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  1. Selva

    Cutting keys with missing red key

    Hi everyone, I'm new to his forum. I recently purchased a 2010 Vmax. When I purchased the bike the owner only had a black key with the round cap. I would like to make a copy of the key incase I loose the only one I have. I recently learn through the owners manual that it is impossible to copy a...
  2. M

    Key power around battery area

    Anyone know where the best place to tie into key power under seat or battery area on a gen 2.? Gps installation...
  3. M

    1998 V-max gas cap key not turning sometimes

    New to me V-max, just getting started. Key doesn't turn in the gas cap sometimes. First time it happened I hit it with silicone spray and thought I had fixed it. Then it happened again. Seems like something is catching at 12:00 near the top of the keyhole. Maybe the first tumbler catches...
  4. P

    Stupid Newbie Tricks pt 2 - broke my only key

    So today I go to clean out my garage and pull the max out. I unlock the steering...but leave the key in the lock. (doh!) As a result, when I pulled my key out, it was bent like a banana. I went to try to gently bend it back into shape and snap...broke it in half. NO, I don't have a spare (if...
  5. 912er

    Max starts when key is turned

    I dug back in the archives and found a post about this. The remedy was to replace the starter relay. I did that and all was well for a few long rides. Tonight I went to "Bike night" at a local tav and when I pulled in my oil light went on as soon as I stopped to back in. This is what happens...
  6. T

    Key replacement

    I have lost my only key for my 1997 vmax. I have heard there is a code possibly on the ignition switch that you can use to order a replacement key? If so can you tell me where it is located? Yes I know I should have had a spare made. Procrastination. Thank you Jim
  7. E

    Key Fob

    Hello all. This is probably a silly question but what do you guys do with this big ass key FOB we have to carry around. It does'nt have any where to put a key ring on it. Am I missing something? E
  8. F

    Who is missing the special key and case for their 2009?

    Long story short I had a 2009 Vmax and sold it to a dealer who sold it to someone else sometime in 2011 or 2012. Today, while cleaning out my desk I found the key. If this is your key I'll be happy to send it to you, but first we're going to have to figure out a way to be sure it's yours...
  9. Hoove

    Replacement Key

    I need a new key for my 97 V-Max. I went down to the dealer to order one but they could not find one or even a part number. My key has the cut numbers on it but it seems I have no way to order it. Does anyone know how to get a blank or new key? Its the older short key style. Thanks
  10. B

    how can i get a new key?!?

    so this happened, flying down the freeway late at night probably doing about 100 when the wind caught my new lanyard and ripped my keys out of the ignition! :damn angry::damn angry: flipped around and started looking for them but it was dark and late, eventually a cop showed up and put me in his...
  11. rebeltaz83

    Lost key!!!!

    Has anyone ever lost the key to their vmax?? i either lost it, or the hughes net guy took it by mistake. i had sitting on my stand next to the couch, and went to reach for it, and bam, it's gone, so sign of it anywheres. i think the hughes net guy might have packed it up with his tools, but i...
  12. ImCannibal

    Key on, no forward lights...

    I went to start my max, turned in the key, then turned my kill switch to on. All of the sudden my headlight, speedo light, and tach/temp lights go off with this *click* noise like a power surge relay being tripped... Any suggestions guys?
  13. jeremys73

    Key blanks - where to buy?

    I went to the Yamaha dealership to get some spare keys made before I loose my only key and the parts man spent quite awhile looking up stuff on the parts computer, then said he had to get on his personal computer for his cheat sheet of keys... And the end of all of that he said he can't get one...
  14. Fire-medic

    key replacement

    Not a bike post, but this might save you sometime. I had a poorly-functioning ignition lock cylinder on my Camry, or so I thought. The shop said, "let's try a new key from the dealer made from your VIN." It's not a 'chip' key. No RFID code in the key body. It cost $12. The new key worked...
  15. Fire-medic

    Lead the way to Key Biscayne

    Know where President RM Nixon spent his vacations in So. FL? Key Biscayne, by Bebe Reboso's home. Bebe was a Cuban banker. He owned the Bank of Key Biscayne. Since Nixon was his friend, he entertained the President a lot at his home. So-often that the federal govt installed a helipad for use by...
  16. lawman504

    Clicking sound under carbs when key is on

    Im sure this is a frequently asked question and if it is, im sorry i couldnt find it. I did search with no results. Anyway. I turned the key on today and heard a clicking sound. Clicked about 5 times, pqused for about 15 seconds and repeats. Even when the bike is running it does this. Ive only...
  17. R

    Super Cool Key chain

    It started as a mens bracelet. Wax cotton cord, with sterling silver beads. And a cool round coin, about 50% the size of a dime. I also used a mini skull. Also made of sterling silver. I believe both the bracelet and the skull are made by GOOD ART HOLLYWOOD. I found them both on...
  18. Fire-medic

    key code

    I found a label on the ignition bracket w/what looks like a key code, and I am in-need of a key. I was going to take the cyl to a local locksmith that will make a new key after disassembly for $60, does anyone have info on what Yamaha (if Yamaha) charges to duplicate a key from the code? This is...
  19. 4W4K3

    No power when turning on the key

    Greetings. So I've got another electrical problem... Went out for a 5 hour ride yesterday, about a mile from my destination I stopped at a carryout and turned off the bike. When I came back out ten minutes later, I go to turn the key on and there was no power. Puzzled, I took off the seat and...
  20. VmaxRider85

    Broke my orginal 85 key !!!!

    hey guys just got done with my bolt problem in my other topic i was lucky and got it out!! but my other problem went to go take the tank cover off and bc the key is so old i snapped it !! it was waiting to happen that was my favorite key it had the old school yamaha written on it and it...