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  1. CaptainKyle

    progressive shocks

    11.5 inch progressive 412 shocks practically brand new less than 200 miles on them. $ 185 firm plus pay fees shipped in the lower 48. please email not PM. [email protected]
  2. minicopilot

    11" Chrome Progressive shocks and a 2005 OEM seat.

    The progressives are in extremely good condition. My bike is kept inside of my house and never kept outside or rode in the rain. The seat is also in the same condition. I bought it for a spare and never used it. $150 shipped for the shocks. $150 shipped for the seat. Text or email for more...
  3. CaptainKyle

    12 inch progressive shocks

    12 inch progressive shocks look nice & no leaks. These are an inch shorter than stock. $ 125 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not PM [email protected]
  4. jdeitz1979

    Progressive 412 -SOLD-

    Getting rid of the shocks that were on my bike. Looking for $100. Progressive / Drag Specialties Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. retrostude

    12" Progressive 412 shocks

    Perfect condition in chrome. 412-4228c . $269 on amazon, will sell $169 shipped in lower 48 plus any applicable fees. 1 inch shorter than stock.
  6. J

    progressive springs on bike install

    Thank you Sean for the help... tools: pvc saw long wire w/ hook(coat hanger) ATF DEX 3 1qt large Hypo for suction oil fork oil. 22 mm socket jack stands jack wood block funnel lots of towels(for me...I got messy) ratchet strap info: OEM fluid level while compressed: 6.5 inches from top new...
  7. retrostude

    wanted 12" 440 or 444 Progressive shocks

    Tried a pair of 412's in 12 inch. Love the geometry/stance but the 444's spoil me for the ride. Have a mint pair of 13" black Progressive 444s with standard and heavy duty springs, and a very nice pair of chrome 12" Progressive 412s, in case you might be inclined to work a swap. Or cash...
  8. V-Four

    Questions - Progressive fork spring install- please

    Hi gang..couple questions bout the progressive fork spring install (1" lower.) Watches the Morley vids several times and plan to follow it. Im 'relatively ' mechanically inclined..yet still , im having trouble wrapping my head around how they actually work. Im hearing talk of adding...
  9. G

    Progressive or stock

    I'm picking up my '94 Max tomorrow and I was wanting to know if there is a way to tell if the front fork springs are progressive without taking them apart?
  10. S

    Brake items and Progressive shocks

    Selling off some unused or extra parts. Set of '85-92 front calipers. A bit dirty and could use a set of new pads due to a leaky fork seal dribbling on the left pads. $40+shipping Used pair of '85-92 front rotors. Worked great but I upgraded to larger front rotors and Hayabusa calipers...
  11. effingidiot

    Progressive springs.

    I bought a set of progressive fork springs off flea bay,the progressive springs are supposed to be longer than stock.The ones i got are shorter than stock,the preload tube is level with top of the fork.Iv'e got a spare preload tube,can i put a piece in to bring the preload back to where it...
  12. S

    Progressive fork springs -SOLD-

    Asking $35 + shipping.
  13. S

    Progressive springs or stock?

    Can someone tell me if these are stock or progressive? Previous owner thinks they're progressive but told me I should compare with stock to be sure.
  14. Itgoes

    Anybody happen to have a receipt for a set of Progressive 440 rear shocks?

    Long-shot unusual request I know, but a buddy of mines "lifetime warrantied" shocks have given up the ghost and Progressive will not replace them without a receipt. He's searched but he can't find his receipt now, 10 years later. You'd think Progressive could be a little flexible with...
  15. CaptainKyle

    Progressive 418'S -SOLD-

    Progressive 418 shocks factory 13 inch length $ 150 plus shipping. I usually get more than this for 418 's but these do not look perfect their is some rust on the inside of springs . It is not that noticible but is their also the top and bottom were painted black they actually look pretty decent...
  16. Dorney

    Progressive Springs

    I have a set of Progressive front springs with around 3000 miles on them. They are for a 85 to 92 $50.00 plus shipping. Dave
  17. C

    Progressive Fork Springs -SOLD-

    SOLD Up for consideration I have a set of Progressive Fork Springs. Reason for sale: I weigh maybe 160 lbs. on a real heavy day and never have a passenger and I just couldn't find a happy medium with the springs (stiffness) no matter how much I shortened the PVC spacers that came with the...
  18. F

    Progressive Fork Springs

    My 1986 front forks no longer hold air and are leaking pretty bad. So I need to replace the seals and I figured I would switch to progressive springs while I’m at it, but I’m not sure exactly what I should get. I have some picked out, but to be honest I don’t really know what I’m looking at. I...
  19. Y

    Spacers with Progressive springs.

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my forks, and installing Progressive springs. According to the instructions that came with the springs, I need a spacer length of 9.37". The stock spacer is 9 5/8", and the PVC spacers that came with the springs are close to 10". I'm assuming I will need to...
  20. 9

    11" rear progressive lowering springs/ NEW 2.5 kerker comp baffle

    The shocks are in good shape all paint is in good condition but they are used part# is in the pics 150$ shipped in the us. I have video of parts installed on the bike . It still drove good and was comfortable with the shocks but I stretch the swing arm so I can't use it now cuz thers too low...