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  1. C

    Reserve fuel switching

    Hi guys and gals, I have a problem whereby the bike only runs on reserve. Is there a slide solenoid valve somewhere and where is it? I suspect this is the problem. It probably needs cleaning out and greasing. Has anyone serviced this before? When I switch over to "main tank" she'll run for a...
  2. intruder

    Reserve /on problem

    Hi guys, My 1200 vmax has a fuel light/switch/sender problem, I have read a lot on the possibilities but thought I would get some real world wisdom. My fuel light is always on even with a full tank, If I switch to on with a full tank it dies as if its running out, It will only run on reserve...
  3. Trondyne

    Miles Till Reserve

    Well, I didn't see a thread on mileage so I thought I'd share mine here and see what's horrible or great ... Just got this bike and I had a chance to get some mileage numbers, I seem to be getting around 70 miles until I need to go to Reserve.... I haven't seen that many posts on miles but...
  4. racerboy

    Gas reserve delimma

    The other day, I meant to approach the reserve level to make sure the switch would actually work, lite comes on etc, a slow glow, ok, the bike as expected, began to die abit, after the switch was flipped, the bike gradually came up to speed and run smooth, only less than a couple miles, I was...
  5. P

    Reserve light

    Has anyone transformed the reserve system on a Gen1 to make it work as a Gen2, or like on any FI bike? I'll be happy with only a light showing that fuel is getting low without the complication of a switch/relay etc! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. bkuberek

    Reserve sensor not working

    a couple of days ago I forgot to keep track of my miles and ran out of gas. That's when I realized the reserve never kicked in. I had the switch in the right place and the sensor worked a couple of weeks back. I couple of weeks back I had to fix a burnt connector in my ignition switch, could...
  7. S

    Reserve problems

    Fuel light does not come on and bike runs out of fuel. Cleaned switch, checked globes in dash.
  8. K

    Fuel reserve sensor

    Can the fuel reserve sensor in the tank get loose or out of placement? Reason I ask is that last time the reserve kicked in (or rather bike started to die), I switched to reserve and stopped for gas. But only able to pump in 7-8 liters. Meaning the tank was still half full. Reserve should kick...
  9. 1

    On/ Reserve Fuel issue

    Hello everyone, 1st timer here with a ?. My bike only runs as if the fuel switch is in the ON position when it's on RES. Otherwise she will shut down as if i have low or no fuel. I do have a full tank of fuel. Is this just a bad fuel level sensor issue? This is a 2000 bike if it matters...
  10. J

    Reserve Fuel Tank Operation

    Hey guys, got another question/issue I need help with. I'm beginning to think that my running issue isn't ignition as I originally thought. I took the bike out yesterday just to shoot it around the block and as soon as I got maybe a half mile up the road, it started cutting back like it has been...
  11. K

    reserve fuel switch?

    Out on bike and bike stopped as in it thought it had no fuel (fuel light on).I checked and there was some fuel in the tank but could not find how to get it on reserve?Anyone got the answer,any bike iv'e had before had a fuel tap to turn to reserve but nil on my vmax.
  12. M

    Well that's one way to find out fuel light and reserve don't work.

    Just hanging out on a country road waiting for the wife to bring me fuel. PO told me fuel light was dim but didn't say that the fuel light just didn't work AT ALL and neither does the reserve switch.
  13. maximus speedicus

    cannot use reserve: electrical short found

    Hey, guys. So a couple times I have gone 100 miles without filling up. then the red fuel light would come on. So I would throw the switch to reserve (left since letters are worn out) and it would sputter and give all kinds of hell. But thanks to this forum I deduced it was a short somewhere in...
  14. D

    Reserve fuel question

    Last couple of rides when the low fuel light would come, engine would start to cut out, go to reserve. No problem, for maybe 20 seconds, engine would start to cut out again. Recycle reserve switch, runs good, cuts out again. Nursed to next gas station. Any ideas?
  15. Karmakatt

    Fuel Issue: Rocking Reserve Switch back and forth

    I was riding a few days ago and my bike started to have problems . As I gave her throttle she'd stumble and sputter. It was at that point I switched over the reserve switch and she picked up for a while than she'd stumble again. :ummm: If I keep switching back to regular tank and then to...
  16. VegasVMax

    Reserve range

    I'm getting about 100 miles on a full tank before I get the fuel light. I was wondering what the range is once I flip the reserve switch.
  17. timscues

    fuel reserve?

    is there to nozzels one for the reserveor how does it switch over with just the one hose coming frim the tank? and how many miles or how much fuel should there be in reserve???
  18. M

    fuel reserve switch

    Hello, I have some problems with my reserve feul tank. If I am out of feul and put the switch to reserve it does not work. I allread clean the swich and check the wires. If a strat my Vmax the reserve light come up for a second. But the light does not work when I am out of fuel. Therefore I...
  19. 1

    Replace fuel reserve switch

    Wotcher, The fuel reserve switch on my Vmax has broke and I need to get a replacement quick! It's not the normal Vmax switchgear (think its an early FJ1200 or Virago 1100 on) with the fuel reserve box bolted on the bottom. The wires have broken off from inside the box and I cant open it to...
  20. rusty

    Fuel Reserve & light not working

    I knew I was low on gas. Road around my local naborhood wateing for the low fuel light to come on.Instead the thing just completly ran out of gas.Including the reserve. leaving me on the side of the road. The light never came on & I had the switch in the ON position. Ran out of gas before,but...