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  1. donnelly317

    94 FZR brake master??

    Anyone know the size of a 94 FZR1000 EXUP brake master? Reason I ask is because I'm running 94 FZR 6 POTS with a Nissin master. Now it takes a lot of travel to get the good brake pressure I feel it could be better. I thought maybe my clutch and brake nissin masters were ZX7R's so I ordered...
  2. donnelly317

    94 fzr 1000 caliper seal

    Hey Sean I was wondering if you had two dist seals for 94 fzr 1000 6 pots.. Yamaha dealer says they come in sets 30 for big pistons 60 for small pistons.. I just need one of each.. when I was pushing in the pistons to put new pads on two of them came partially out.. I didn't know if you had...
  3. donnelly317

    94 FZR 6 pot?

    Looking at buying a set of FZR 1000 calipers.. from what I recall reading they are a direct replacement to stock?? Just wanna make sure that is true.. I found a set for 90$ shipped which I think is a good deal right? I meen it could save my life with that 135hp at my wheel.. I can just change...
  4. BorgBiker

    Not Your Average Chopper!

    This is odd, twisted, sick, and cool. Kudo's to the designer for doing something different! Custom Yamaha Chopper
  5. RoMax

    R1 Tubes in FZR Triples

    I've seen on a thread here where '91-'92 FZR 1000 triples are a simple swap for the stock Gen 1, and guys have used R1 forks, I was wondering if the R1 tubes would work/fit with the FZR triples?
  6. A

    FZR 1000 USD forks

    IfI am having an affordable fork set with the tripple tree, how can I adapt it for a 93-up Vmax ? Is it practical? All feedback appreciated. Thank you Adam
  7. 85 MAX-fan

    FZR experience

    I have been looking at getting a sportbike in addition to the V-MAX. While I really can't justify a new bike at this time, it is the right time to buy used. I am looking at a low mileage 1995 FZR1000. Adult owned and surprizingly clean. Anybody ever have one of these? Anybody run theirs at the...
  8. shawn kloker

    93 fzr 600

    Bought a 1993 FZR 600 last night for a rat bike.Found it with 10k miles,a complete Airtech FZR-R1 conversion fiberglass body kit on it,Yosh exhaust and It needs carb work.Only runs with the choke on.Good Ohio title for $650. I already have another 93 fzr 600 that I bought for the forks,wheels...
  9. D

    1989 Fzr 600 For Sale

    BACK UP FOR SALE: I am selling my 1989 FZR600 (no longer needed since I bought my VMAX) the following parts are BRAND NEW (not used) 1) front sprocket ,retainer nut and lock washer) 2)"o" ring chain 3)all 4 carb. joint boots....not used but BRAND NEW! 4) rear seat w/ strap 5)front and rear...