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  1. The Chicken Man

    My New Bike is a Flamethrower!

    Alright so hi everyone! If you're bored and wanna read about my bike I gave you all the back story. If you just wanna skip to my question scroll to the bottom. Backstory of my bike: I bought my Vmax (1989) about a week ago from a private party as a none runner, how I buy all my bikes. Story...
  2. drdyno

    I'm almost there!!!!!!

    I'm an experienced drag racer and motorcycle collector, but I am absolutely new to V-motors. I'm looking for a carb tip from some forum pro which I will appreciate greatly... but first a little more background. I decided I just HAD to have this beautiful red 2005 like MINT with 4000 mi...
  3. J

    Major carb lean problem

    I have a 2003 vmax with 9,000 miles (original owner). Engine developed major off throttle miss and I am stumped. Engine will idle decently, but opening throttle results in major stumble. If I apply choke, acceleration is better, but not good. If I spray ether into carbs it revs right up. This...
  4. J

    Lean vs rich

    Well, the saga continues, so I decided to take my freshly carb synced bike to work this morning, it is a balmy 36 degrees here in PA, so I rode most of the way with the choke on at least a little. The bike did get to just above the cold line, but barely. I had to keep it choked or it would bog...
  5. J

    How do my plugs look? Too lean?

    Hello. If someone can help me please? These are what my plugs look like. I tryed to turn up a/f screw but turning it did nothing to idle. Not sure what to do. If someone could give me an idea would be great! Thanks!!!!
  6. tothemax93

    Lean carb question

    I had Danny do a carb scrubbing for me, So all my internal stuff is as it should be. I have a morleys carb kit with marks 4-1. I'm kinda starting over with my adjustments because each carb seemed to have a mind of its own. That why I had Danny go through them. So I put them on a week ago, and...
  7. mattmullins

    how lean of a main jet can u go

    Have morelys muscle kit air lid dale walkers 4-2 dyna 3000 setting #4 #150 main jet a/f 2 1/2 turns 1000 ft above sea level and still rich running around 12% a/f I have 145 and 147.5should I use 145 . Was at 152.5 mains changed then dyno with 150 didn't change much
  8. B

    Lean spot between 6-7000 rpms

    Alright my bike runs OK with the y intake in place, but pulls stronger up to 6000rpms without it, then it stumbles and eventualy pulls thru it till redline. I know the answer is to do a complete kit, and i plan on putting a morley kit in it over the winter (just dont feel like pulling of the...
  9. B

    Lean condition

    I may be making a big deal out of nothing but my right rear exhuast header on my marks exhaust is blue ( indicating lean ) Should I ignore it, all my plugs read a nice light grey, but only one header is blue, the bike runs good no stumbles. Were would you start to figure out what is making...
  10. D

    New pipes and carb rebuild, running lean on rear cylinders

    So this bike has been through a frame up rebuild. I redid trans but did not touch top end or timing. I went through the carbs and rebuilt them and also installed new diaphrams for all the slides. Just put new marks exhaust on tonight and fired it up and went to sync carbs and thats when...
  11. Cujo51

    Lean situation ??????

    I cleaned my carbs , synched them , installed new needle jets from a kit and it idles amazing but once I put it in gear and try to take off it bogs and stalls . A mechanic told me it was leaning out and suggested I put the old needle jets ( on diaphragms ) back in . I did that and resynched and...
  12. Rusty McNeil

    145's too lean for sea level?

    Do any of you carb gurus think I'm flirting with disaster keeping my Utah jetting while back home on the Texas Coast? I took it for a ride last night, about 30 miles, and it runs fantastic. Temp was about 55, dry and probably higher barometric pressure than normal since a cool front was...
  13. RagingMain

    Lean Stumble at idle when warmed up

    Hey Guys I was wondering if the big cams I put in would cause me to get lean stumble at idle when the bike is warmed up? :confused2: Here is what is going on. I have the A/F meter hooked up that verifies what is going on. When the bike is cold at idle I am seeing 12.8-13:1. I could probably...
  14. K

    Shimming stock needles changed lean spot rpm.

    :ummm: I would like to thank everyone for guiding me to this point, but I still need carb help. Have an 07 Max with 2K on the clock. Everything is stock except for the below listed mods. I noticed after I installed the exhaust and air filter that it seemed to be running lean around 4K or so...
  15. joelyons50023

    little fat at wot lean at cruise

    I need some help with tis guys i am running stg 7 with 165 mj and kerker 4-2-1 with modified baffle and running it on the dyno. at wot dips to 9 at around 4500 and then clears up to 11 at 6000 but when crusing she runs way lean. has the 190 air jet and needle is shimmed all of the way down...
  16. ShazMax

    Too Lean or too Rich

    I read Sean talking about running way to rich or way to lean. How can you tell if it is to rich or to lean. I am under the understanding that pulling the plug and look at it. I recently had a stage 1 kit along with HMF exhaust installed and being ignorant of this makes me nervous. I had the...
  17. turbostang

    Running Lean

    Ok here is the scoop. Been fighting a carb problem for a while now, would not rev past 4k and stumbling all over the place. So I took the carbs apart AGAIN, and did the following all float levels set to 1.075" dry wet level 17mm +-1mm with the 152.5 jets, 90mm pilot jet on the top of the...
  18. Rusty McNeil

    When I'm 100, If I Lean A Little, Let Me!

    The family wheeled Grandma out on the lawn, in her wheelchair, where the activities for her 100th birthday were taking place. Grandma couldn't speak very well, but she could write notes when she needed to communicate. After a short time out on the lawn, Grandma started leaning off to the...