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  1. badbrd

    Topeka Ks.

    Heading to Heartland Park in a month or so to do some test and tune. Anyone ride there?
  2. Heretic

    2012 VMOA Topeka Dyno Day

    This year we are planning to have it on June 24th. Further details will be forthcoming. :punk:
  3. maleko89

    July 22 - Lunch in Topeka, KS

    Hulign and I are heading to Topeka to get lunch at Bobo's. We'll visit Kent at the HD shop and then head home. Feel free to meet us! Mark 402-676-0749
  4. maleko89

    2011 Topeka Dyno event

    Hey guys, hope you can make it
  5. maleko89

    Topeka Dyno Day

    Check out the calendar, I added the event and details to June 13.
  6. S

    Topeka Weekend

    Just wanted to say thanks to Sean for a great bbq lunch and how good it was to meet all. I'm taking back all ('er most) the bad things I said about Nebraska. : ) Made it back in good time. At 85-xxx, got 31 mpg. I wasn't ginger on the throttle either. Can't complain. Again, thanks for supper...
  7. maleko89

    Topeka Dyno Day

    Don't forget, it's this Sunday starting at 8:00 am! Please email me at [email protected] if you want more information. Some of us will be down there late Friday afternoon and others will be coming down on Saturday.
  8. S

    Topeka Dyno Day...who/when/where!?!?

    Topeka is coming up, and there hasn't been much chatter on here about it. Who's going? When are you going? Where are you coming from? I know several are going up on Friday or Saturday....others on Sunday. I'm in the Wichita area, and would like to ride up with another vmaxer if at all...
  9. Frosty72

    Topeka anyone?

    I plan on going down on the 27th, does anyone want to share a room?
  10. 4gasem

    2006 with Full Holeshot and Walkers stage 1

    See the runs I made. I need to go down to 155 mains to lean out the top a bit but it runs great! The 122 numbers were with Dales Walkers stage 1and his full exhaust. The 124 number was with Sean Morley's kit and the needles spaced up a bit. The 123.9 numbers were with Seans kit and needle...
  11. Heretic

    Professional assassin(s) needed in/around Topeka KS

    I received the below email from a local PGR Captain. Four boy scouts recently lost their lives (ages 13-14) at a campground in Iowa during a tornado. The disgusting fuckers at have decided to PROTEST at the funerals for these young men. On their website they actually...
  12. maleko89

    VMOA Topeka Dyno event!

    Check the Sunday, June 22 date on the Calendar for more info.
  13. one2dmax

    Topeka Dyno Results

    Well guys, here's what we found out. Add in your stories since I wasn't able to keep up with everyone. We had been thrashing for the last week to get an engine built and installed in Scott Petersons 92 Vmax and finally finished it up Sat (dyno was Sun). A quick break in and we loaded it in...
  14. maleko89

    2006 Topeka, KS Dyno Day

    This VMOA event is scheduled for Sunday, July 23. The club is paying $400 to the Topeka Harley-Davidson for all day use of their dyno! Now, this isn't one of those ma/pop dynoes you see at Daytona or the county fair. This dyno cost the HD shop well over 40 g's. Last year, we did over 150...