to have an '04 VMAX that gave me quite a bit of satisfaction, and almost no grief. I moved to Miami a few weeks ago, and bought my everyday vehicle; a 2006 VMAX. After riding it with no problems...
  10. frank5079

    Fuse for the running lights

    Sorry for my newbie-ness, but where is the fuse for the running lights???:ummm: TIA Frank
  11. R

    Mian fuse wire

    My 30 amp main fuse wire gets pretty hot and I was wondering if I may have a bad connection.
  12. C

    No power whatsoever

    Hello all. First time posting on Vmaxforum. I recently removed the stock handlebars and installed a set of drag bars on my 2000 VMax. I fired it up with no trouble moments before slapping the new bars on, but after they were installed I had no power at all. I thought maybe I left the...
  13. J

    No power after charging. Maybe fuse?

    So I had not taken my max out in a few weeks so I threw on my battery tender over night because I was going to ride the next day. I tried to start it up and nothing. No lights, no fuel pump, no starter, nothing. I checked the main fuse right under the seat and it was still good. I changed it...
  14. M

    Main Fuse issue

    Okay having issues with my 89max. I had an issue a few weeks ago while riding. I stopped at a light after doing 150 miles got 3 blocks away from home when bike just died on me. Checked main fuse and it was burnt out. I replaced it with the spare fuse, as soon as I put it in the bike it blew...
  15. K

    Horn blows turn signal fuse...

    Can anyone tell me why (more often than not) when I am cruising and have my turn signal on and hit the horn that my 10A fuse blows? I have led turn signals on the front and the cbr conversion on the back. Both have resistors wired inline. Also, when that blows, my tach and temp guage go...
  16. Hypocycloid3

    Fuse Blows when breaking

    Was just hoping somebody has encountered this exact thing before so I can stop unraveling parts of my wiring harness looking for a short. Whenever I use the break circuit, weather it's the hand break or the foot break... my headlight dims, no break lights, and if lever/pedal is held down...
  17. Diablotin

    auxiliary fuse box

    Anybody has experience with power distribution block or extra fuse box ? http://easternbeaver.com/Main/Products/Fuseboxes/PC-8/pc-8.html http://www.fuzeblocks.com/ Currently I have horns, dual headlight, battery tender and GPS plugged to the battery and I want to do some clean up. A bit...
  18. J

    Main fuse keeps blowing

    I have an 89 Max that keeps blowing the main fuse. Started the other day while riding, I'd put the spare in and it would run for a minute, then POP. Now I can't even get the fuse fully seated before it blows. I've already bypassed the keyed ignition switch hoping it was there, no luck. I'm down...
  19. Bill Kratzenberg

    signal fuse

    Took a ride today and all of the sudden i lost my guages, then it felt like i was running out of gas so i switched to reserve. well i know i have a half tank of gas left but it ran fine on reserve. so i found that i blew the signal fuse, changed it and 1 mile later it blew again. So i...
  20. T

    Blown Master Fuse

    My Vmax lost all electrical power while driving, I pulled the master fuse and it was blown, as soon as I put in a new 30 it blew even without the key on I believe! Any ideas... regulator, stator.... some other item? I know it could be a bad wire but it has only lost the battery a couple...