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  1. C

    Cheap exhaust

    Bought what I thought were "slip-ons" - under $500 so no complaints. But they were NOT slip-ons; they required that the cat(s) and EXUP be removed and THEN slipped on. I have an easier solution: simply remove the stock (UGLY) mufflers and weld on some chrome tips, available at any muffler shop

    Hardly audible clicking / tapping sound in the speedo

    97 VMAX 25K; Ive been noticing a minute clicking sound coming from the speedometer at speed only. Anyone else heard this ? What was the issue / solution ? My first guess I hope...lubrication ?
  3. E

    Vmax sound bites/video

    Evening all, I know i could go hunting on youtube for what i am after, but thought i'd ask you guys first. No point joining the forum and not taking part it. I have only ever known the engine/exhaust noise of my XJR. Do you have either soundbites or videos of a full power gen1 that i...
  4. rzwanink

    Weird sound, no vboost

    I ordered an Led headlight bulb with fan. fits and works great. Only 1 thing I just cant figure out.... the moment in removed the original bulb, and I turned on the contact, so I could could figure out which wire from the ledbuld would be paired to the original loom. A strage loud hummm...
  5. carrizog60

    idle sound

    hello bike had some issues holding idle,because ignition coils had seen better days... installed COPS and sync the carbs and all was well: no more misfires,starts easier and a very nice idle sound,like a diesel lope or a aggressive cammed engine,with the tach needle showing just that with a...
  6. J

    sound system on a Max ? oh ya.....

    How do you install a sound system on a Max ??? You don't.! You buy an "Ultimate Ears Boom box". LOL I got this cool device from my wife as a 25th Anniversary present. Its loud, durable, water proof & Blue tooth compatible. I can run it from my phone with SiriusXM Satellite music, or plug in my...
  7. Zeus36

    Lazareth LM847 - TEST & SOUND - V8 Maserati Powered

    Running the Maserati Motorcycle engine:
  8. cdjcedeno

    Vmax sound

    So I noticed something that bothers me on the vmax. It may be normal on it but I've never heard it before so maybe some of you more technical folk could enlighten me on this. Everytime I am standing at a light or something and I have the vmax in first (or probably any other gear), I shift to...
  9. M

    Full screen and sound up - OMG
  10. rebeltaz83

    Cam tapping sound at idle

    Yeah, another thread on engine sound:bang head: noticed a very noticeable tapping sound from the right front cylinder can't tell if it's the the intake cam or the exhaust cam making it. Sounds like a lifter tap. If any expiernced mechanics know what I'm talking about. It's a 97 max with 18,000...
  11. Born2Ride

    Gen 1 Engine ticking sound

    Hello, some time ago my bike started to make a tick-tick sound which was not always noticeable. Now when the bike is cold the sound is sometimes there, but once it gets hot at normal working temperature, the sound seems very loud and its always there as you can hear from the movies. The...
  12. S

    Abnormal engine sound

    1988 full power vmax. When driving there is metallic symmetric sound coming from engine..lower parts maybe, after stop, engine at idle, the sound fades away after a while. Its same in any gear and dosent seems to come from cylinder blocks..even the sound is little bit like valve clicking, but...
  13. W

    Light hammering sound w Vboost normal?

    Hi all, keep in mind that I am riding with a half helmet and windshield, so I hear a lot more sounds than most, prolly. First, when I nail it, around 6k up I can hear a light high pitched hammering sounds from the engine. Not that loud, but loudest thing this normaly quiet running engine is...
  14. J

    kerker sound with stock carbs??

    Hello maxers,,I have a stock 94 that runs flawless..I love the sound of the kerker 4 into 1 ,,do I need stage 7 to install the full kerker set up,,I've researched everywhere and haven't heard a set of slip-ons that come close to the kerkerw/header,,IMO the single sounds cleaner than the dual..I...
  15. Karmakatt

    Muscle Kit, Sound Improvement??

    I was wondering this and wanted to ask for a while now... I have Sean's Kit installed but there's a lot of work to be done before she's Dynoed and tuned. Should a Kit make a noticeable difference in sound? I was already running Jon's Slashcuts 4-2 which were already tuned and Jetted and she...
  16. D

    Whistling sound during acceleration

    Hello all, Noticed a whistling sounds during mild acceleration, aggressive acceleration I cant hear it over the purr of the engine, on the bike. As soon as I let off the throttle/pull in the clutch it goes away. Also, noticed if it is in neutral and I hit the throttle I don't hear it...
  17. T

    Strange sound, pinion broken?

    Could you confirm?
  18. PaleDeth

    UFO Dragstar sound

    Here is a short clip of what it sounds like. Ok I admit it's really short, but the wife will complain even at that. Meant to do it before I put it in the garage.
  19. F

    Name that sound!

    Alright, so I have an odd sound. (Odd = scary bad sound) The bike was running fine and I was doing some maintenance and after putting it back together I end up getting this odd sound. - Changed the oil +oil filter. - Replaced the water pump. - Cleaned the carbs (removed the carbs, opened the...
  20. Biker Dash

    To get this sound...

    I would like to be able to get this exhaust note... Anyone ever hear a V-max that sounded like an Italian super-exotic sportscar?