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  1. patate657

    WTB - Joint Air Box Boots

    Looking to buy some Joint Air Box Boots for my 1985 1200 Vmax. Must be pliable. The ones I have now seemed to have stiffened up and I'm not able to close them up properly with the clamps.
  2. B

    New tail piece needed

    Looking for a tail piece similar to extrap short tail rear end .but wider I'm running 200 back wheel and need to carry her indoors on original pilion seat. Anybody with pictures and a nudge in the right direction thank guys
  3. M

    Coolant bottle cap needed.

    Hey guys, Just need a coolant bottle cap for a 1200 V Max 1989. Just a cap needed, let me know if you have one for sale? Thanks
  4. C

    Many Items needed

    Well I finally took the plunge and a 1986 model is now in my possession. Price was right (couldn't afford a "perfect" runner) but she needs a LOT of TLC and new parts / pieces. I've been told she has a John Sands 1500cc motor and megacycle cams (TBD). Works shocks and a fork brace (can...
  5. T

    Trouble shoot this video. Direction needed I havr been avoiding taking the carb off compleatly bc im scared of syncing the carbs but im at the point where i think its time please any advice is welcome. Symptoms: Was running fine on road but would sputter and or die when...
  6. U

    Front fender/brace needed??

    Can you run a gen 1 Vmax without a front fender and more importantly, the brace that holds it? Or is it necessary to stop some wheel wobble? I am trying to put a bigger tire on the front and was wondering. thanks CvS
  7. D

    fuel pump relay needed

    Does anyone have a reasonably priced fuel pump relay for sale or have one I can borrow to see if that's why my vmax won't start? New fuel pump (pumps gas when the hose is disconnected on the carb side) max runs if you add gas or carb cleaner to the carbs. When the key is turned on, it clicks...
  8. D

    fuel pump needed

    Does anyone have a decent used fuel pump that's willing to sell it? I found one of those 17.00 ones on fleabay but the bracket is different
  9. J

    Speedometer needed

    Need a speedometer and cable for an 85 VMax. Previous owner failed to inform me he had kinked the cable and tried straightening it out just before I bought it. On way home speedo started making LOTS of noise and quit working. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  10. J

    Shotgun only needed on one carb

    So I have one carb that just won't be happy, from what people here have told me they advise the shotgun. I've looked though the instructions, and while it doesn't seem too bad, it also doesn't seem like something I want to try on my own for the first go round. So, I live in Middletown, pa, and...
  11. Bill Seward

    Opinions needed.

    I painted the bottom of the scoops and the side covers red today. I think it kind of looks good with the black cherry paint but I'm open to opinions. It's Plasti Dip so it comes off easily if I need to remove it. All comments and opinions are welcome. Thanks.
  12. M

    ISO Straight frame, no title needed.

    Got some damage to my frame that I may not be able to repair for my chaindrive bobber/dragbike project. I am willing to use my clean title and vin. I just need a straight main frame title not important.
  13. Bruiser1198

    Help needed ??

    Just chatted with a guy on Facebook that has a V-Max , Lonnie Spencer I think is his name and he needs either a Good Shop or help from someone in his area . Atlanta Georgia is the area he mentioned also Sebring Florida , I know I am asking allot of this site but he says the bike an 02 has not...
  14. J

    Carb parts needed.

    In a criminal act I let the Vmax sit for too long and now the carbs are all mucked up. Looks like I need one air screw, slide diaphragms, and gasket kits. Without spending hours searching, can anyone point me to the go to place for carb parts?
  15. D

    coil ignitoe sensor needed

    hi all and hello first post one here i need a coil igniter sensor is the singal sensor model :bang head:
  16. D

    Diaphragm needed

    I have a ripped diaphragm and need to replace it. Anyone know where to get one at a reasonable price?
  17. Barry barker

    fuel tank needed

    Thought I could save the tank, Wrong!! Now I get to rebuild my carburetors. Needs to be rust free. Thanks,
  18. Itgoes

    Left and Right Gen 1 Scoops Needed in VG Condition

    I have a friend that is looking for both scoops.....they'll be painted so finish doesn't matter much but they can't have any significant scratches, or gouges, dents...etc. In other words when stripped they should be suitable for painting without the need for body work. Please PM me if you...
  19. 95spfldmax

    Spanner Wrench Needed

    Hi all, I bought a used set of Progressive Suspension 412 rear shocks a while back but didn't get a spanner wrench with them. Just checking here to see if anyone has one they're not using that they'd be willing to part with for a couple of bucks or so. PM me if you do.
  20. K

    Help needed with exhaust mystery

    So I recently acquired some exhaust from eBay to my bike. here it is : It seems to be BSM exhaust, I cannot find anything from their website about this and when I mail them they answered once. I have managed to assemble front headers and other one of the...