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  1. J

    Fatmax mini shield

    Pick this one up from Jamie and the brackets from Fatmax...(thanx Sean for the intel)
  2. J

    ISO: Fatmax mini windshield brackets

    Anyone have a set of Fatmax mini windshield brackets to sell or have pics of them so i can fabricate a set? Thank you, Tony.
  3. M

    Mint Factory Mini Windshield

    $145 delivered. I need some Xmas cash! Text me for pics 908-295-2794
  4. henrysgmc

    Factory Mini Windshield

    In good condition. $140.00 shipped. PM if interested or text me at 845-283-6593
  5. hypermax

    Emgo mini blinkers F/S

    Pair of Emgo mini blinkers. Brushed aluminum with clear lenses/amber bulbs. Single filament bulbs-two wire. $12 shipped
  6. Falaholic

    Anyone make the Mini III (or similar) in Polycarbonate/Lexan?

    Looking for a replacement windshield and would like to go with polycarbonate. Wanted to ask the hive if there is a Mini III in polycarbonate, or another similar style windshield.
  7. eggohead

    Wiring for mini turn signals

    Since I keep forgetting to make sure I tag the wires, here is a diagram that that might help.. Or at least I will know where to look.
  8. Falaholic

    Can't find Köstritzer Schwarzbier in 5L Mini Kegs

    Seems that it is a NE thing. I've spent the good part of a week looking for 5L mini kegs of this stuff: If anyone has these available in their area, or knows of a place that has and ships, please let me know.
  9. Bill Seward

    Mini Thunder Reunion!

    Went out to see a band we are friends with, and who shows up?? Too bad it is November, there would have been a line of Vmaxes out front..
  10. dtoebaert-5311

    mini speedometer / odometer?

    Hi! I finally decided to move the giant tach to the center of the cowl, and want to get rid of the large speedometer. I`d simply kick it out but that would leave me without the odometer, which is a bit tricky on a vmax with its huge fuel tank :rofl_200:. So, does anyone know of a gen1 compatible...
  11. C

    mounting mini III

    Hello all. Can someone point me towards how to mount the mini III? Thought I could figure it out...I was wrong.
  12. mattmullins

    so i put on dyna mini coils- re-gap?

    Have the dyna 3000 so i added the dyna dc3-2 coils nice big blue spark, so i took one of the plug wires and put a spark plug in it so i could see the spark held it close to the frame and was jumping around 1/2" that's a pretty good jump . So i figured more gap on the plug stock is 35 thousands...
  13. RoMax

    Mini Windsheild?

    Where can i find a Smoked Mini Windsheild with a black frame?
  14. CaptainKyle

    Mini Racers

    These things are cool I think I need one.
  15. dtoebaert-5311

    mini speedometer

    would this fit into the instrument panel? I'd like to replace the stock speedometer with a giant tach but at least need the odometer part of the mini speedometer to avoid fueling problems.... Anyone done this mod?
  16. W

    Mini screen!!

    After 1 year of search and getting out bid 2x I finally scored a used factory mini screen on Ebay for $75.00. Installed it yesterday. Me likey a lot. Next up changing out the pilot jets to a larger size. We push on.
  17. T

    Tyga Mini Brake Fluid Reservoirs

    Hey all, we sell alot of these for Sportbikes as they are nearly identical to the smaller Brembo ones and they tidy up bike and add a little bling with the carbon cap...and finally, they are cheap! Not much use on the front master of the V-Max unless you are running something non stock but they...
  18. CustomMax

    Can't find mini amber dual filiment bulbs

    I have the mini turn signals on my max and one of the front ones burned out and when I finally had to order from a Harley dealer their 12/23/6cp instead od the 12/21/8w bulbs that were in there and now they blink way too fast and keep burning out. Does anyone know where I can find 12/21/8w bulbs...
  19. G

    Mini Speedometer

    I just added 6 inch risers and a drag bar to my bike. Now the Speedometer has no room in any place I like. Anyone have any insight regarding a mini speedometer that works with a Vmax? I have seen 1:1 and 2:1 and I have no idea what I am looking for now. Any help is appreciated.
  20. vmaxride06

    The Pacific Mini Seris

    Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg are at it again. Band of Brothers was EPIC:worthy: This looks like it is going to be great!!!