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  1. M

    Prospective buyer with noob questions

    Hey all New guy here. I am about to take the plunge on an '86 that looks to be in good shape, low mileage and all original. The bike is said to be fully serviced and in tip top running condition. That said: are there any common issues I should check for when I go kick the tires and test ride...
  2. mundmc

    Another rear-radial noob thread

    Greetings mentors, I've been lurking the forums a lot, finally starting to figure some basic stuff out, and I keep running into 1) praise of radial tires 2) the reality that radials don't fit on a 15" wheel, and 3) various questionably-still-viable ways to get a 17" or 18" rear wheel. As of...
  3. O

    NOOB Introduction Here

    I am new here, new to VMax ownership but not new to VMax's in general as I have lusted after them pretty much my entire motorcycle life, which started in 1991. When the 1996 VMax came out in the all black, that was my favorite and I have always wanted one. That opportunity came up last week...
  4. mundmc

    Noob overheating/ popping question 2003

    Hey all, Apologies in advance I'm a new rider and know little about engines. The following has happened twice now, both on hot days, in NYC stop and go slow traffic. 1) I notice the engine feeling extra hot 2) The needle runs up to the red (just inside the red) 3) I soon after notice coolant...
  5. frank5079

    Noob on a bike...
  6. T

    Electrical for Noob

    Hi, I'm new here, read all the noob stuff I think, and don't know where to go for my problem. I'm trying to help a buddy get his 92 running. He bought it 2 years ago, it felt like it ran on 3 cylinders unless it had more than 1/2 throttle, then ran great, but has been getting worse. I read...
  7. B

    I'm a noob with Vboost! Need Help!!

    I just got my first Vmax on 11/18/13. I barely got to test ride it as it sat for bout a year, would run with the choke but wouldn't idle without. I am fixing the carbs tomorrow as I am waiting on new float needles. This is not my first bike but definitely the most "powerful". What exactly is...
  8. mvmccreary

    Noob to thread. Engine rebuild

    Hey all! So. I have inherited my grandfather's 94 Vmax a couple years ago. I've been riding it since I was 18 so about 6 years, so I'm fairly well acquainted with the max. But the has 127,xxx miles on it all original and all stock. The only work done was some carb work at the dealership. Now...
  9. drdrewdown

    VMAX Noob Wanted To Say Hi

    Hey guys, my name is Drew. Picked up my first VMAX a little over 2 months ago. Its a '97 and had 15k when i got it. Its nearly at 18k now, as we plan our first road trip to Colorado next month. My girl is @staciedaisy on here & i'm sure she'll post once she's sees this thread. So far we are...
  10. M

    Noob saying hi...

    Gday all. Not new to bikes, but yes finally, after seeing one brand new (when they were released.......damn I'm old!) and wanting one ever since, I now finally have the '87 model of my favourite hotrod.:worthy: Just thought I'd say hi before boring all and sundry with stoooopid questions you...
  11. slowpoke

    noob ? of the day (handlebars)

    how do you remove the grips? everything else seems pretty straight forward as far as removing off the handle bars. ( i see bolts anyway lol...) also the bolts that hold the handlebars themselves on, the heads face the front correct? just making sure i am looking at the right things before i...
  12. slowpoke

    noob question # 101 (clutch fluid)

    i dont have a book on my 05 vmax. i noticed the fluid needs changed. i guess the po rode her hard or didnt know how to use the clutch. where is the bleeder screw? also, is it normal for it to pull slightly with it in first gear sitting still with the clutch in? i dont mean the initial lurch...
  13. B

    Another noob question

    Has anyone here purchased the VMAX as their first bike? I have not riden since my teen years (now in my late 30's) and I am not into buying and trading up. I have been told that cruisers are more "forgiving" than street bikes. What has been your experience? Sam.
  14. B

    Noob wants a VMAX

    Hi guys, I am not a VMAX owner yet. I have been an admirer for a long time. I will be making a bike purchase soon and I really would like to have one. The problem I have is that I'm a big guy, 6'3" with long legs. I have sat on the bike before and saw that my knees rode rather high above the...
  15. M

    Noob with '85 max checking in

    Hey all, I just joined the forum and wanted to say hello and ask a question. I have enjoyed my 1985 for the last 10 years, I love riding it and have been known to exceed the posted speed limit a time or two :biglaugh:. I am sure this has been asked but I will go ahead. Can any body suggest...
  16. rebar

    Complete carb rebuild guide for noob?

    My carbs are gummed up bad from sitting with fuel in them for years. Im a mechanic, but have never rebuilt a motorcycle carb. Can anyone recommend a article I can follow when rebuilding the Vmax carbs? Or is this something best left for a professional?
  17. T

    Noob saying hi....

    Hey people, new to the site and just thought I'd say hi. A quick question, I don't own a V Max right now but I do plan on taking the plunge in a couple of months. What do I need to look for in a used bike? I'm thinking maybe a 2003 or newer.
  18. Zewerr

    V-Max noob question

    So I haven't been able to ride my bike since I got it back from being repaired from the accident. I pretty much rode it from the shop back to my apartment, since it was raining. Well, I try to start it periodically and warm it up during the off season, but my battery was never able to crank it...