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  1. frank5079

    Yamaha unwraps super cruiser Venture motorcycle I wonder why they didn't use the second gen Vmax's 1700cc V4 motor? After all, it was the Venture V4 that spawned the first gen Vmax originally...
  2. poppop

    Forum moving super slow.Anyone else?

    Everything else ok couldn't get on eariler today.Sumpin wrong?
  3. Redbone

    The Super Bowl

    What a great game! It's good to watch a great Super bowl since there have been too many yawners over the years. Now for some partisanship, It was looking pretty grim for the Patriots after the first half and most of the third quarter. The Falcons played a very strong game but then either they...
  4. CaptainKyle

    Super trap megaphones

    Here is a way to play with your ufo megaphones incorparate super trap end caps on them.
  5. J

    Advise on super trapps

    99 U.S. kn 150 main jets 8 disc in trapps carbs mix is 2 1/2 out and syched now is alittle hesitant off idle any suggestions
  6. vmax2extreme

    April 17 - MD Super Show

    Anyone interested in going to a bike show on Sunday April 17? Details: $12 Pre-registration online, use Promo Code CARSHOW $15 at the Door Registration Time (day of event) 9am-11:30am Door prizes, iWheelie Machine, DJ Award Presentation Time: 4:00pm...
  7. shawnlee

    super trapp slip-ons

    I have a set of black super trap slip ons 7 disk for sale 200.00. I also have the front exhaust pipes ,black, to go with it if needed. Asking 250.00 for set.
  8. N

    super ginormous windshield and sissy bar with package tray

    Hi all, I've got a windshield in very good condition with all mounting hardware and bracketry that needs a new home. I'm unsure of the brand, but it appears to be of decent quality and the brackets were definitely made for a gen1 Vmax rather than a universal set up. There is a scratch towards...
  9. Born2Ride

    Bike running super rich-spark plug chek

    Hello all, since I bought my 93 Vmax I noticed that one of the red reserve light shows up at around 60-65 miles after full tank, no problem on the sensor because its really takes 10 litters to fill. Now that I got reed of my other problems in the bike, this is the last one remaining (at the...
  10. vmax1968

    Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

    Hello, just finished installing the Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag and I love how it looks! I did not like using the straps outside the bike so I remove them from the protective sleeves and attached them under the seat using ties underneath the seat metal frame, Much better look and I can still...
  11. T

    88 Super Magna for sale

    Not my bike or anyone that I know but thought I would post this here for anyone interested. Having owned a super magna myself I can attest to the fact these are fun bikes. This is the rare 88 model. Unfortunately the owner did some customization to it that you will likely want to undo and...
  12. W

    Super EZ elec. connector cleaner!

    Well, I've been going all over this thing, and many of the electrical conector plugs on my ol barn find have some green patina in/on them. I have found that hdw store, pump spray bottle A/C coil cleaner does an amazing job! leaves the pins, blades ect clean and bright even in the sleeves! I...
  13. Diggerdan

    Super Cool Girlfriend

    I ordered this V-Max print online off eBay for $20 and bought a frame. My girlfriend let me hang it up over our bed! How cool is that?! She's put up with my obsessing over this bike for the past couple months and made the 2 hour drive with me to go pick it up at the dealership. So let's hear it...
  14. leecifer

    ktm super duke r

    Just browsing bikes on the computer and came across this. Looks awesome and they just keep packing more power into these things. They claim 180hp.
  15. Mitchell

    1987 Honda Super Magna -$4,500

    Tastefully Customized. One A Kind. Fully Restored. Chromed Out & Too much to list! Located in Joplin, Missouri. Pics are in my profile page. If interested please email me at [email protected] . Thanks, Clay Mitchell
  16. SpecOps13

    Banned Super Bowl Commercial Click on the video field of this linked page if the video doesn't start automatically.........
  17. P

    How much would it cost to supercharge a vmax?

    Hi, Supercharging seems like cool thing to do to a vmax, so i was wondering how much around how much it would cost to do the whole project assuming you did most of the labour yourself? Is there anything in a supercharging project that would best be left for a professional?
  18. P

    Anybody heard of these Turbo kits for gen1

    Hi, Just though would put this out here if some one's interested :) anybody used these?
  19. tothemax93

    Broke down on the thruway (super size)

    Had a break down on the thruway (90) with the company lowboy. Electronic fuel shut off solenoid went bad. Had to get towed. The lowboy is 66 ft long. I was real interested to see the wrecker and how they would tow this thing. It happened around 11 at night so I couldn't really get any pics. The...
  20. A

    KRISS Super V - 45 acp sub machine gun

    For those of you who haven't seen this thing check it out. 45 acp from a sub machine gun with little recoil. Really cool package.