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  1. R

    Need a Vmax tech in Kansas City, KS

    I'm new to the Vmax community. I bought a 1988 with 43000 miles back in April. It was running well but has recently started making a popping noise from under or around the air box area, especially when cold. I've sprayed carb cleaner around the carb inlet rubbers and air box to check for...
  2. J

    KS Int'l dragstrip - Wichita, KS

    Shala, myself and Darren Crays drove over to meet Sean Morley and his daughter at the dragstrip this past weekend for the 43rd annual Truett & Osborn all-motorcycle drags. A fun time was had by all - give or take that one woman who managed to crash her bike on the start line Sunday. I...
  3. maleko89

    Wichita, KS Dyno day

    Looks like it's a go here in Wichita at Mid America Powersports. Any Sunday in July or August should work. Don't pick July 4th weekend though. Let me know if interested in attending and throw some dates out there!
  4. badbrd

    Topeka Ks.

    Heading to Heartland Park in a month or so to do some test and tune. Anyone ride there?
  5. one2dmax

    True Street Shootout May 5 Wichita, Ks

    True Street Shootout May 5th 2012 @ Kansas International Dragway This is Heads Up Racing for Street Cars at it?s best Get registered in advanced for the best deal In person or at TrueStreetShootout.com New for 2012 is a Bike Class, IRS Classes and Front Wheel Drive Class This is only...
  6. maleko89

    July 22 - Lunch in Topeka, KS

    Hulign and I are heading to Topeka to get lunch at Bobo's. We'll visit Kent at the HD shop and then head home. Feel free to meet us! Mark 402-676-0749
  7. N

    day at the races Wichita Ks

    It's been a great weekend of racing!!! I had to haul a 6peed trany to Topeka this weekend so decided to hit the drags Sat afternoon then go to 81 speedway for the evening. Only could have been better if I was on the Max:eusa_dance: Here is a few pics of some launches at the drags. There was a...
  8. one2dmax

    "The Chill" Bike Show - Wichita Ks.

    "The Chill" Kansas largest indoor motorcycle show (maybe the largest period). Feb 27th and 28th. 38 classes (or more) $2000 in prize money awards for every class Major Vendors (Big Dog Cycle, Indian Cycles and others) Other vendors Lots of custom bikes with everything welcome Live...
  9. 8

    hello from wichita, ks

    hello everyone im new here. my name is robert and im from wichita kansas. im about to get my first vmax in a week or so from my grandpa(he decided he wants a new one). im getting a 1986 vmax silver. im super excited. I love the forum so far. :punk: Thanks Robert
  10. S

    New member in KS

    Hello Vmax forum! I'm not currently a vmax owner...but it is on my shortlist of things to get done. My current ride is a 1999 Honda Magna, and I'm ready for a little more....but want to stick with our beloved V4's. I've wanted a Max for years, and frankly, have let a few nice ones go without...
  11. Heretic

    Professional assassin(s) needed in/around Topeka KS

    I received the below email from a local PGR Captain. Four boy scouts recently lost their lives (ages 13-14) at a campground in Iowa during a tornado. The disgusting fuckers at http://www.godhatesfags.com/ have decided to PROTEST at the funerals for these young men. On their website they actually...
  12. N

    Cassoday Ks Ride April 6 2008

    Had a great time riding the Vmax to Cassoday this weekend. Put about 630 miles on her. I have attached some pics of early morning ay Cassoday. By the time I left the streets was packed with bikes everywhere. I was suprised the turnout with the wind as strong as it was. I saw 1 other vmax role...
  13. maleko89

    2006 Topeka, KS Dyno Day

    This VMOA event is scheduled for Sunday, July 23. The club is paying $400 to the Topeka Harley-Davidson for all day use of their dyno! Now, this isn't one of those ma/pop dynoes you see at Daytona or the county fair. This dyno cost the HD shop well over 40 g's. Last year, we did over 150...