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  1. B

    Second 1/8 run on my “New” gen 1

    1/8 mile - second run on my “New old” gen 1 Modifications - cams, flatside carbs and Holeshot PS : also attached the first dynorun
  2. 93max

    Breakfast run this morning

    When for a nice ride this morning and got some chow! :biglaugh: I went with the MRS my eldest son Nephew , brother in law and a few other people. Real nice riding with a bunch of people. Out of all the bikes there, Mr Max took the show. When I pulled up at my brother in laws, there was a...
  3. K

    Battery? Won't run?

    I was riding home last night and about 1 mile from my house, the bike just died. When I attempted to restart it but the battery was flat. I know there is no problem with the charging system, as I have a voltmeter on the bike, which showed it was putting out at least 13+ V when running. I called...
  4. E

    The Struie Run

    Living in the highlands, bikers up here are blessed with some of the best runs in the world... Although I guess every biker thinks that, but for us, its actually true. Not far from my garage door is a run called 'The Struie' where rumour has it that Ewan MacGregor was in the area some time...
  5. S

    85 Vmax will only run with Choke

    I just purchased an 85. I got a good deal, and now I must deal with a few issues that I could use some help on. 1. The Bike will start with full choke on and stay running after running for 10 or 15 minutes it will idle without the choke but dies when you give it any throttle...
  6. H

    Starter works but bike won't run

    Hey there, I have an 06 vmax that I just rebuilt the carbs on. Also replaced the battery and the starter clutch, new plugs too. I get spark on all 4, it's not the brightest I've seen on a motorcycle but it looks sufficient. If you were me what would you check for? Any help would be...
  7. mundmc

    Newby questions, poor idle, pops, won't run without choke

    Hey brain trust, Same symptoms I've seen MANY times on the boards: can't idle below 1500 rpm without stalling, abrupt loss of power, left sided pops and less engine noise. I refuse to go back to the dealership and lose $500 and three weeks of summer riding. I swapped out the plugs on...
  8. Specs95t

    Just got run over by an SUV need advice

    Hi guys, The good news is that I am ok, but my VMax has seen better days. Short story is that I was 1 house from home. I was stopped at a T intersection and saw a Mercedes SUV cut the corner from my right, headed right for me - in my lane. The kid was on a cell phone and ended up riding up...
  9. blaxmax

    2 Motorcyclist run over
  10. blaxmax

    Motorcycles intentionally run over in Los Angeles
  11. H

    My first Vmax, will not run.

    I figure this is a fuel issue, so I'll post here. Bought it a week ago, test ride went fine. 1990 max with 56k (should be Ca but I do not know). Owner told me that the fuel cap must be in the proper orientation or the bike will “vapor lock” and quit. Topped the fuel off, got on the...
  12. Fire-medic

    Ft. Lauderdale FL 12-6-15 Toys in the Sun Run

    Always a good time, thousands of bikers participate, they shut down I-95 North and I-595 for several hours to run the parade of bikes from a casino in Hallandale Beach FL to a county park on the edge of the Everglades. The lead singer of Styx is the featured entertainer, and frequently other R&R...
  13. Lotsokids

    Slightly Cheesy 1984 V-Max Documentary (Shows Jay Gleason's 10.27 sec. 1/4 mile Run)

    I haven't seen this before...
  14. Falaholic

    Battery died, bike won't run on a jump start

    Battery died. Threw jumper cables on it, started right up. Take battery cables off, bike dies. I let the dead battery charge via donner charging vehicle for 20min. Got a voltage of 10.5V. I take it battery is toast? Cause: Left ignition on for 7 days.
  15. Woody

    what fuels do you run ?

    I'm just curious Who runs what, standard grade unleaded, ethanol, premium,E85 ?, or race fuel. I my self make my own blend. 2 parts premium 1 part race fuel (110 octane) vmax is stage 7,kerker 4 into 1 comp baffle.
  16. C

    Take that..... helmet head butt after truck tries to run bike off the road.

    At the end of the video, the truck drives by and throws bottles at them.
  17. V

    Bike doesn't run hot, but I do.

    I put Engine Ice in my cooling system to replace regular anti freeze coolant. Seems to have not made a bit of difference. Claim is 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Anyone have a success story about how to keep ones ass cooler?
  18. A

    need help carbs bike wont run without choke dies with throttle

    So I just got my 85 vmax and I took apart the carbs and cleaned them, and that finally got the bike to run but only with the choke. So I was searching around for solutions and found the shotgun method so I tried that out, it kind of worked and by that I mean it runs only sometimes without the...
  19. CaptainKyle

    Pigeon Forge Rod run

    If any one is close around to this I say go it is a Bas Ass Rod run lots of cool stuff to see. I will be there for sure.
  20. a113ycat

    7.8 run

    Any one go to this type of track races?