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  1. O

    Need fork top caps.

    I need fork top caps for 02 vmax. Not the plastic ones on top but the ones inside the fork tube itself. Thanks a lot!
  2. G

    Removed fork cover on top, found some oil

    I removed the cap on top to check air pressure and noticed about 6-8 drops of oil pooled at bottom. 2006 V max. Anything to worry about? IF so, suggested repair. Have not changed fork oil since I owned bike (5 yrs). Is there a good thread (video for dummies would be nice) for doing this...
  3. vmax2extreme

    VMOA site - TOP 10 REASONS

    TOP 10 REASONS TO JOIN VMOA: ITS FREE! Yes...FREE!!! More than just FORUMS alone HOSTS THE LARGEST ANNUAL VMAX RALLY Gives AWAY & RAFFLES off $1000's in event prizes at the ANNUAL VMAX RALLY Realtime Interactive CHAT (individual or group in 53 languages) Online VBOOST Publications...

    97 vmax top cover / faux gas tank correct emblem size ??

    My vmax came without tank emblems and i want to order the correct original size 30-40 mm ? 30mm seems too small 40mm is the better of whats offered 30-55 mm.
  5. KJShover

    top dog
  6. J

    Top End Rebuild Question

    After numerous attempts to get the carbs clean so my 1989 would run without the choke, I finally did a compression check. The compression ranged from 60 to 120. I guess it wasn't the carbs after all. Now the engine is out and the rear head is off. Every exhaust valve so far has a couple of...
  7. V

    gen 2 top speed

    Hey guys I'm sure this topic has been up a few times! whats the max top speed u have hit on the gen 2 max? please mention mods if possible. Thanks i have vance and hines slip ons ecu flash k&n air filter pcV heres a screen shot of the top speed iv hit 282kph , bike had a little more left in...
  8. E

    Cold start, top of engine knocking/clanking but not on warm start?

    So I have an '88 Vmax with 61.8k miles on it and about a month ago I dropped the bike going about 10 MPH on a turn (thanks sand lol) and ever since then when the bike hasn't been turned over in more than a day then when I put the key in the ON position and the killswitch to run then when it does...
  9. rusty

    Top fuel
  10. E

    KILLER DEAL ALERT!! Fly Racing Grande Saddlebag and Top Case

    My bike before my new max was a Honda XR650L. I had a rear rack matched with fly street grande saddlebags and topcase I found on (an overstock closeout site). I missed the gear and thought it would look geat on my max. However, I couldnt find the gear a year later for any less...
  11. train460

    FS, top cover, crown, side covers, backrest

    A few things for sale *** Backrest sold**** pending funds transfer. Turnsignal/handelbar crown, $80 ***sold**** **** Side covers sold**** Top cover, black with some blueish, maybe 90 model make offer shipped. everything is...
  12. T

    89 max breaking up on top of revs

    I have a 89 vmax with stage 7 kit when I gouged on it tonite it acted like it was breaking up on top I just had the carbs synced and new plugs and rectifier put in this year in may any help would be appreciated thanks guys
  13. A

    Exhaust leak, No top end power

    I was working on my exhaust and removed the old gaskets hoping to do a cleaner job but i havent found gaskets yet so i installed the exhaust can back but now obviously there is a leak at all four pipes where they connect to each other. the bike seemed to run fine with a little power loss at low...
  14. 1986vmonster

    Figured out the issues and she is running top notch

    So the left side 2 carbs were totally clogged with crud and the right two were like newer or something as they appeared way nicer and required less cleaning. Here is a picture after I synches my carbs up: Now I have a few oil leaks to fix, a radiator flush or 2 and she should be ready for...
  15. CustomMax

    Rear top shock Mount

    Does anyone know how deep the top rear shock mount is? I guess because my rear setup was widened the actual mounting point cracked. I guess I'll get it welded but was curious how far the threads go into the frame or is it just the tit that sticks out? Anyone's advice is appreciated. Thanks
  16. S

    vmax top end speed gen 1

    hello you may have had this before.mine is a 1998 vmac usa import with vboost .jya start numbers of engine an frame ,had bike 3 years now standard exhaust then another set off ebay tink stage 2 jetting everything ive done to bike top end is just on 110 mph.checked timming carbs diaphrams plugs...
  17. Itgoes

    Vintage Top Speed Test Video

    Cool video. If you jump to around 16:00 you get the riders view. Takes some balls to ride those speeds on a banked track near that killer guard rail......on those bikes. :worthy:
  18. rusty

    Top Fuel driver makes quickist run ever
  19. jedi-

    Top ugliest bikes

    I might not exactly agree with it all but I do get a kick out of the authors style of humor. I could not stop laughing at some of his remarks.. Golden age.. Hypermotards...
  20. O

    Givi top case

    Anyone with a Givi top case on their Vmax? I read that nobody makes mounting brackets, but I'm thinking if I'm willing to sacrifice the rear seat it shouldn't be too hard to fab something up to work?