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  1. Richard Callaway

    A kidd in need of some wise motorman knowledge seriously hello god bless please help! Thanks

    My grandma sue just passed in a car accident and left me 3000 to spend on a automobile and i fell in love with a 1992 vmax 1200 aka "grandma sue" and did not test ride as i should have it will start up great and accelerate decent but once it gets to 80 she bogs out horribly its a fight to get...
  2. B

    Seriously considering buying 2019 VMAX

    I sincerely apologize if I'm posting this question to the wrong forum. But here goes. I am days away from potentially purchasing the 2019 VMAX; and was looking to get some thoughts on whether it's a wise move considering the following. I have not ridden a motorcycle in nearly 37yrs! However...
  3. P

    Stupid Newbie Tricks pt 2 - broke my only key

    So today I go to clean out my garage and pull the max out. I unlock the steering...but leave the key in the lock. (doh!) As a result, when I pulled my key out, it was bent like a banana. I went to try to gently bend it back into shape and snap...broke it in half. NO, I don't have a spare (if...
  4. P

    Stupid newbie antics - Sissy bar removal

    Hi. I just got a 1999 Vmax from a local dealer yesterday. Everything on the bike was just right - EXCEPT for the huge sissy bar. The damn thing just kills 50% of what the bike is supposed to be, to me at least. For solo riding I'd like to be without it - and pop it on again for occasional...
  5. Traumahawk

    Funny Article "How not to be a squid"

    You may have seen them in the wild, being passed by one at triple digit speeds on the highway, or almost hit by one crossing the double yellow line on a windy road. The squid is a dangerous species, but not to fear; it is generally most dangerous to itself. The good news? The squid generally...
  6. V

    Newbie. Hello community

    Just saying hi. I bought my VMAX last week. I hope to enjoy riding after a looong time. I'm remembering how ride again, :punk: this thing is a different animal from the practice bike I got got prior to the Vmax. So, the other bike is a Vulcan 750. It had a hard life with its previous...
  7. M

    Newbie to VMAX, Help please

    I recently got a 2005 VMAX from my brother. He is currently deployed and is unable to answer questions. Not sure how long the bike was in his garage, but the rear cylinder on the left side (While mounted) is misfiring at lower RPMs. When I get now the throttle pretty good I don't notice any...
  8. G


    Just want to say " Hello "...New to forum and VMax ownership, always admired these machines and now recently bought a 1998 full power version. :worthy:
  9. P

    First day out ,need some advice.

    Took my new to me 2003 out for a short jaunt(5 miles) today. The purpose was mainly to get the bike from interim storage to my garage.; but it did raise a couple questions. #1 It started right up but there was a lot of snap, crackle, pop(no flames) and didn't want to idle. Once it got warmed...
  10. C

    Newbie question about Vmax paper storage

    OK, I've been lusting for a Vmax since I rode a friends way back in 1992. Just bought a 2002 with under 9k miles Tuesday night. :biglaugh: Had to haul it home in a blizzard but 2 days later it was 70 degrees! What can I say, it's Nebraska. My question is, is there a pouch etc on a Vmax to...
  11. E

    Newbie with a 2000 VMax

    Hello all, After years of searching I finally found a really nice 2000 VMax. It has a few issues I can deal with except one realted to the carbs... The bike will only run with the choke on....even after warm up if I take off the choke it wants to die.....Jetting issues...?...Need help...
  12. snakecharmr

    Newbie with a few questions.

    Well just bit the bullet after wanting a max for well over a decade. Unfortunately as funds are tight I've got an 85 that needs some work. Hoping there are a few people on here that might be able to point me in the right direction. Bike has 15,000kms on it. Generally well taken care of...
  13. N

    VMAX Newbie asking for input

    Hi All! I have a 2001 VMAX that's completely stock, a little over 17,000 miles; however, I had it virtually restored this summer with new braided steel brake lines, new EBC brakes, new clutches, complete (and expensive!) carb re-builds, new (stock) exhaust, transmission service, complete...
  14. V

    Newbie and already needing help.

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a 1995 Vmax and already have issues. Hoping someone can give some assistance here's the problem and thanks: My vmax I just bought started having starting issues the day after I rode it home. Before that the bike hadn't been ridden much, like a few winter...
  15. RaWarrior

    paint/light for a newbie?

    So I picked up a 03 Z1000 a couple weeks ago, mechanically it's perfect but the bodywork is a bit rough around the edges. It's obviously sat outside for a good deal of time, in direct sun. The "high side" of the paint is quite faded. It's also been laid down, there is maybe a 3" long "flat spot"...
  16. Kenom

    Newbie, needs help. 13-17mpg now it won't run.

    As many of you know, i'm fairly new to this forum. I'll be honest, I know VERY little about carburetors and this bike is really beginning to run horribly. I've tried a few of the more commonly recommended tricks, like the peashooter, and shooting the shotgun and putting a few cans of seafoam...
  17. Fastcarjoe

    Newbie intro, need help with shift light Greetings to all! Well, this is my first post and I'd like to introduce myself. Name's Joe and I am a brand new rider. Bought a 1991 black vmax with cobra slip ons and not a week later someone trades in my current bike at...
  18. E

    Newbie 2nd gear fear!

    Hi, First post as I am picking up a 98 VMAX next week, brother had one years ago with no real serious issues, great forum with so much info. My fear is even if second gear is fine now (14k miles looked after) is it so common that failure is inevitable? Looking through this seems to come up...
  19. C

    Newbie needing guidance looking for used Vmax.

    Hey guys, I've always though these bikes are badass. I've decided I need one to set beside my ZRX1200R. What I need to know is, which year to look for/avoid, what to watch out for, any other advice for finding a good used Vmax. Thanks for all the help!
  20. J

    An introduction from a newbie

    Hello fellow Vmaxers! I am new to the forum, and this is my first post, so I thought it best to give you all a bit of an introduction in case you see my name come up. I am the proud new owner of a 1995 Vmax with a Sportmax seat, Tboost mod, and Cobra slash cut slip-on exhaust setup. I...