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  1. F

    Suspension setting after lowering kit

    Previous owner installed a 2” lowering kit on bike and it does look nice but I’ve heard the handling can be affected from it. Just wanted input on suspension settings to maximize handling. I’m 6’0 and 200 lbs if it makes a difference.
  2. speedcostsmoney

    Vmax Chain Drive Drivabilty Handling

    Hello would like to know how the Vmax handles with a chain drive conversion with stock front suspension and stock swing-arm length. does the front wheel stay on the ground or is it always up in the air on hard acceleration. if have a U.S.D. fork is the front wheel more glued to the ground or...
  3. Piercems3

    2005 vmax front end handling

    I am the proud new owner of a mint 2005 vmax with only 5,000 miles on it. I was hoping for some opinions regarding the front end handling on this motorcycle. I have mostly ridden sport bikes, or sport standards. I currently have a Triumph Thruxton, Ducati 996S also in the stable, so I...
  4. P

    Cruiser handling

    Hey y'all, I recently picked up an 88 max for pretty cheap. This is my first cruiser, but pretty damn far from my first bike. My other ride is a 2012 Aprilia Tuono. Question is, how do I make this thing handle a bit better. I've seen people say that tires make the most difference, but after...
  5. C

    Best handling combo for 17 rear 18 front?

    Hey guys. Hope this hasn't been beat to death, but lots of searching yielded no answers to what I'm after. I just picked up my Vmax and it needs tires. It has a 17" rear wheel, and an 18" front wheel. It currently sports a 170/60zr17 rear tire and a 110/90mc18 front. I don't feel like this is...
  6. T

    Gen 1 vs Gen 2 handling

    I am considering a Gen 2 VMAX but have never ridden one. I understand the difference in engine performance is huge but what about suspension? How does the gen 2 handle compared to the gen 1? Is the weight of the bike as noticeable as you would think?
  7. A

    Low speed wallowing

    Hi. i have a 96 vmax with 7,000 miles, new Dunlop tires. The bike handles great except from time to time at speeds under 25mph the bike will wiggle from side to side like you just cant hold it in a straight line. anyone have any suggestions? otherwise its a great bike.
  8. Fire-medic

    great bike handling skills

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMQxuy-zpEA&feature=related some people should give up the sport!
  9. mgosset1

    2001 Vmax riding and handling...?

    Everyone is always complaining about the way these bike handle on the road...I just wanted to say that i disagree with everyone of you on that .... I'm riding smooth streets and not on the track with it...The ride is comfortable, the shifting is silky smooth, can stop it on a dime, unbelievable...
  10. M


    Hi,i'm still dithering about buying a Vmax.The main problem is I can't get to ride one. I keep reading comments about the not so good handling of the Max,& because I can't ride one I have no point of reference. I'm old always ride 2-up,& i'm definatley not Rossi,so R1 type handling's not a...
  11. K

    Quest for better handling suggestions.

    What I have done so far; 17" wheels front and rear. 120/60-17 Pilot Road 2 - front 180/55-17 Pilot Road 2 - rear Progressive springs up front with Ricor Intiminators. Tightened steering head nut. OK, now the speed wobble is gone, but still have a wobble at speed when I hit a bump/dip...
  12. gunrunner

    Front tyre handling

    Today took the day off work , weather outside wasnt the best but stuff it . Me and the missus decided to head to the coast for lunch (120kms return) , as it was cold and wet we rugged up and took off . A couple of times the front wheel started to slide and its not much funny especially with a...
  13. 2stangs69-91

    One more time for the slow people lol will a bigger rear tire effect handling?

    it is time for another set of new tires for my V Max. I have been running the stock size avon venoms and like them. With all the talk about shinko's I might give them a try. I was thinking about the one size bigger rear and stock size front. these new tires have to handle well. Most my riding...
  14. T

    pre93 vs later than handling

    for those whove ridden both, does the difference in fork size make any noticeable difference in how quick the steering is?
  15. S


    Hello Everyone, I just put the grand down for a 09 vmax. I am a vrod rider but LOVE the looks and power of the new vmax. My question is... how do you all think it will handle compared to my vrod? I know no one has ridden one but some have sat on it.... any impressions?
  16. H

    Progressive Suspension, Lowered forks 2" - first driving report

    Just got back from my first drive with my new suspension up front. I bought a lowering-kit from progressive suspension. I wont lie to you, I only bought it becouse I'm vain. I want me and my max to look good together. A standard front end looks like a 70:s chopper if you ask me. 2" lowering...
  17. vmax-jeff


    Who here wants to discuss the physics involved to make a bike like ours to turn under power? Jeff
  18. Remeber Me

    Does a 1/8" rear offset greatly affect handling?

    Considering going with a 18" rear (RC SportMax). This rim has a 1/8" offset for a 180 tire. Does this small amount of offset greatly affect the handling?
  19. firefly

    How to go about handling mods in a logical way.

    The vmax is a top heavy bike made for straight riding & high speed riding, but the bike is not good at either with the stock setup so we quickly realize that the bike needs to be modified to handle better in the real world riding ( all riding situations, street, freeways and canyons.) It is...