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  1. Kronx

    Love these photos...

    I came across an interesting site that has some cool historic photos that I found interesting. Each one creating questions in my mind. Here's a few in case you might enjoy them too. 1. 1938 - Frank Sinatra mugshot. Arrested for "Carrying on with a married woman." 2. 1846 - The very first...
  2. TheMeanSupreme

    '90 Vmax. Runs good but needs love. $2000obo

    I have a '90 with about 42k on it. Stock except for a Corbin seat. I have the stock pipes (great condition) but right now it's wearing a pair of empty cans. Sounds great but it's LOUD! Comes with these parts (not on bike): pair of gold dot front caliper and front disks to go with them. Adapter...
  3. effingidiot

    love this song.

    Love this vidio.
  4. Barry barker

    The love hate is over, must be love now

    As some of you know the Verminator has had a troubled beginning. Every ride something has gone wrong. Most of the issues revolve around my big mistake of trying to use an old cleaned up fuel tank. (It was bright and shiny inside) I had put a few hundred miles on the bike before it's maiden...
  5. Redbone

    Ordered Some Love for my K1500

    I have been neglecting my trusty 1998 GMC Z71 for a couple years so I finally broke down and picked up some parts for her. She will still need a little more work after the front wheels get their love but since she's my second vehicle used mostly for haulin' trash, supplies for various projects...
  6. ColoNat

    I love people... fixed an issue!

    Well, one more mod done last night. Did the color led swap in the gauges to red. Love it! Also did the right side electrical control maintenance because my gauge lights would not come on in the speedo. While it was bad in there and needed to be done, speedo bulbs would still not light. Decided...
  7. F

    love it Cowboy to the rescue. No damn guns needed.:punk:

    Would love to find my next Vmax

    I'm in the search for a 2009 or 2010 Vmax, I live close to Fargo ND and would like to find a 2nd Gen Vmax . I will travel to get a good deal but I would like to keep my search area to North Dakota, Minnesota,South Dakota and Iowa. Ready to buy but won't buy just anything. I can wait until the...
  9. maxrom

    When burns prove the love

    Defenition of the best Lady; She did kiss me and love me again after that :rofl_200::rofl_200: This was 8 years ago
  10. a113ycat

    Damn i love texas!!!

    I met this lovely young lady at the liquor store today giving away free samples... :worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy:
  11. you2low

    More love for the max
  12. you2low

    just some cool Videos of why we love the max
  13. retrostude

    Gotta love China Freight

    Had to pick up the HF lift table at $299, and the non-PC crate markings came with it free. With a $90 wheel vise bought elsewhere it works well, wish I had bought one years ago.

    Love it or Hate it

    You have got to check out the custom 2nd Gen featured on
  15. Kronx

    Love this guy's creativity...

    Are they impractical? Absolutely. A little silly? Sure. But I still think they're cool as hell. I love this guy's energy and style in his designs. I would love to be a greenhorn in his shop and just watch the whole process: Decopods: Pissed off Pete...
  16. Kronx

    Love this scene...

    Man this shit is priceless. I can't tell you how many times I've watched this scene. "Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place, and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to...
  17. Kronx

    Yep. It's true love.

    Had an interesting time last weekend. My girlfriend signed up for a one on one motorcycle training and had her lesson Saturday. I tagged along and watched from a distance. Amazing that just a few months ago she was scared to death of motorcycles and here she was swinging her leg over one. The...
  18. cgswss

    got to love this!

    a new song...
  19. Blurr

    Aussie for ... Brotherly Love.

    Remember the Foster's ads?
  20. donnelly317

    Love these rims!!!! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2