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  1. H

    where do you guys find those stock ex tips ?

    Hi everyone Henry from Colorado here. I just go a new to me 11' 1700 . I have seen pics of different stock exhaust tip extensions, but can't seem to find them anywhere on the net. can any of you seasoned vets send me a link or two to some options ? thanks in advance!!
  2. caseyjones955

    did you guys see this? After reading this I suddenly support the wall, but I have some new ideas about where it needs to be built and who we really need to be protected from :rofl_200:
  3. RaWarrior

    Any Max guys own a Rocket3

    So it's been probably 5-6 years now since I owned my Max, since then I've been on a 03 Z1000, then a 15 Z1000, and now a Scout. The Z's were a lot of fun, but I was just out of control on them. Too fast, too tempting. Put myself back on a sporty-ish cruiser to try and slow down, and my focus...
  4. rick67ca

    Have you guys seen this one? Not mine. Worth a look!
  5. caseyjones955

    PC Upgrade GTX 1080 with old processor? PC guys?

    I have a self assembled system with 16gb ram, an AMD Phenom II X6 (6 core @ 3.2hz not overclocked, yet) on an MSI NF980-G65 mb, currently running a GTX770. The system masters everything at 1080p with graphics maxed. Playing stuff like Dying Light, Mad Max, Borderlands/2, Doom, Fallout4, Far Cry...
  6. Hypocycloid3

    I am betting some of you guys know the answer to this...

    Happy Holidays VMax-Bros. My '94 has developed a wicked head shake but only at 75mph. At 65 it's smooth, at 70 it's hardly noticeable but as soon as I get above 72 or so it becomes very noticeable. Smooths out again some after 85 and as much as I appreciate my Vmax's sweetspot...
  7. frank5079

    Bicyclist passes guys on their bikes.... :Shocked:

    To show you guys how There is double crap going on these forums

    for example, if you go to this thread at the other forum and read the first question and see the answers. Remember when I asked the same question, I was...
  9. caseyjones955

    Venture guys, 83 with 1300cc I'm considering this, I have already decided to wait for a 1300 for the bigger luggage and 1300cc. I can live with smaller luggage but wondering what other must haves this bike is missing that was added later, besides the obvious improved...
  10. frank5079

    What do you guys think?

    This guy on a bike was cut off by a woman while he was on the left lane; but it looks to me like he was hogging the left lane, not bothering to speed up until the woman ran out of road, on the right lane, so she did end up cutting him off. Personally, I think he was in the wrong...
  11. V-Four

    How do YOU guys arrange your tools?

    Yeah, it sounds kinda basic, but I'm finally moving into my new house and have to re-arrange my tools. (Get em outa the boxes and finally organize them.) Ideas (and photos) are appreciated, but my main question I'm asking myself, do I keep all wrenches together ,and separate drawers for...
  12. Zeus36

    Brazilian Motorcycle Cops Helmet cams catching the bad guys!

    I usually watch videos of bikes getting away from the cops. This is from the police POV: Part 1. Part 2. Video quality is not great, but I found these enjoyable to watch.
  13. TB99Max

    Had to share this with you guys!

    Crazy looking!
  14. G

    Found a vmax what do you guys think

    Currently I have a few bikes and I finally got an itch for a vmax. I have an 85 v65 magna, 2000 rc51, and an 06 r6 track bike. [URL]] This is what I'm looking at, it looks super...
  15. SpecOps13

    Some of you Financial Guys, Comment Please

    This popped up in the news today:
  16. D

    Guys with Exactrep airbox cover aux tank

    Can anyone confirm that your fuel filler cap looks like this? Or could you post a bunch of pics? I have the tank, but no cap. Thanks, guys.
  17. NHVmaxpower

    Been a while guys

    Hello to all my old vmax friends. It's been a long time took a break from the pc, Facebook n just doing my thing. The only one I talk to daily is steveo aka sdt354 I miss talking to many of you Kyle, Sean, Bob, Bill.. Anyways just saying hello.. I see there are MANY newbies where are all the...
  18. C

    Yo Gen 2 guys come join our facebook page

    We have put up a facebook page for generation 2 owners or want to be owners :) bring your pics of your ride and your mods etc. There is a huge following for the gen 1 ...lets make the gen 2 just as iconic.
  19. Falaholic

    Can you guys give me your opinon/value on these bikes:

    Found these bikes on CL, and wanted to see what your takes on them, especially value/price.
  20. D

    Hey guys, big shout out to marsmax85

    He happened to have a beutiful car that he was planning to donate for tax reasons, but instead sold it to me for less that what he would have gotten off his taxes. I'm going to be honest, I was expecting this thing to barely sputter into the driveway when he pulled up, but it's actually a...