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    Is there a version of user guide that is printable

    I know there have been links for the different manuals, user guide,service manual and Parts Catalog. Is there a version of the user guide that is printable ?
  2. huskyman510

    dummy guide to indicators?

    I am after just a how to guide on fixing my indicators or step by step on things I should check first Ever since I have owned my bike the indicators do some weird things. I have after market indicators with normal globes, right side generally flashes about 50 times a second and the left...


    i CHECK THIS OUT , ITS VERY HELPFUL WHEN PICKING THE CORRECT TYPE OF "O" RING FOR THE JOB ! :punk: http://www.marcorubber.com/materialguide.htm
  4. alorio1

    How to remove clutch push rod guide

    Can someone tell me how to remove clutch push rod guide. I am replacing the seal and thought I would replace the guide also. Thanks in advance for any info on this matter.
  5. Taavinen

    ? Valve guide stem seal issue?

    Hey all. I have started to an odd puff of oil smoke on start up So i am assuming that my valve guide stem seals might be leaking. - though it was a bit odd, two cylinders appeared to have oil fouled plugs, then i took it for a 20 mile ride and checked after and no wet oil look on any plugs -...
  6. T

    August 1985 CYCLE GUIDE

    25 years later. Magazine price $1.75 VMAX priceless
  7. EvilD

    2010 byers guide

    Got my Sport Rider mag yesterday with the 2010 buyers guide in it. Got me thinking, if you had up to $15000 to spend on a bike what would you buy, has to be a new 2010 going off the MSRP. I'd probably go ZX14, Triumph Speed triple or Z1000, maybe the new Interceptor or FZ1

    I can't find the how to guide for syncing

    I know I saw a how to guide for syncing carbs but I can't find it no matter what I search, has it been removed? It was a sticky so I'm sure it is still around but I can't find it.. If anyone runs across it can you please post the link Thanks Ron
  9. T

    valve chain guide

    When you have the valve covers off for an adjustment there is notches in the front and rear cam chain tunnel on the head for guides. Is there supposed to be a guide in both front of the head and back of the head? Thanks Jim N
  10. M

    Dealer 09 Vmax Technical Orientation Guide

    I borrowed this service book from my dealer today. One interesting thing I found is that the exhaust camshafts have what is called a Centrifugal Decompression Device built into them. It sounds like this acts as a compression release until the engine reaches 650 RPMs. It states that the...
  11. rebar

    Complete carb rebuild guide for noob?

    My carbs are gummed up bad from sitting with fuel in them for years. Im a mechanic, but have never rebuilt a motorcycle carb. Can anyone recommend a article I can follow when rebuilding the Vmax carbs? Or is this something best left for a professional?
  12. P

    Replace fork slide bush or guide bush?

    I?m in the process of replacing leaking fork seals on my ?97. Everyone?s advice to use an impact wrench worked well. I?ve read what I can and it seems that most people are simply replacing the oil seals. But, the on-line service manual (under VMF Links) says the following on pg. 6-31: If you...
  13. Calimus

    Video guide to motorcycle waves