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  1. Fire-medic

    James Taylor's best movie, for me

    This makes me want to watch the whole thing again. I like the lying, scheming character Warren Oates plays, 90% lies and 10% maybe a kernel of truth. The Pink Floyd soundtrack in this series of clips is just the right choice.
  2. Kronx

    My favorite scene in the movie Lincoln

    I watched this again last night and this is my favorite scene in the movie. Lincoln telling the story of Ethan Allen and the portrait of George Washington.
  3. vmax2extreme

    Movie: Ghost Rider Bike For Sale
  4. Kronx

    WarCraft Movie

    So about this WarCraft movie that's out now. I played the WarCraft RTS games as well as the MMO World of WarCraft. In fact, the lovely lady that's been in my life for the last 6 years, we met in World of WarCraft. We were fans of the game even though it's been some time since we've played it...
  5. jedi-

    Mad Max (movie)

    Not Vmax but Mad Max the movie, can't wait,
  6. M

    The movie "America"

    Just came back from seeing this movie, by Dinesh D'Souza. It should be required viewing by every American, especially college students, in view of what they are being taught these days. It's not an action, sci-fi, or chick flick, so it may not be showing for long.
  7. K

    Movie Trailer - Why We Ride
  8. maxrom

    mad max movie

    this remember me the madmax cars`n`trucks
  9. Fire-medic

    bikers in movie theater & more video Evidently many people choose not to take the last two seats when the theater is filled w/bikers! Stupid people choose to do dangerous things Here is one...
  10. Fire-medic

    Buick movie to see

    Did he say, "a Buick movie? Why would I watch that?" Because it's about the Grand National/GNX, which is probably the most desirable Buick ever, surpassing the Stage 1 musclecars of the 1960's/early 1970's. I am not including one-offs like the "Y-job," considered the first factory...
  11. M

    2016 the movie

    I just saw it yesterday. I strongly recommend it to everyone: liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, or Independent. It is not a bashing, it is a documentary. I was a little surprised I didn't see references to Soros, Axelrod, or Valerie Jarrett.
  12. C

    V Max The Burnout movie!
  13. Machine1964

    New Ghost rider movie

    I just saw this and wanted to show everyone.
  14. F

    Ghost Rider: The movie

    So. I am a bit of a nerd. Not a huge one, but I am a huge fan of all the comics making it to the big screen. One movie I honestly wasn't a fan of was Ghost Rider. I just am not fan of Cage. Don't like his acting. All this aside, I saw a trailer for the sequel (I dident even know they where...
  15. GREEN light BLITZ

    Vmax Movie that wont dissapoint. Check it out fellas

    After the last attempts to video my bike were so crappy,you guys deserved a PROPER video so here it is. My buddy is a good editer so he helped me out with it. Someone let me know when Youtube pulls my audio off of it...that will likely happen soon,they emailed me about it matching 3rd party...
  16. K

    A movie (bump) for your viewing pleasure ....

    While many of us wait for the weather to improve before we break out our V-Maxs for another riding season, there is a GREAT movie that you may or may not have seen that?s worth a view or repeat view IMHO. It?s titled ?The World?s Fastest Indian? and it stars Anthony Hopkins. Made in 2005, this 2...
  17. Jayhawk

    Boys, this is how to shoot a VMax movie...

    Dang, I suspect this guy is a pro, perhaps even an employee of the GoPro folks.
  18. jedi-

    88 project (the movie)

    Slapped this together :th_favorites24:
  19. ghostntheshell

    Awesome 20 min VMAX movie - new and old 20 min video regarding the creation of the New Vmax. Nice segment on the original too! Enjoy folks!:ten_out_of_ten: ________ marijuana strain index
  20. vmax190

    favorite movie

    your best , or most liked. dave