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  1. T

    Aftermarket levers?

    I kept getting a pain in my left hand on long rides. Today I measured the distance from the grip to the back of the ball of the levers and the brake was 80mm space and the clutch 130mm space! So im guessing one is an aftermarket one (but which one?), or is this normal? Either way the clutch one...
  2. Lotsokids

    Hole in Clutch Cover From Rear Brake Lever - Repair Options?

    I recently bought V-Max #4 (in my lifetime). Last weekend I discovered some black sealant on the clutch cover just behind the rear brake lever. Apparently the bike had been down before on the right side punching a hole into the clutch cover with the brake lever. The cover itself is discontinued...
  3. S

    Chinese adjustable brake lever

    Ordered a clutch/brake lever but I use a different brake MC. $15 delivered to conus.
  4. T

    Carb choke lever c-clip

    Does anyone happen to have the part number for the little c-clip and washer that is used to secure the choke lever arm by chance? Thanks, Tom
  5. K

    Poorly fitted clutch lever

    I have only had my Max for about 4 months. I had noticed that sometimes the gear changes were a little 'clunky' especially at slower speed. I found that they were a little smoother when accelerating a little harder. Last week, whilst moving the bike on my drive, I slipped and dropped the bike...
  6. D

    Shift lever, left mirror and aftermarket clutch/front brake levers

    Need these parts ASAP, let me know if you have them!
  7. K

    clutch lever

    the clutch lever pulls back touching the grip, is this how it works ? or is it more like brake levers which never touch grip ?
  8. K

    shifter lever

    how do I adjust this ?
  9. Zeus36

    Simple Clutch/Brake Lever bearing Mod for $5

    Got this off VmaxChat: http://vmaxchat.yuku.com/topic/19703/Clutch-And-Front-Brake-Lever-Bearings#.VyK2NlbwHHZ There was a mod here on the forum (it came from another forum) that used a needle bearing to be pressed into a modified clutch lever and machine the pivot pin bolt...
  10. P

    WTB: Clutch lever Assembly

    Clutch master cylinder is leaking. Bike is sitting for winter and the leak has ruined the clear coat on the left scoop, pretty disappointing. I suppose I could try and replace just the master cylinder, but it appears that the bike has tipped over at some point in it's life and the clutch lever...
  11. ramingspeed

    97stock lever set -SOLD-

    very good condition $20.free shipping ships in US ONLY
  12. Specs95t

    Clutch lever question.

    I just swapped out the clutch disks and steels and I have clutch engagement from 3/4 release to full release. Is this normal? My history with the bike is that it has been like this since I bought it in August. Since then, I changed the fluid and bled it with a Mity-vac, changed out the clutch...
  13. rebeltaz83

    Stiff front brake lever

    Has anybody had a severely stiff front brake lever after replacing front pads?? Before I replaced them it had some pull before the brakes would start to grab. Now when I pull it they almost grab instantly, but they do release, they aren't dragging. There just seems to be no free play to say lol...
  14. J

    Strange- Clutch lever goes to bar with no resistance

    This is a strange one, and I think I have the answer, but wanted to ask here- Got my vmax last year, 85 with 1,950 miles on her. Slave cyl for the clutch was leaking, well, that's to be expected, had the shop rebuild the slave. This year, the master cyl was leaking, same deal, shop rebuilt...
  15. M

    Clutch lever has no hydraulic pressure

    Hi, everybody! My 86 has 70k on it. About 10k ago, I installed a new clutch for no particular reason other than I didn't know if it had ever been done. I haven't had a problem at all. The bike has sat since last September. A month ago, I started it up and let it get warm. I went to put it...
  16. W

    Manual lever Vboost control?

    Well, since my boost controler has crapped out, and I would rather not fork up the bucks to replace it, I tried jumpering the servo to leave the boost open and gave it a test run. Ran great above 5 grand as long as the throttle was cranked open. Ran terrible at lower rpms and low cruise speeds...
  17. W

    Shift Lever Ball Bearing Removal

    So I shamefully laid the bike down the other day. Only thing that got hurt was my pride, engine bars, and my shift lever. I don't have the tools to bend it back into place so I ordered another. Thought I'd start early and remove the bent one and found out it's never that easy. Lo and fucking...
  18. D

    new boots too big for shift lever angle

    Hi, I just bought a new pair of boots that the toe area is too tall to accomodate getting under the shift arm to upshift. Has anyone else had this problem? If so I would like to know how you solved the issue. Can the shift lever be moved upwards? And if so would i need to adjust the linkage...
  19. C

    Front brake lever doesnt activate the brake light.....

    Ok, I am not an electrician and searched all over and tried some of the things I found to no avail. I read in one post about checking the yellow wire in the rear. 11.9 volts with the rear brake lever ( which actually works the light fine ) 6.xx volts with the front brake lever...
  20. Conman

    Low Pressure in Clutch Lever

    So my bike has been sitting since Nov and when it was parked everything worked fine, but now the clutch lever has about 1/3 the resistance it usually has when I pull it in. I started the bike a week or so ago and when I pulled in the lever to shift to 1st it didn't quite stall but it took off...