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  1. Denci

    I need 1998 Gen1 Fork Sliders

    Hey guys so I had to change the seals and I don't know what the PO did but on the left hand fork no matter what I tried I could not get the bottom hex bolt out to separate the forks luckily that seal wasn't leaking but I knew it would eventually. I drained the fork oil and cleaned it out as best...
  2. davidon

    Bad caliper seals?

    6 pot calipers, I've got funny brake caliper feel and was wondering what the symptoms are for the seals going bad. I rolled downhill and applied partial brakes and it feels like the pistons are grabbing all of a sudden (not gradual braking as normally happens) at one point during wheel rotation...
  3. rebeltaz83

    Slave cylinder seals

    Does anybody know the diameter of the seals for the slave cylinder?? I ordered what I hope are the right ones. Seal kit for the "push lever seal kit". I got the kit containing two seals 1 is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, and the other is about 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Got them from Yamaha...
  4. bilal308

    Front fork seals leaking!!

    I need your assistance guys. I have a 2009 VMAX and the front forks have started leaking. I am in Beirut, Lebanon and the dealer here cannot find the seals locally. He also does not know the part number for the seal. I went online to and they also do not have the VMAX listed...
  5. J

    fork seals, lesson learned !!

    Over the winter I was replacing my front fork seals,..and I was TOLD- DONT PUT IN AFTERMARKET SEALS they wont last. They said use GENUINE Yamaha seals...................I didn' I'm replacing them AGAIN !! these aftermarket ones are weak & wimpy compared to the Yamaha ones...
  6. P

    All Balls Racing seals???

    Anyone had any luck using these fork seals: On a 94 ? They seems to be one fits all and are too thick (here compared with the stock one): Clips can't fit ... Even the dust seal coming with it does not even looks like the stock one: Just ordered Yamaha genuine parts!! Sent from my iPhone...
  7. T

    Blown air seals on forks

    Hi All I've just taken delivery of progressive springs for my 88 and I'm fairly sure the air seals are blown. I've noticed a lot of you run with no air anyway, BUT is the air damping integral to the rest of the forks operation? In other words if I don't fix the seals will it matter? Thanks in...
  8. liptoss

    Water Pump Bearing and Seals

    I just completed a rebuild of my '06 water pump. I followed the shop manual and the great photo step by step posted on this forum. I have a couple of questions for others that have completed this task. In the '01-'06 Service Manual, Water Pump Assembly section, it states gently tap the bearing...
  9. S

    fork seals

    Has anybody used different fork seals on their bike I mean by different to be other than stock.Just tried ball's seals and they did not last.I see different manufacturers claiming to be leak proof and 4 times stronger etc.looking for some different experiences on the subject
  10. D

    fork seals and oil type?

    Well I was hoping to avoid changing the fork seals again, but I now have the time since i am rebuilding the engine. I put seals in about 4 years ago when bike was mostly stock and are leaking now. I used the leak proof seals which are obviously all a lie! Curious what you guys have had good...
  11. tothemax93

    Few observations on changing fork seals

    The bike is a 93. I had a pretty good ring of oil on my fork, so I figured I'd better get the seals changed before the weather changed. I called the local cycle shop and they quoted me around $150. I didn't think that was to bad, but With Seans video and all the knowledge here, I figured I'd...
  12. D

    fork seals

    Fork seals are leaking. would like to do the work myself how hard is this todo? Going to upgrade springs while its down.
  13. D

    fork seals

    Whats the odd of both fork seals leaking at the same time? I have a 2007 that i bought used and it has been lowered. shorter shocks and the front end was lowered down on the forks. Would this cause any problems with fork seals?
  14. donnelly317

    How to change your water pump seals

    Well I had coolant seaping from the wheep hole on my water pump. Couldnt find anything on how to change the seals on here so I took a bunch of pictures while doing it. It was really easy everything was in the manual just not the greatest for pictures. Hope this helps some of you guys out. Sorry...
  15. dman1961

    Fork seals

    why do they wear out so quick? 06 with 4400 miles... seems stupid... thanks
  16. E

    Question regarding new caliper seals

    Hi all: I know this is an idiotic question, but sadly, that's the way I roll... I've received some rubber caliper seals for rebuilding my R1 Blue Spot brake calipers, and each set of seals comes with a little clear packet of a purplish/pinkish goo. Is that a grease, or a type of adhesive...
  17. J

    93+ Front Caliper Seals Looks like this is the place for seals. I went to a local guy and they wanted $114 for the 2 sides PLUS shipping just for the seals. Like $300+ for the pistons. Outrageous...
  18. Sniper Predator

    Gas Cap Manual / Tutorial for Dry Rotted or Cracked Gas Cap Seals

    Want to replace your gas cap seal and not loose having one key for all locks? Well, now you can with this tutorial. My gas caps seal was cracked, so I originally started to see if I can just replace the gas cap seal, one thing led to another.... I figured out how to replace every piece down...
  19. R

    Fork Seals

    Does anyone else have fork seal problems? It seems like I have to replace them every 2 or 3 years. I've had to do this since I bought it when it only had 11,000 miles on it. Is there a more permanent fix?
  20. dannymax

    Clean/Repair fork oil seals

    I had a leaking fork seal on the FJR and used one of these things to clean it, and hopefully stop it from leaking. Amazingly, it worked exactly as described...the seal no longer leaks!! :clapping: No idea how long it will last's good for now! Rovic told...