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  1. B

    Fuel Hose Wire Clamp

    Hey everybody, quick question. The fuel line that feeds the fuel rail on the carbs has a special wire clamp on it that's unlike any other clamp on the bike. Well, I must have lost part of the clamp when I took the hose off, and now I can't get it to tighten down properly. I'm thinking about...
  2. R

    Attaching breather hose

    Hi guys, I just put the airbox back in place after cleaning the carbs and can't figure out to save my life how to re-attach the crankcase breather hose to the underside of the airbox. Can't find a way to reach it. What tricks do you guys have up our sleeves? Thanks! PS: Apologies if this...
  3. rzwanink

    Engine breather hose

    Hi Guys, I just noticed that the engine breather hose witch should be connected to the airbox is missing... Would it do / cause any harm to ride the vmax without it?
  4. J

    White smoke from oil breather hose

    I'm getting some light white moisture type smoke from my crankcase breather hose, as I'm running flat slides do not have a stock air box. It happens when the engine has run about a couple of minutes from a cold start, and does it when warm, but there is no oil coming out of the hose, the engine...
  5. B

    Coolant leak after hose replacement 0n '98

    Like the title says I replaced the coolant hoses on my 98 vmax as they appeared to be original and were pretty sketchy. Bought some made in China silicone hoses as they were much cheaper than oem. Seemed to go well but I saw a drip at the large hose at the bottom of the radiator where it goes...
  6. D

    Coolant Res. drain hose leak.

    Aloha guys. Well, I just rebuilt the motor and it was running fine. On the first ride, saw the weep hole was leaking....so i rebuilt the water pump. Weep hole is good now. Filled her up with coolant and started her up. Got her hot and fan kicked on. I noticed some coolant on the ground right...
  7. speedcostsmoney

    brake hose pressure

    just wondering how much pressure is in the brake hose front / back when the master cylinder is activated, just bought a new brake hose for the rear caliper, the seller says the brake hose is good for 3000 psi . how much psi is needed to stop a GEN-1
  8. Specs95t

    rear brake hose length

    looking to learn the length of the standard brake hose - does anyone have a spare that they can measure?:ummm:
  9. dmax1

    Hose clamps spring steel type

    I had purchased some new hoses for the max. They fit well and seem of decent quality. The only problem is they do not include the spring tension clamps used on the connection from the heads. I have tried the stock clamps and they will not fit as the hoses are thicker and once you put the hose on...
  10. K

    Gas tank vent hose is blocked

    My bike was having difficulty starting. I read a post about vapor lock. When i undo the gas cap. I hear a sucking spund from pressure intank equalizing. I checked the hose and the plastic connector in the middle had melted and blocked air flow. So i removed the connector but.am worried gas may...
  11. B

    Crankcase Breather Hose

    Couldn't decide if this post should be under Carb or Engine heading so. I have a 1/2 inch hose that goes between the Air Box and a nipple in the center of the crankcase that I saw called a "crankcase breather hose". I need to replace it as it did not survive my last removal of it. The problem...
  12. adambweird

    Oil pressure gauge hose

    I need to shorten the hose on my oil pressure gauge to accomodate a new mounting location due to my belly pan. I have no experience messing with this type of line. Im guessing find someone that can make hydralic lines and get some heat shrink tube to wrap it?
  13. B

    Gas coming from hose under cowl

    This is the 3rd time this has happened. Took it to shop near me and they rebuilt all 4 carbs. Took it back when it happened the first time, but it quit leaking before I got it in and they did nothing. When it happened again They said it was bad fuel, showed me the dirty gas, told me to stop...
  14. T

    Trick for reinstalling hose onto rear of airbox?

    Do you guys have any tips for installing the hose that connects to the rear underside of the airbox? It's a pain to try to wife my fingers far up enough between the carbs to push up on the hose so it slides onto the airbox. Even pulling up on the hose, it oy stretches maybe 2" above the...
  15. O

    Dumb question re: fuel hose

    I'm probably going the Tourtank route for a bigger gas capacity and can't find the size of fuel hose to order for my 04? Tried searching the various forums, Google etc. Thanks. Jack.
  16. F

    Airbox hose routing

    I recently purchased my first Vmax, an 86 model, and it was missing quite a few components including the airbox. I purchased one through Sportmax and it came with the box, two sets of 2 hoses attached to metal plates, 4 large rubber boots, plus two plastic connectors that go between the 4 large...
  17. N

    Air filter hose no2

    Hi guys, parts for my vmax came from the paint shop few days ago and i've start to assemble it. Have a ton of photos and notes but seems i slipped one thing. On the bottom side of air filter box there are two hose connectors. One goes down between carburetors to oil breather but i do not know...
  18. 1

    Ok to cut radiator hose?

    Hi all Hope I put this in the right section... I've just been attempting to sort a very leaky coolant hose going to the front cylinder head on my Vmax. The end of the hose where it touches the engine block was the problem, I think from when oil was coming out from the rocker gaskets before I...
  19. 4

    Wet float level check, how long of hose?

    About to do it, wanted to know how long is enough? The sticky isn't specific so do I need 6 to 12 inches (that's what she said)? Any help is appreciated.
  20. ZackDaniels

    Missing hose?

    Missing hose? (Answered) Loud occasional clicking? The max has been a dream bike of mine for awhile. I found a 2006 with a meager 2000 miles on it and have been doing my best to double that before the season is out :) This bike is too nice of a machine to live as a garage ornament! Anyway...