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  1. L

    Any Chicagoland riders near western burbs?

    Hello, I'm just wondering who's around me. I could use some service insight as well. Feel free to pm since i'm not logged in much. Thanks, Sam
  2. nighthawk s

    pa riders

    Is there a lot of v max riders around the Pittsburgh pa area ? would like to get hooked up and do some riding when nice weather returns.
  3. F

    WTB riders rh peg and rear brake system and other bits

    missing Riders right hand peg and career to frame and rear brake system (caliper hose master and peddle ) all so after full exhaust system oh 1991 V Max but wait for it the hardest part in New Zealand
  4. X

    Any riders in Jacksonville NC

    Any V max riders in the Jacksonville, Camp Lejuene area. I have seen one rider, but could never get up with him.
  5. frank5079

    Female riders...

    These two ladies were stars on the TV remake of Battlestar Galactica... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tayqgs_1fnc

    what are Gen 2 riders using for case guards

    What are the options for case guards on a gen 2 On my gen 1's I always used these, I don't see anything like these for Gen 2 2015
  7. Q

    Any Riders in Fort Worth Texas?

    Hello all, I'm in Burleson Texas, which is just 15 min south of Fort Worth. I keep seeing a guy in the area on a Gen I vmax, but I am always going the other way on the highway. I wonder if he is a member? Anyone know who he is? :confused2: Thanks.
  8. VMax-Mike

    Any Ireland riders on the forum

    Lee saw a vmax on his trip to paris. So now the challenge is on me to get a pick of a vmax in ireland. I will be in Dublin at 6am and I will be driving 1100 miles looking at all the sites it would be cool to have a pint with a brother vmax rider.
  9. C

    OKC Riders

    Everybody in OKC and surrounding areas!! Would anybody be interested in starting our own local Vmax group meet? Just met some guys tonight who said they would be interested if we could get enough people together. Just spitballing an idea since I seem to rarely see anyone out with their...
  10. N

    So Cal Riders

    Just picked up my First Max, rode 145 miles to get her home, 06 and love it. Looking for other riders in the area for rides, maybe some tech advice, know I could use it. Let me know.
  11. J

    Raleigh NC riders?

    Anyone in Raleigh area cruise? I see large groups of crotch rockets from time to time and Harley riders but Mr Max just doesnt fit in well with either group.
  12. tugla

    any riders on vancouver island

    seeing if there are any forum guys in and around comox/courtenay or Campbell river area...im out riding here with my vmax for the next couple days if anyone wanna meet up for ride. rovic
  13. T

    Great ride yesterday with some fellow Ontario V-max riders.

    Got to spend a few hours with some fellow maxxers yesterday. Great breakfast at a marina in Nanticoke, scenic tour along the shore of Lake Erie, north along the Grand River in the Brantford area then on through the Glen Morris conservation area back to our starting destination. A little rain...
  14. lastwhiteman

    Central or Southern Ohio riders

    Anybody in the central or southern Ohio area up for weekday riding? I work Friday through Sunday so I miss almost all events around here. respond here if anybody wants to go "burn rice".
  15. frank5079

    Two scooter riders...

    First off, check out the one making a left turn in front of all that traffic, then the other guy riding on the center line passing all those cars....talk about an accident waiting to happen!!! :eek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_FB-Fo5hC4#t=25
  16. R

    Utah Riders?

    I know there's a small group of gentlemen who ride in Salt Lake, just would like to organize something a bit more official :rofl_200:
  17. dmax1

    AZ riders Thunder in the Valley

    Thunder in the valley is coming. If anyone from the area is planning to attend feel free to pm me as I am going to attend. :biglaugh: Here is the link http://thundervalleyrallyaz.com/
  18. 0

    Any south east vmax riders?

    I live in south east michigan (lapeer area) and would like to meet up with other vmax riders. If your out there let me know!
  19. J

    SC riders

    Hey guys, just wondering if there are any riders in upstate SC in here? And if there are any Vmax events coming up soon anywhere near Spartanburg, SC? :punk:
  20. K

    Seeking Arizona Vmax Riders

    I'm trying to put together a riding group of Vmax owners that reside in Arizona. It would be great to have fellow enthusiasts locally to ride and represent this iconic motorcycle. I created the social group today in this forum. I also created a Facebook group called Arizona Yamaha Vmax...