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  1. g2501

    fuel indicator

    I've read a lot about the issues related to the installation of a fuel level indicator on the gen.1 vmax, and some days ago I've found this on the bay : their website seems to be in maintenance mode , but it's working and seems that they are selling a lot of this product. I know that this...
  2. effingidiot

    Chinees indicator lenses.

    I ordered some smoked indicator lenses from china,£5.50 pound sterling free postage.They came this morning,they only took five days to arrive.I must say they'r not bad at all,other manufacturers can't compete with this .
  3. G

    Indicator Bulbs

    Changing indicators lenses to smoked ones...rear bulbs are single element with normal pins but front ones are twin element with staggered this normal ? Canadian import 1998 model
  4. J

    Voltage indicator

    I think I know the answer to this, but I figured I would ask. I hooked up a voltage meter to the power lead on the tach, and the ground, it's reading a volt below what I got on the battery, but I an fine with that. When I started the bike. The reading didn't change. I think when I last did...
  5. S

    Indicator Fuses Location Please

    My Indicators on my 1700 vmax 2009 have stopped working and I think it's probably the fuse, but don't know where it is, does anybody know where the Fuses on the Flasher Unit are please?? Thanks:eusa_dance:
  6. B

    Vboost indicator ligbt

    I made this to show that the vboost was opening on acceleration. The arm on the vboost shaft hits the button on the switch completing the ground circut for the light. Switch came from eBay and the light from radio schack I drilled a hole in the bracket on the vboost to lineup with the arm on...
  7. Miles Long

    Carb sync - valve adjustment indicator?

    For you motor gurus - Damon just posted something interesting in another thread - "Erratic idle when hot" Quote - "When was the last time your valve clearance checked and/or adjusted? I have seen when a valve adjustment was needed the idle rpm & vacuum readings would be bouncing all over...
  8. D

    Bounce in housing for indicator lights

    Hello again, Third and final question. I knew before buying the bike that the housing for the indicator light, sorry don't know the parts name, just above the carbon fiber cover for the air box was replaced as it was newer than the surrounding parts and a fellow Vmax rider pointed this...
  9. D

    Low oil indicator light

    Hello all, Noticed that my "Oil Level" indicator lights comes on for second or two when I am really hitting it on the throttle. While I understand that nailing the throttle makes me and the bike pull a few g's, I thought I'd ask the combined experience of the forum if there is any other...
  10. R

    Fuel level gauge / indicator. How to install?

    Hi, My fuel reserve light doesn't work. (The bulb works, it turns on and then off when I start the bike). But many times I'm running empty without even knowing. So, I would love to get one of these installed on my vmax. A fuel level gauge/indicator...
  11. srk468

    Universal gear indicator switch install

    First things first, gotta thank Ost85vmax for sending me this switch setup... I really appreciate it bud!!:clapping: The first thing I did was to get the sensors figured out and I gotta also thank NHVmaxpower for his review and install because it saved me some time because he gave the tip about...
  12. K

    Race Tail indicator

    hello! I have a problem with my bike, 10 years ago my dad bought this Race Tail for his Vmax. Today I'm (the son) taking over the bike. In this Race tail the left indicator is busted. I'm in the search of a new one. The problem is: we don't know where to find it. The only thing we know is...
  13. NHVmaxpower

    Universal gear indicator light

    Has anyone ever used one of these? They are cheap & I'm sure there are others guys like myself are always looking for another gear when your already in 5th . Any opinions on this? Comes in red or blue...
  14. L

    Dummy indicator 'blank'

    For some reason the blank indicator lamp bugs me and I have tried to think of a real use for this thing. I have mentioned this before but now I have seen something new (to me) It is a voltage display LED. One LED that changes color and flash rates according to charging or battery health. Web...
  15. L

    'blank' indicator lamp useage

    Has anyone ever thought of using the 'blank' indicator lamp area on the dash? I have thought of (1) low battery or alternator output, I could go into detail on this. or (2) a lamp the increases in intensity as the V boost come in with max brightness at full V boost. (3) when cooling fan kicks on...
  16. Legion

    Help. Blowing fuses after indicator swap

    Hey guys, i need your help. Last week I switched out the stock indicators for the halogen 'Vmaxicators' and tail/brake light for an LED swap. The problem I'm having is I keep blowing 10A fuses in about 10-15 minutes after i turn over the bike. I dont think it has anything to do with the rear...
  17. B

    new owner - oil indicator

    I recently purchased an 05 Vmax, 1 owner very clean all stock low miles. I noticed in the owners manual a statement about the oil idiot light coming on during hard accel/decel. How normal is this and has anyone changed oil types or recommended fill levels to stop this. Can damage be caused...
  18. gunrunner

    Rear indicator lights

    Have just come back from a ride and i noticed that the rear indicators arent lit up as lights are on , not like the front ones but indicators work front and back is this normal or is it a wiring prob ?:ummm:
  19. firefly

    Tire pressure indicator caps

    When I saw these things @ an auto parts store I thought they would be a good idea to use on the max but was concerned about ( would they mess up the balancing?) so I decided to try a 40 psi and test it on the max. I was able to use it only on the front 17 Kosman, it cleared the brake caliper by...