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  1. Lotsokids

    Oil Leaking From Cylinder Weep Holes - Help!

    I just changed my rear valve cover gasket and converted to COPs ignition. Worked on it all day. It started right up. Ran about 5 minutes, then shut down. Oil started draining from the weep holes in the #1 and #3 cylinders (rear cylinders - on the side between the fins on the cylinder). It's...
  2. R

    Holes behind rear footpegs

    I have hole that looks like a bushing a few inches behind my rear foot pegs .Does anyone know what these are used for?.:ummm:
  3. rebar

    Oil leaking from intake bolt holes? WTF

    I removed the intake manifolds from #3 and #4 cylinder heads. The right side.. Oil was leaking out of the bolt holes for #3:ummm: but not #4. Why would these bolt holes be connected to a oil gallery or return?:ummm:
  4. vmaximum

    cover them holes!

    does anyone know where i can get the chrome button plugs to cover the allen bolt heads? comming up at a loss. the part # is floating around but the stealership plugs it in and says its discontinued.
  5. S

    Suck Holes

  6. yankee in texas

    Update: Modified exhaust with 3/4" holes

    Update on a previous post. Cleaned up holes with unibit to nearly 13/16" installed Stage 1 / dyno tuned @ 115.10hp from 105hp. Runs strong - sounds great. A great low $$ mod !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAO4jFGI9VM Yankee
  7. K

    Oil in vboost manifold bolt holes.

    Is it normal for oil to come out of the vboost manifold bolt holes? I had the max on the center stand and replaced the rubber boots on the vboost. When I took the vboost manifolds off, oil oozed out of the outer bolt holes on the left front cylynder and the right rear cylinder. I saw what...
  8. yankee in texas

    Modified exhaust with 3/4 holes

    Folks, If this is old news forgive me I'm new to your forum. I got the basic idea from your achives but I decided to go with a 3/4 hole and replace the rivets with stainless steel screws. It has a unique sound and runs like a bear. Y.I.T.
  9. D

    Three tiny pin holes??

    If you push the butterfly valve open on the carb, there are three tiny pin holes in a triangle pattern on the wall of the carb right where the butterfly seats. What are these for? Do they lead anywhere or are they just three tiny chambers? If they lead to somewhere, what is the best way to...
  10. johnpclynch

    Blanked off oil holes?

    I'm looking at putting an oil cooler on my VMax and was thinking of getting an adapter plate off an old XS580 to go between the engine and oil filter. Then I saw these "holes" just above the filter and to either side! They're about 1.5" deep and go nowhere My question is.. Are they blanks...
  11. maleko89

    Two vboost blind holes - oil leaking

    When I replaced all the boots, I used Permatex Black on the two short bolts that cover oil passageways. One held but I'm having trouble on the 2nd bolt. I'm thinking my method is wrong. What's the proper way to apply the sealant? Thanks!