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  1. Cristian Trujillo

    Battery question

    my grandpa gave me his 1998 Yamaha V Max. It need a lot of work. But one of the most important things I need to replace is the battery. Can someone recommend me a good battery? Thank you in advance
  2. D-Max2012

    Stock Center Stand replacement??

    Anyone know of an easy way to replace the stock center stand, without dropping the muffler?? Looks like this bolt and stand-off is stopping the right side bolt from coming out..
  3. Fire-medic

    Maybe I found a replacement for my 360 Yamaha Enduro two-stroke

    289 lbs fueled, a titanium gas tank of 2.01 gallons, titanium intake valves & 450 cc, 12:1 compression; water-cooled; fuel-injected; DID rims (21" F & 18" R); Renthal bars; LED lights F & R; fully-adjustable suspension F & R; but get ready for the price, the CRF450L MSRP is $10,400! Sure looks...
  4. L

    Footpeg Rubber Replacement

    85 with 42K. Have replacement rubber for the footpegs but having a hard time getting them to slip on. tried to use wintergreen to soften the rubber with no success. any tips or trick out there? Thanks in advance.
  5. T

    Speedo lamp replacement

    Anyone know how to remove and disassemble speedo for led lamp replacement. I cant see the red and have some soft blue replacement led's on hand, but how does it come apart?:ummm:
  6. Bushwacker

    Automotive Replacement for stock signal lights

    Hey Guy's, So just wondering is there an automotive replacement for front turn signal/running lights on the Gen 1 or do/should I stick with the OEM bulbs? I ask because I don't have a bike shop around here that has parts for a 01 Vmax. Sux...
  7. S

    Oil pressure slightly higher after oil pipe o-ring replacement.

    Will fixing the bulging o-ring cause a slight increase in pressure across the whole range? Before replacing, pressure would hit 60psi on a cold startup & idle at 2-4 when hot. It's hitting 65 cold & idle is 8 now. It tops out at 65 revving the motor. The fitting for the oil galley plug from...
  8. D

    Crankshaft replacement help

    Hey all, I have a 2003 vmax that spun a rod bearing and the crank is now junk. My buddy had a 1989 or around that year vmax and he decided to part it out and let me have the crankshaft out of it in exchange for me taking it apart (I've taken my engine apart before to get my transmission fixed of...
  9. TB99Max

    brake and clutch master replacement question

    I'm looking for some options for both. I prefer the OEM looking ones and not the sport bike looking ones that have the big circle reservoir sticking up. I'm also wanting some replacement levers, the thick ones and wanted to know what kind as far as figment because there are so many universal...
  10. Fire-medic

    Clutch slave cylinder replacement

    This is a job many people dread. When the slave cylinder leaks, there's no way to get around it. You have to fix it. I suggest replacement with a new one. Yes rebuild kits are available, but if it doesn't work (the rebuild) for you, do you want to repeat the job? I didn't think so. For this...
  11. Fire-medic

    replacement gas filter

    This one fits into the OEM space, w/a bit of diameter to spare. If you want to have it snug, use a bit of foam or cardboard to shim it. I was speaking w/my mechanic, and he said that even w/his shop discount, a OEM Yamaha filter for a VMax was $23. I figured I could find something comparable...
  12. T

    Key replacement

    I have lost my only key for my 1997 vmax. I have heard there is a code possibly on the ignition switch that you can use to order a replacement key? If so can you tell me where it is located? Yes I know I should have had a spare made. Procrastination. Thank you Jim
  13. B

    Coolant leak after hose replacement 0n '98

    Like the title says I replaced the coolant hoses on my 98 vmax as they appeared to be original and were pretty sketchy. Bought some made in China silicone hoses as they were much cheaper than oem. Seemed to go well but I saw a drip at the large hose at the bottom of the radiator where it goes...
  14. Foxviewnet

    Headlight Replacement

    Hey guys. I wanted to throw another "Thank you!" out here to my friends on the forum. I took some advice on replacing my stock headlight with a H4 LED lamp that was on Amazon for about $40.00. BlaxMax recommended it too and said it was a quick and easy install...very true. Really makes a...
  15. mundmc

    Fan melted off, replacement thoughts

    After fixing some electrical issues and installing COPSs, I noted my radiator fan was making an odd noise, and it wasn't spinning. On disassembly and inspection, it appears my fan really melted off the housing that makes it spin. Sigh. My first inclination was to epoxy the fan back to it's...
  16. henrysgmc

    WTB GEN 1 replacement backrest pad cover

    Looking for a replacement cover for my backrest pad. 845 283 6593
  17. B

    Need replacement misc rubber

    Looking for a source for the grommets on the faux tank and other misc pieces. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...BEWW
  18. B

    Replacement Water Pump Cover

    Right about now I'm feeling like a genius and wanted to share my discovery. I've started to restore the '85 that I purchased new in my youth. Been wanting to replace the gouged up cover for years and finally starting searching the 'bay for one. What they're asking for one in mediocre shape seems...
  19. A

    Brakes Please Help!

    I have a 92 VMAX 1200 and I'm looking for front and back brakes. I'm told EBC are the better brakes to go for but cant seem to find the model that I need. Also I have 2 rotors in the front so I need 2 sets for the front? Bare with me I'm new to this bike and this forum. Thanks in advance.
  20. Q

    Turn Signal replacement Help?

    I just replaced my OEM turn signals on my 2014 Gen II. I bought two wire LED lights, but planned not to use the running lights up front. I also bought the proper flasher module. So far so good. Here is the issue: If I hook the front turn signals to the flashing signal wires, the front and...