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  1. CaptainKyle

    stage 7 filters

    K&N stage 7 air filters just cleaned & canister. The canister is not perfect but still functions fine. I do not have the oil cap. $ 50 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  2. B

    Stage 7 opinions

    Looking at buying Max#3. One I'm considering has stage 7. Not something I'd choose to do myself. My other bikes were stock with Supertrapp slip ons. I've ridden with V Boost unplugged in open position, and didn't notice much difference. With this stage 7, that can't be undone, will there be...
  3. Foxviewnet

    06 Vmax Delkevic exhaust, K&N Airbox and Filter, Stage 7 jets???

    First Dyno on this bike. I was curious as to why the HP was actually a bit less with the Tboost set at 3000 rpm than it was with it set at 6000 rpm across the board? Someone has the logical answer but fill me in if you could enlighten me. Also I was told that the main jets may be a little large...
  4. Roodillom

    Stage 1? Stage 7? new owner confused!

    I have a 2007 and I was looking into a stage 1 kit and then I saw a stage 7 kit and now I don't know what to do. Are there stages 2-6 as well? Never heard of those if there are. What is the benefit and difference of a Stage 1 kit and a Stage 7 kit? I think the Max has plenty of horsepower but...
  5. C

    99 VMAX VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit

    1999 VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit The color in the pictures does not represent the real color. The last pic is the closest match, it is candy apple red. Very fast bike, with the UFO modifications you get the performance that the VBoost provide throughout the...
  6. R

    92 vmax with stage 7, no fuel when warm

    Hello all, long story short, I came across a 92 stage 7 with a 4 into 1 two brothers exhaust, and with what I think is a Dynatec 3000 (a bunch of little dip switches that control timing and rev limiter). Anway, it has been parked with fuel in it for the last 8 years. Cleaned the carbs, tank, and...
  7. D

    Stage 7 needles for stock - trade me

    Like it says... Send me your stock needles, and I'll send you my stage 7s. Pm me.
  8. blaxmax

    Dynojet Stage 1 Kit
  9. blaxmax

    Dynojet Stage 7 kit
  10. shawnlee

    stage 7 issues

    I installed the stage 7 kit, paj 190,main 175, clip at 4. No power after 7000 rpm so I went to second clip. Good pulling but nothing after 7000 so I moved to 3ed clipand 3 turns on the a/f. Some improvement but my stock carbs would beat the pants off of what I have created now. I am at 180 ft...
  11. shawnlee

    stage 7 manifolds

    I just received my stage 7 for my 01max. The dyno instructions are pretty understandable except for where the manifolds go. Can anyone help me out on this one? Thanks in advance
  12. veebooster

    Stage 7 needles

    Carb gurus: why would a stage 7 needle start causing a slide to stick? Situation: #2 carb slide sticking. Remove the needle its good. Put the needle back it sticks (white screw loose needle floats freely in the slide). Move the whole thing to another carb it sticks there too. Tried another...
  13. S

    Stage 7 loses power at 7000 rpm

    I recently bought an 88 with a stage 7 jet kit and 4 into 1 kerker. It sounds good, but I think it is lacking power, especially at 7,000 rpm. It accelerates smoothly until 6,500 then it will hesitate for half a second, pull to 7,000 and then it is like it hits a rev limiter--no more power. I...
  14. T

    Morley vs Stage 7 AFR

    For those who swapped between both kits, did you noticed a leaner or richer one (without any jet or exhaust changes) ? Because this is what i found on my bike : 1) Stage 7 with 150 mains 177.5 PAJ2 100 PAJ1 S7 needle 1.5 groove from top => 12.3-12.5 AFR at WOT 2) Morley kit with 147.5...
  15. T

    Inherited Stage 1 Needles with Stock exhaust

    Hi all My 88 is running just fine, I've rebuilt and repainted it, and I'm down to final tweaks now. I was having low end issues but I discovered the PAJ2 were the non stock sizes, that's all taken care of. Which also took me from 25 to 30MPG, still low of course so I've been doing everything...
  16. Pez_rz

    Identifying Stage 7 Parts

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to get to the bottom of some carb issues with my max. The PO drilled the baffles and reportedly fitted a stage7 kit, but I'm not convinced as vboost is there, mixture screw plugs installed, etc. The stage 7 breather and filters are installed. I'm trying to determine exactly...
  17. B

    Delkevic slip ons and stage 1

    Noobie here, 2005 max. i added a k&n filter, and will be adding slip on a stage 1 jet kit sufficient or should I go stage 3 ??
  18. T

    99 Stage 7 for Sale DFW Need Gone ASAP

  19. 9.nub

    Stage 7 bit size question

    K ... so ... I have ordered a replacement carb slide/diaphram because the diaphram repair on my number 1 carb ain't gonna last. When the Stage 7 kit was installed, instruction 1 [1. Remove the vacuum slides from the carbs. Remove the stock needles and spacers, noting the order of assembly...
  20. Micahdean

    Morley's muscle stage 7 jet kit/ Marks 4-2 exhaust

    I recently purchased Morley's muscle stage 7 jet kit/ Marks 4-2 exhaust for my 2006 vmax. I am trying to see if I can get some help with seeing what other people have their jets set to so I can have the best possible starting setup. I also was looking to see if people had any pointers or...