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  1. D


    where do I find vmax t shirts the shirts on e bay suck...
  2. one2dmax

    Thunder 2016 Shirts

    EMAIL ME - [email protected] New Thunder 2016 Tshirt Orders now being taken. Print will be single color rear this year (black or white font with any color base shirt) and Morleys Muscle Logo on the front. Shirt Pricing: $8 - S-XL $10 - 2XL $12 - 3XL-5XL $4 Each For Postage (in the U.S.)...
  3. BigJimi

    Hat and Shirts

    Hey Sean I received my hat and shirts yesterday, they look great:punk: Thank you!!!
  4. one2dmax

    Thunder Shirts

    ***UPDATED 6-9-2015**** Order has been placed to shirt maker. I did order some extra shirts in a few sizes and the only color available now will be black. I do believe some of these will be available at Thunder as well. Here's the event design for this year. Hopefully this appeals to...
  5. NHVmaxpower

    T shirts??

    What ever happend to all the shirts that were being made? I never heard anything else about it. I seen a thread about thunder shirts but we cant leave a comment? Would love to get some different vmax shirts for this summer..
  6. maleko89

    Vmax shirts?

    Where's a good place to get these in time for Christmas? VMOA store is slim at best. Thanks.
  7. tothemax93

    Funny T Shirts

    Found this on another site. Lots of funny shirts. I thought of a few of you guys with some of them. Make sure and check out the different catergories on the top of the page.
  8. VMax-Mike

    Simple art for thunder shirts

    Let see your art for the shirts. Everyone can help even if your not going. you can also post up what the shirt says. Like THUNDER BOOST'N or whatever. Togather I think we can make a kick ass shirt. I like green nean ink myself it looks great on black shirt.
  9. The Beekeeper

    V-Max shirts

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a few quality V-Max shirts, I have poked around and have found a few that I like over at the Outlaw site but they seem to be out of stock on some of the the 2X stuff right now, I did not see a store link over at the VMOA either, after a search here it looks like...
  10. CustomMax

    T shirts

    Are the forum T shirts not available anymore?
  11. 2fear

    VMF shirts.

    Does anybody make the VMF shirts on this site? Could somebody make them? T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, polo, sweat shirts? I think they would sell.:ummm:
  12. C

    V -Max shirts

    Where can I purchase V-Max shirts? Going to "The Dragon" in NC next month and would like to have some V-Max clothing.
  13. shawn kloker

    t shirts

    Oh Yah,Got the wife a tshirt heat press!
  14. Buster Hymen

    VMF Shirts

    OK, if you remember from the other thread the Canada Post office are being bastards. While I can package the shirts so in size and weight they qualify as a Oversize Lettermail, to qualify it has to be a paper product.:damn angry: So here is the breakdown of shipping costs: to the US and Canada...