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  1. ga_max

    SS Bolts for case covers

    I'm replacing my starter clutch again (it only lasted a year so I must have done something wrong) and was thinking that it would be a good time to replace the hex head bolt with stainless steel. Does anybody have a listing of the sizes and quantities ? Also does SS interact with the aluminum at...
  2. Vmaxnewfie

    Delkevic 9" SS slip-ons

    Just installed these the other night. The fit is good, however 1 baffle had to be tapped in place. You can keep your center stand, but I removed mine (hardly use it anyway). Drove about 15 min with baffles in... Sounds nice and a little louder than stockers with 3/8" holes drilled... Nice tone...
  3. thundermax

    My Custom Vmax SS Seat

    I have never done a seat, never worked with foam. But still pursued my custom seat. Wanted to extend the length, take out the hump, widen the flat portion, add height. Length for room for adjustment back and forth and room to help support upper legs when shifting weight on rides off butt...
  4. S

    Black or ss super traps

    I noticed that a lot of super trapps turn yellow over time. My bike is carbon fiber and I thought about going with black but worried if that would look weird if the only other thing black were my levers. Anyway to prevent the yellowing! Min trying to modernize my 01. I replaced fork springs...
  5. CustomMax

    WTF!! SS Vgas throttle cable

    I put a SS Vgas throttle cable on last Feb and today it just broke where the cable connects to the handgrip! It looks like a defect cause it looks like it pulled out of the brass grommet instead of the cable actually breaking! I put about 2000 miles TOPS on it and that's just riding on sunny...
  6. VMax-Mike

    Who has best price on SS line kit

    Im looking to replace my brake and clutch lines with ss line's does anyone know of a full kit for a good price. I want good banjo's and clear coating on them. Also can i get ss speedo throttle cable.
  7. SeaTownV-Max

    Morley's Hayabusa Brakes for Pre '93 V-Max

    Hey guys, much more, including some pics to follow on this but I wanted to let you all know I got my parts from Sean Morley for my brakes upgrade for my 1990 'Max. Sean sent the parts out last week, when he was still waiting for payment from me for the parts. That meant that by the time I...
  8. vmaxcruzer

    SS brake line

    Got a rear stainless brake line in clear for cheap. Its in the stock length and in premo shape. Anyone interested PM me. I think its Galfer. REAR ONLY!!!
  9. vmax2extreme

    R1 calipers with Galfer SS lines

    I have installed the gold dot R1 calipers with the Galfer SS 3-lines. The lines to me appear far too long and I even tried to criss cross them. Take a look and im up for any suggestions. Should I just pull the two lower lines and send them back to Galfer to shorten them properly? Thanks for...
  10. tfisher65

    SS Micronic Oil Filters

    Does anyone have any experience with this or similar product? Cheers.
  11. davidon

    SS throttle cables

    Anyone know who makes'em besides Barnett?
  12. hulkmax

    4 Stainless Steel SS HEL braided Brake Lines
  13. firefly

    Are SS brake lines a significant improvement over stock

    Is it worth it to replace the stock brake lines with SS lines?
  14. F

    Galfer SS Braided line kit

    I have complete Galfer Satinless steel line kits for sale. Kit includes: front brake lines (2 or 3, you pick) clutch and rear brake. All new in the box. Fit all year Vmax. $175 plus shipping. Drop me a line at [email protected]