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  1. S

    Boost servo no initial movement

    Hi. When i turn ignition on from key, my boost servo don't do initial check, open/close. However, when motor running and revs are around 6000 the servo motor pulls boost open.?? I have measured +- cable's and when ignition on, there is no voltage coming from boost control unit. The thing is...
  2. S

    Exhaust servo motor

    I keep seeing on Ebay exhaust servo motors for sale, I have a 2002 Vmax, I can't find this on my bike! Do all maxs have this? or, just certain years?
  3. M

    Servo motor mounting brackets

    Hi everyone Could anybody send me a picture of servo motor mounting brackets? From all sides? I'm asking cause I'm finally unlocking vmax and today I wanted to mount vboost servo and I realized that there is no way to do that ;d So I have two options:buy somewhere original brackets (and...
  4. dmax1

    Servo motor test

    Can the v boost servo motor be tested off the bike to be sure it cycles properly. Mine just feels likes its humming or vibrating when the switch is moved to run. Nothing is moving. :ummm:
  5. Blurr

    How does the Vboost servo work?

    Anyone familiar with how the vboost servo works? Does it wait till a certain voltage to activate; if so what voltage is it? I have a voltmeter and will be digging into it but I am not the strongest on electoral matters and it never hurts to ask for help. I've decided to rig up some 'flapper...
  6. desert_max

    No fuel pump, no servo, no start

    Hey guys I'm looking for a little help. I just undid my DD modification, put in fresh oil, buttoned everything back up and went to test it out. She's a no start. WTF? Ugly coincidence? I get no Vboost servo, I hear no fuel pump, I get no solenoid action. I have instrument lights and...
  7. S

    V-boost not cycling - Servo acting strange - VIDEO

    I need some of your guys opinions and advice on my vboost operation. I'm finally to the point of trying to check out electrical systems and parts. My new battery is in and wired up. Last night, I decided to start checking the vboost. Turned key "ON" and there was no cycling. Connectors...
  8. P

    vboost servo thing - install problem - with pic

    Hello, I'm trying to reinstall the stock vboost system after removing an S7 kit; I want to put the bike back to OEM. Not having done this before I'm having a few challenges. My immediate problem is that I don't see an easy way to install the 2 screws that hold the servo/ motor thing in place...
  9. CrackerRican

    Vboost servo

    After I took my valve covers off to get chromed I noticed that when I turn the key to on position my vboost servo doesn't go through it check, whirrly noise. It's not working. I've checked all the connection. Any suggestions.
  10. 5

    Vboost servo cable question???

    My vboost quit working but I figured it out.The black plastic block that the 2 cables connect to(one from the servo motor the other goes to whatever) where it slides back and forth in that metal channel bracket got jammed cockeyed. I got it back in position where it slides freely but it seems...
  11. schudaddie

    vboost servo motor

    while testing my servo motor prior to install, the motor works fine doing the test in the manual but, when checking the resistance, the check between terminals 3-4 shows high 10.6. It's supposed to be 7.5 +- 30%. terminals 1-3 is 7.44 and 1-2 is 7.45. The manual says replace but I'm not sure...
  12. speedcostsmoney

    v-boost servo motor

    stage 7 with enabled v-boost , YAMAHA FACTORY SETTING v-boost cable on slot no 1, this way the v-boost works in perfect harmony with the stage 7 on the vmax, WOT IS BACK
  13. dingy

    Servo motor needed for disection

    I am working with an electrical engineer that thinks he can help me with the issue of the gerard motor not being compatible with the Ignitech TCI that I have and that a few members are contemplating buying. Dead or Alive. I would like to get a servo motor as cheap as possible, minimum I would...
  14. R

    High tech booster servo LOL

    yes, here it is folks,..and it "WORKS" Actually some one else on the forum mentioned doing it first, so I cant take the credit on this amazing well thought out idea.:biglaugh: The blue bike in the pic is the reluctant owner of the boost servo. Plans,diagrahms,and scematics,and blue prints for...
  15. N

    VBoost Servo

    What's the best way to get at this thing? I need to test it out to see if it works because when I turn the key i just hear the fuel pump and no zzzzt zzzzt noises. The cable seems to be tight, if i put my finger behind it and just move it a little bit I hear the butterflies open. This is about...
  16. MDoe8

    Somehow can't find on search, servo power wire?

    I'm looking to make a simple switch where I can stop the servo in place. I want it so I can stop it during it's cycling to keep it wide open, then switch it back when I want it to perform normally. I searched and can't seem to find which wire is the power wire for the servo. I did find the 3...
  17. Akatora

    V-boost servomotor - renewing the winding / replacement servo

    Hello, I had problems with the v-boost operation for some time. The movement did not happen at all or it happened incompletely. Then one day it stopped working. I first checked the servomotor by applying there voltage through b/r and b/y wires, but no action either way. As I did not want to...
  18. shawn kloker

    vboost,servo and controller

    Can anyone tell me about how much a vboost servo,butterflies and controller are worth.I removed all mine tonight and I am thinking about selling them.Don't the need these over in europe? Thanks,Shawn